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Top 10 List For a Nashville Bachelorette Party

Updated on August 19, 2016

So you’ve decided Nashville is it. You’ve got your cowboy hat, boots, and the biggest belt buckle I’ve ever seen! Nashville will never be the same after you leave.


List summary

  1. Hot Chicken​­ while not a specific place to visit, this food has become a real Nashville

    staple and should not be missed while in town.

  2. Biscuit Love​­ fantastic breakfast and brunch spot.

  3. Tavern​­ trendy brunch, lunch, and dinner spot with great drinks.

  4. Yazoo Brewing​­ one of Nashville’s best and oldest breweries.

  5. Party Bikes & Barges​­ open air land cruisers for group pub crawls

  6. Tootsies​­ Downtown honky­tonk full of history and good music.

  7. Honky Tonk Central​­ newer downtown honky tonk. Can only be described as a non­stop party.

  8. Big Bang Piano Bar​­ Best damn dueling piano bar on the planet. One of the best places to visit on lower broad.

  9. Acme Feed & Seed ­​A new southern classic. Great food, great drinks, great music.

  10. Paradise Park​­ Live music bar that’s as trashy as it is fun, and it knows it!

The meat and potatoes (and beer and honky tonks and woo-ing...lots of woo-ing)

Number 1. Hot Chicken

By now you’ve all heard of hot chicken. It’s all the rage these days around Nashville. Don’t be fooled by KFC’s version. This is barely “hot chicken” it doesn’t hold a flame to the real deal.

Hot chicken is essentially fried chicken with a spicy breading. It’s simple, but yet a different creature all its own. And delicious! But before you dive straight in here are a few tips to help with your first hot chicken experience.

  1. Dip your toe in. Hot is HOT. Medium is still HOT. It’s not a contest (well that’s not true sometimes it is) but for the sake of you not spending the evening crying on the toilet this go round is not. Ask your server. This is a 50/50 shot on whether this will be helpful. A lot of times you get an answer of something similar to “well I don’t think medium is that hot” NOT HELPFUL BRITTANY!

  2. Choose your timing wisely. I would always recommend giving yourself a little time between gnawing down a basket of hot wings and starting a full night of debauchery. My suggestion is lunch. Can you right before you take a cab downtown? SURE! There's no rule here that says you can’t. But back to #1, if you’re heat choosing radar was a bit off and you’ve sent your stomach into a hellish roller coaster you may find yourself in a bad spot while trying to scream out to everyone that you really are a small town girl living in a lonely world.

  3. If you visit a hot spot (no pun intended) be prepared to stand in line. There are tons of places for hot chicken in Nashville, but there are a few that have set themselves apart. Does that mean they are best? Meh, depends who you ask. I will give a couple recommendations for my favorites at the bottom of this and some of them, while really good, you will have to stand in a line. Some places do allow call ahead orders and online orders. So you might consider getting a to­go order. I’ve even known people to get in line then call in their order so by the time they got to the front it was ready. Feel free to use your own methods here.

Here are a few of my favorite spots to get you started. ● Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack

123 Ewing Dr
Ste 3
Nashville, TN 37207­hot­chicken­shack­nashville

Prince’s is regarded as the original hot chicken joint. Be prepared to stand in line. Also, take some cash. No credit cards accepted here.

  • ● Hattie B’s
    112 19TH AVE S NASHVILLE, TN 37203 &

    This place has 2 locations which is nice. Still prepare to stand in line unless you show up early. Hattie B’s does allow online ordering.

  • ● Party Fowl
    719 8th Ave S,
    Nashville, Tennessee 37203

    Not a heavy hitter in the hot chicken game, but I just like it. They make a decent piece of chicken, not usually a long wait, around some other cool spots (including a couple of Nashville’s best craft breweries), and decent happy hour.

Number 2. Biscuit Love

316 11th Avenue South Nashville, TN 37203
While #1 was a category of things. This is more a specific spot.

