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My Valentines

Updated on December 18, 2016
Scan of a Valentine greeting postcard circa 1900 from Wikipedia.
Scan of a Valentine greeting postcard circa 1900 from Wikipedia.

MY AUSTRALIAN valentines Hints & Tips

My valentines Hints & Tips

Every time February 14th rolls around I love it due to the fact it gives me the chance to express myself in a way that many have forgotten.

Most valentines presents people give are bought in the shops. However Valentines are meant to be from the heart. I make my valentines every year and if I have a bit of spare cash I get something we can share. After all valentines is about treating or sharing with a loved one.

Another thing I usually also do on Valentines day is to treat someone I may have met but do not have regular contact with. This could include co workers, friends, or someone who just needs a boost. The reason I do this is it is just a nice feeling to know someone gets joy from it.

Now as you may all know the way to a persons heart is through the stomach. Depending on your cooking skills you may make something elaborate as cream puffs dipped in chocolate placed in a basket of spun toffee or as simple as bon bons or chocolate crackles. Either of these will usually taste great and be a sure fire hit. If you want to do something tasty and WELL sort of health conscious just, grab a punnet of blueberries or strawberries and blend them beat up some cream with a dash of vanilla and icing sugar to taste.

A valentines thought for you.

If A = 1 and Z = 26 and Hardwork equals 98% that Valentines equals 102% which means 100% love for 2 people.

Sweets for valentines

Sweets for valentines and e-cards from the best
Sweets for valentines and e-cards from the best

Valentines hints and tips

My top Australian valentines hints and tips.

  • For your valentine make a picture story or scrapbook on a favorite subject of theirs even for guys. Example Some people love dogs or cats your sure to find some cute pictures for your valentine for a picture story.
  • For those with culinary skills find out your valentines favourite food, make it and specially present it. Example Strawberries and cream placed in a heart shape and served on a silver or crystal platter.
  • For those with handy person skills restore or make your valentines a treasured possession. Example Many craft shops now sell nice mirrors, jewellery, trinket or hat boxes that you can add personal touches to.
  • Write a nice poem or song for or about you or your valentine. Example Use things like times you enjoyed or what your dreams are, change the words to a video or song.
  • Send a secret valentines cardeven for guys. Example Perfume or cologne scented, that you lovingly handcrafted from recycled or new materials.
  • Give the gift of flowers, even for guys. Example Pick a bunch of flowers from YOURS or a friends garden and present it nicely with ribbons etc.
  • Give the gift of love (FOOD) even for guys. Example Try making your valentine some heart shaped bisuits, cakes or shortbread's.

Just use a couple of the tips above and I am sure your valentines will be more appreciated and worthwhile. Not to mention have a lot less impact on your finances.

Just remember the ads on TV when you see the people buy the kids a heap of toys and the kids end up playing with the box they came in. The simple things in life may be cheap but are often the best especially for someone who seems to have everything.

Most of all when you make your gift do it with love after all valentines is all about 2 four letter words FREE L O V E...

Until next time I wish you the best of luck and happiness.


Here is another handy idea.

Why not make your valentine famous and spread some Hub love at the same time. Publish your poem on a Hubpage. You never know you could become famous for your writing. OR have a play with googles heart

Have a happy hubbing valentines day..

Hang on for a second..!!

Before I go...
Here is one more tip to help satisfy your Valentine.
YOU could go on a train, tram, ferry or bus ride to a place you haven't gone to before and have a great time exploring the sights. Take a small picnic or some sweet treats it's your choice.


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