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My First Love Story

Updated on October 7, 2011

First Love

Well in this small? Or space would tell my love story, the story of my first love v ........

I was in high school and had no idea he liked me, you know what I thought was unique in football and study, first semester only watched from afar as I was on the 1st "a" and she in the 1st "b "we did not speak but only with their eyes felt a little extra? or something difficult to explain. good in the next semester I found out that he already had a boyfriend, I did not give much importance as it is anyway impossible to me the thought of talking until as fate in 5th. semester we play in the same room and we had to present the truth to my self I felt sorry for her by the Hand me that I felt I could not handle, she made me what could be cuter than a girl and I I felt like a fool, my friends were aware but I knew she had a boyfriend because her boyfriend was the brother of one of my friends in the salon, time passed and I slowly gained his confidence, I am sorry to remember that later entered the school but homework in their home team was up at 7:00 in the ma? ana jajaja nor my mother could not believe that I was going on.

Well after several meetings or appointments or appointments almost unofficial, when we got ever closer, I dared not tell her to leave her boyfriend but was beginning to suspect, of course insurance say? Because your friend has to do task in ma? anas and accompany you? aa home at the start when I'm gone? . It was really painful when holding it next to me all day, it was time for the start and her boyfriend came for her, I just looked at me as he was leaving, as was the person I love it but unfortunately it was not mia.

Well unfortunately this story does not end well for me although several times I almost kissed her and she me, but not step. ever wanted to understand why things went well, she was looking where I was always there and she needed me for no reason when I finish the semester, without saying anything just moved away, never finished with her boyfriend despite what I thought I felt . That was the story of my first love, I did not mention his name because as I remember the feeling of moving the floor and if she called me safe, sure that would go to ask the way or just would be there with her without conditions, as it should of being love in its most simple essence giving without expecting something in return.

I hope you have enjoyed this my first love story and remember that your first love leaves its mark on the soul and gives without expecting anything in return. sometimes do not realize that the kid or girl who loves us is the one who is always with us just do not see it by paying attention to the person we love and neglect to which we want.



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