Biscuit Love is a restaurant tucked away in the trendy Gulch area of town. What once started off as a beloved southern comfort food truck quickly turned into one of the best breakfast stops in town. There are lots of places to eat and drink in the Gulch but I recommend starting here if you can. But come early, lines form quickly.

Biscuit love makes a fantastic breakfast or brunch spot. They make delicious food from as much locally sourced product as they can. They have a small drink menu, but don’t let it fool you the cocktails are delicious, and the beer is, well it's cold and it's beer. They do have a small lunch section with a few classics like a burger or their take on the BLT, but the breakfast menu is where this place shines. Almost anything you order comes with a biscuit because they are frickin amazing. If I had to make one recommendation I would recommend the Princess. It’s a biscuit with some Nashville style hot chicken (see this stuff is all over the place) , pickles, mustard, and honey. Try it! Almost everything on the menu is fantastic. I have yet to be disappointed.

And yes they have mimosas.

Pro­tip: If you need more mimosas in your life, and you probably do, go around the corner to City Fire (610 12th Ave S) and grab a table for bottomless mimosas during brunch hours. Check​for their times and pricing.

Number 3. Tavern

1904 Broadway Nashville, TN 37203

So here we are at another restaurant. I don’t have a long write up for this particular spot, but I will lay out a few things I like it about it and make it worth a stop. First off this place is cool. Are you cool? Then you’ll like it. Its very casual and accessible gastro­pub type concept. Tavern calls itself a “pub for chefs” so that tells you they got some good stuff to put in your mouth. Lots of TVs for important games, patio area, and reservable private rooms for special events.

This place has some solid drink choices with lots of fresh ingredients so go ahead and just try all of them. Food for all types seafood, sandwiches, brunch menu, ethnic inspired, and you can even fill a growler ya know just in case you brought one (don’t bring one you, you’ll look weird carrying it around all night...or actually you might be a hero).

Number 4. Yazoo Brewery

910 Division Street Nashville, TN 37207

Yazoo Brewery & Taproom, located right around the corner from Biscuit Love in the trendy Gulch area. Yazoo has been a Nashville staple since 2003, one of Nashville’s longest running breweries. Most of the restaurants mentioned above, or almost any restaurant in town for that matter, serves their beer. The only thing you will find more of than hot chicken is Yazoo beer.

The Yazoo taproom is as spacious as it is fun. Plenty of room to kick back with friends and start your downhill sprint to the drunken line. They have award winning beers, outside patio, and lots and lots of beer. You can get flights or beer to try em all or individuals. I really don't care which way you do it. No, I really don't care! They even have a beer named Sue, get it...Johnny Cash...Sue?! Anyway, go drink their beer.

Number 5. Party Bikes & Barges

Ok so you’ve eaten and started drinking time to kick it up a notch and become a true Nashville “woo­girl” WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! It’ll make sense later, trust me. I am sure you have seen these in other towns, or on one of your friend’s Instagrams. We get it Karen, you’re having fun! So basically a party bike or party barge is typically some sort of open air vehicle that will drive you around town from place to place around the downtown area (varying routes, check out their sites below). The bikes require some pedaling, but a driver is provided thank goodness. The pedaling is minimal and is actually fun. Then others just cruise you around while you yell and all those people walking on the sidewalks like a hobo. Most of them you can drink on but I would recommend checking with the individual company you choose to be sure. Regardless, they are going to drop you off at bars. So you won’t go thirsty.

These can be a lot of fun with a group of people. It may be possible to only book a partial group and be joined up with another partial group making one mega group. Word to the wise, if you do plan on doing one of these while in town please call ahead of time and make your reservations. It is unlikely you will have much luck calling the day of and trying to find a spot on one. Make that maid of honor do her damn job and call early!

Here are a few I have either been on or seen around town, but there are certainly more.

  • ● Nashville Pedal Tavern

  • ● Sprocket Tours

  • ● Nashville Party Barge

OK, so lets get into the real reason you’re here. It’s time to get your shit kickers on and find some cute guy in a cowboy hat to buy you a drink. This is where the night gets started. Good chance you are going to spend your night in the downtown/lower Broadway area. There are tons of bars and honky tonks. You can’t throw a rock without hitting 5 covers of a Jason Aldean song. So warm up your vocal chords, you’re gonna be a star!

