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What about your Friends???

Updated on January 21, 2013
friends | Source

What are friends?

In the dictionary, Friends are a noun meaning a person, place or thing, a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. Friend is also regarded to a person you know and trust however, like the word love it is often taken out of context. Honestly now a days people people use that word in the wrong way. People think that because you know someone for more than a month you are automatically their friend. Personally, I'd have to know someone for 6 months to a year before I consider you even so much as a close associate. Maybe that's just me putting up walls but in the same vain I don't set myself up for a failed friendships due to the fact that I trusted someone so easily. I guess I am just not one of those people who can have a hurtful heart breaking fight with someone and then turn right around the following week and fake a friendship. I just don't have the time!

Cat fighting....OUCH!
Cat fighting....OUCH! | Source

How does that make sense???

Have you ever really looked at "normal" female relationships? They don't make any sense! I know I know, I am a female how can I say this but, they argue like cats and dogs and steal each other's man and some times in certain cases, physically fight each other! If that what is what a normal "female friendship" is then never mind. A lot of my great friends have known me for a year but my best friends I have been since we were children. I feel that those types of friends are the kind that you would want to hang on to because they would TRULY know you the best. Funny enough, people come into your life and you wonder what for but then you realize that they are there for a reason, some times good and bad but always for a purpose.

With friends like that, who needs enemies??

For example, I met this one person who was so dissatisfied with her own self that she also made some back handed comment about me thinking that for some reason I wouldn't know she was always talking about me to my face, those people are just completely phony! She even made a remark like " I don't think your man's choices in females have changed, he likes light skin, big breasted "heavy set" (in other words, she is saying fat) females. REALLY!! Mind you this girl is no gem herself, I just don't think that someone who buys her hair on clearance should be taking shots at anyone else! I'm just saying...(NO, My hair is not fake and I plan to grow it very long).

Anyhow, I stuck by her friend until she gave me visible reason otherwise. Once I left her alone she soon "got enough rope to hang herself". She became mad with me because I couldn't watch her kids and starting acting belligerent and screaming in my face. I just ignored her and told her we couldn't be friends anymore. The sad part is I thank her, cause with out her, I would have never figured out that I truly do have a breaking point. I now know that I can control myself and not "take a swing" at someone yelling in my face. I noticed that I have grown into a grown woman. And I am not making excuses this is why I am not very open to quickly calling someone a friend that I have known for up to or less than a month. This writer's suggestion, be careful and examine the people whom you call friends!


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