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not a father but a dad

Updated on October 11, 2011

My Dad

You dont have to be
Related by blood
You didnt have to be
There at the birth
You are there now
To the softball games
Volleyball and school plays
You are there when 
That boy broke my heart
You played catch with me
And helped me get better
Not only in softball 
But as a person too
You carried me to bed
When I fell asleep on the couch
Just because you
Are not my father
Doesnt mean you're
Not my dad
A dad is there
When needed and not
Any boy can be a father
It takes a true man
To be a great dad


This is a dedication to the man that has been there for me since I was 8 when my real father abandoned me. When people ask me " Who is your dad" I tell them Mark. I don't think twice when people say we look alike or act the same. When I am at the doctors I catch myself answering the questions wrong because I don't think of him as anything less than my dad.

I love you dad


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