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Online Dating: How to find the love of your life. Part II

Updated on March 10, 2011

More on profile writing…

Aside from being unique when writing your profile, another important factor to include is a word people have a hard time with on the internet. It’s called “Honesty.” Unfortunately, online dating is a breeding ground for people to flat out lie about themselves. This is true for both sexes from what I learned. Women lie about their weight and their age while men lie about their height as well as posting old, outdated pictures.

Try to paint the most honest, unique, compelling profile possible. Before writing one, go online and look at your competition. You’ll soon find out that many look the same, but you will run across some that will give you some good ideas. Put some thought into what you’re going to write, even if it takes a few days. Your written profile is your chance to sell yourself. Make it a memorable and unforgettable if you can. There wasn’t another profile that came close to mine in being unforgettable. 

Posting Pics…Dos and Don’ts…

When it comes to posting pictures, more is definitely better. You want as many as you can post if you have that many. If you don’t have very many go out and take some, but don’t take them of yourself. I know this can be challenging from some, but as easy as it is to take pictures today with all the great quality phone cameras, there really isn’t an excuse.

Also when posting pictures, post pictures with a smile on your face. Not all, but at least some should show your great smiling face. A stoic picture is good, but not if they’re all stoned faced.

If possible, try and have your written profile coincide with some of your pictures. The combination of your written profile and your posted pictures should tell a story of the real you. However, you don’t want to tell the whole story. Mystery is an intriguing and alluring quality that both sexes are attracted too. Use it to your advantage when creating your profile.

Time is of the essence...Make the best of it

Online dating can be very time consuming, and you want to maximize your time the best way you can. I had the attitude that I wanted to “Cut to the chase” as soon as possible. If I saw someone that I was interested in, I would write an email. If they didn’t respond back, they never heard from me again. I was looking for a likeminded female. If she didn’t respond to my well thought out persuasive email, then we obviously weren’t on the same page. I wasn’t into making “lemonade out of lemons” so I wouldn’t write a second email…I moved on to the next profile.

If they responded to my first email, I would respond back with an email. If they didn’t respond back, then it was game over. Actions speak louder than words, and the lack of response to an email communicates that they aren’t interested in you. Don't waste time trying to make something out of nothing because you'll end up spinning your wheels.

To be continued…


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