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Online Dating Men

Updated on June 10, 2014

Online Dating Men


Online Dating Men

Online dating, men and women is very popular these days.There are plenty of single men and women and there is a reason for this. This divorce rate is high because of the lack of instability with men and their wives. Not trying to put the blame on men, just telling the truth about the factor of how men pump up themselves for these online dating places. There is of course the picture that one would see. Is he attractive to you? Is the picture recent as of this year or is it an older picture, is what you should ask this guy. That would be the first question for a women to consider. She can do this in chat with this man she is attracted to physically. Here is where, women and men differ in how a person looks. Men are very visual and women tend to be more into feelings. Either way there has to be an attraction to this man for most women to consider before going to meet him.

The next item on his profile would be the basics, such as age, height, and what he is seeking out of this website. Remember there is more than one free website for dating and meeting people. Check this out to see if you notice him on another website for dating. This is a way to check for consistency in his profile. Is he looking for a one night stand or is he saying he is looking for a long term relationship? If you live in a small city you will find in-consistencies with profiles of the same person, depending on the dating site. Then if you’re lucky you may find he is still looking for the same type of woman in both profiles and be at ease knowing this.

One Night Stand?


Men, Profiles Online

What is a good idea is to chat with this fellow that you like, and this is the only way to tell if he is for real to you. It does not mean you like the guy if you chat with him. I find that most women will not chat with a man thinking that they are leading this guy on. This is not true, men want to chat with you also and get to know you, but don’t tell all of course. In fact, keep it brief and to the point of what you want to discuss. Do not give your number out to the nice guy who seems harmless. Bad mistake, because he could be a real pain if he calls or tries to chat with you by text when you don’t have the time or even want to. Your goal, at this beginning point is to find out if this man works, has a life, and makes money. Can he support you and your children? The basic questions you would ask if you were face to face. This is where online dating is a buffer between you and him. Tell him just enough about you that gets his interest, then back off a while. This means that you’re not an easy catch and proves to him that you’re not a one night stand also. That is, if you’re not looking for a one night stand. Judge your questions before asking them, and your answers will be useful to deciding if and how you are going to meet this new friend.

Everyone has a reason for using online dating. Some men use this for finding a wife, others look for sex. Decide which you are looking for and pursue this dream as it can be found online. Sex can be found also online, so be aware that most guys are just seeking this from many different women. As sad as it sounds, use a pay site to find quality men that are truly looking for a relationship. You will find better quality of a man and he usually speaks the truth on these sites as he had to pay for the service to find a woman. He will be more honest as to what he is looking for in his date. He will most likely be seeking a long term relationship on a paid site. His pictures will be recent as he does not want to confuse this future date he has. Men are more honest when it comes to having to pay for a dating site to find a girl to date. Again, if you find his profile on another free dating site compare what he is seeking and his profile is about the same. This way you know is he was looking for a one night stand on the free dating site, then he probably is still looking for one thing on the pay site. This is not necessarily true though as men have been known to figure out that they want more in a relationship status, but will take you up on whatever you are seeking also. Questioning this guy is the best one can do to find the best suitable date on a dating website. Take your time, and you will find quality men on every site.

Online Dating Tips for Women to Attract a Man!

Men are Targets Also

The main problem with some of the free sites out there for dating is men being targeted by women. What I mean by this is that the woman has a profile and she is sexy looking, but resides in another country. Men run into this on pay sites and free sites. The women are actually very friendly and there is a reason why. They are seeking a man to marry is one reason and to take them out of their country. This is very expensive and time consuming. Then there are the ads from women that are seeking money because a family member has died or they say this, and they want to come and be with this man and need the money to come visit him. There are a lot of men that fall into this trap and these women take off with a bundle of money. It is very prevalent now for this to happen to a guy who is in his fifties and a woman in her twenties to thirties. She is of course very alluring to most men in her pictures and she will chat about sex and love and entice this man into giving her cash over a Money Gram or PayPal I have heard. Scams are very much around for men seeking a woman to date, and that is a big problem for the man seeking a real relationship.

Even though there are many directions to go in dating and finding that man you seek. The best alternative is to not do online dating. Most of the pictures you see from men and women are not what they look like in person. Sometimes the pictures of a not so pretty female, can end up being the best looking girl you have met. She just did not take a good picture or it was old on the dating site. This can be the same with men. The profiles are also done sub-consciously, when they are written for a dating site. Men put out expected likes and dislikes, and women do the same. Women, seem to be more honest in their profiles and men tend not to be. There is the fear factor of a man is letting his guard down by not telling the truth about what he really is seeking. So, keep in mind that talking and chatting before meeting is a must. If you meet, make it a public place and bring your own car. This way if the meeting goes bad you have the right to get up and leave. Safety precautions need to be taken as a woman seeking a real relationship as well as a one night stand. Always meet before you go to their house. You can also get the guy’s full name and run it on Google and see if he has any prior arrest or even better than that you might find out he is CEO and mentioned as this good fellow on several websites that include his name. This would give you a conversation to start out with when meeting him. He will like that you searched him out. If he does not like the search you did, he is hiding something. Beware of those who don’t want to be found on the internet, they might have just been incarcerated and if he did not tell you this beforehand, it could make you uncomfortable to be around this man.

Online dating has its ups and downs. The good thing is you have choices that you can make from your office or home computer to whom you would like to be around. We all like this fact. There are many good things that can happen from online dating. You might find that man that has the same interest as you do. This happens and it is nice when you both have been honest and enjoy each other. The reality of the internet is that you can find a person to be happy with. Just use common sense and enjoy looking and browsing the men, and then take the plunge if you so desire. The outcome could be one that you have been looking for, all these years.


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    • tomy101 profile imageAUTHOR

      Christopher Hyer 

      4 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Yes, you are correct in the generations that have come to be. Marriage has changed and so has the dating world. As this article discusses, online dating is more prevalent than ever. Thank You

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      4 years ago

      Voted up and interesting!

      Online dating like offline dating has it's pros and cons. It's up to the individual to have a "screening process". It pays to use good commonsense when dealing with strangers period.

      I do have disagree with your one statement: "This divorce rate is high because of the lack of instability with men and their wives."

      According to a recent survey by AARP (women) initiate the filing of 66% or 2/3rds of all divorce in the U.S. Men rarely file for a divorce.

      Recent generations of women have made strides in equality when it comes career and income opportunities. More effective birth control has also made it possible for women to have with a reduced chance of an unwanted pregnancy. This also is a reason why many elect to delay marrying.

      During the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s and much of the 1960s a lot of couples got married within a couple of years after high school. The goal for most women at that time was to be a "stay at home" wife and mother. Many of them had no significant job skills.

      Most women were completely financially dependent on their husbands.

      Divorce placed a major hardship on them even if they received child support. Men rarely filed for divorce so that led to a lot of women staying in unhappy marriages.

      These women often withstood cheating, verbal/physical abuse, lack of help with housework and raising the children. Today's woman has higher expectations of their husband and more options.

      The more options one has the less crap they're willing to put with! :)


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