Number 6. Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge

422 Broadway Nashville, TN 37203

Of all the places on this list so far none have the history of Tootsie’s. Everyone who has paid their country dues have played within these four walls; Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Waylon Jennings, etc. Very eclectic, the honky­tonk of all honky­tonk. Make sure you stop in here for a beer.

A long description of this place isn’t necessary. It has 3 floors, and each floor you will find different band rocking their little country hearts out. Typically no cover, but the line can start backing up early. I would recommend making this one of your earlier stops in downtown. Despite being 3 floors it is still a small space and get very crowded. Tootsie’s even makes for a great day drinking spot if you don’t have to sleep off your Pedal Tavern madness.

Number 7. Honky Tonk Central

329 Broadway Nashville, TN 37201

If Tootsie’s was the honky­tonk you’re dad’s favorite artist got started, Honky Tonk Central is where you’ll find yours. A new comer to the downtown scene, but a huge party none the less. Three floors of wide open spaces with a different band on each floor. Open­air top floors to yell at all those people down there that wish they were you right now! This is the where you’ll find your man in a cowboy hat. This place can only be described as a non­stop party.

Number 8. The Big Bang: Dueling Piano Bar

411 Broadway Suite 201 (Upstairs) Nashville, TN, 37203

First off, if you’ve been to a dueling piano bar, you haven’t been to The Big Bang. This place is pure magic, and they love bachelorette parties here. Nashville is full of some of the world’s best musicians, so why would The Big Bang be any different. In case you have never been, the stage is comprised primarily of 2 pianos facing one another with 2 of the best musicians on the planet playing almost any song you could ever dream of (seriously test em). The chemistry between the 2 is what makes it pure magic. Not only can they play any song imaginable they engage each other with witty banter and riff off each other like nowhere else.

A couple things to note for this one it is located upstairs so don’t worry you’re not that lost because you don’t see it. There is a cover charge here. Last I was there it was $6. Students can usually get in free so try and flash that student ID. The most that will happen is they say no and make you pay. No harm, no foul. Pretty spacious area but it does fill up fast. So get there early if you want a table.

Number 9. Acme Feed & Seed

101 Broadway Nashville, TN 37201

Acme is Nashville. This is what the new Nashville feels like. It’s fun, it’s trendy, and it’s in the heart of downtown. Acme is southern and they do southern well. With three floors of food, booze, and music you will no problem finding something you love here. During the day and early evening Acme serves some AMAZING food. Serving full blown southern meals with everything from pulled pork tacos and ribs to, yes, more hot chicken and sushi...sushi you say? Why yes. And they make a damn fine roll. Lots of great, handcrafted cocktails and more beer than you can shake a stick at. Get here early because the line starts backing up quick!

Number 10. Paradise Park

411 Broadway Nashville, TN 37203

If you need to cleanse yourself of any class that you might have picked up throughout the day step on over to Paradise Park. If you like partying in a trailer park then you’ll feel right at home here. This place is great. It’s meant to be exactly what it sounds like. Unrefined, a little trashy and a helluva good time.This place is a great place to start, stay, and finish the night. They have a full kitchen open late, and its just the kind of food you would expect and want, big and greasy! If you want to take a shot of fireball, order a pitcher of Natural Light with 1 cup and stumble into a photobooth to take some pictures with some dude you just met (hopefully he bought that Fireball shot), or your girls if that’s that kinda night you ladies are having then Paradise Park is your place!

Hopefully this list will help you get started on your trip to this beautiful music city. This list is not an exhaustive list of everything this town has to offer. There are lots of sites to see and culture to experience, I just don’t know why you’re doing that on your bachelorette party. Quit being a buzzkill and get out there! Y’all come back.

Welcome to Nashville

Favorite Bachelorette City

Where is your favorite place to have your last hoorah?!

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