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What needs to change with our children

Updated on December 14, 2011

In this day and age we are going backwards instead of forwards in the teaching process to our children. In each state we have a sex offender registry. It is good in limited ways. When there is an old man or woman going after young children, yes we need to know that. Now the problem I see is how many kids lives are being destroyed by this? In my day, we didn't have to worry if a 15 and 17 year old or even a 17 and 20 year old were having sex, because it was consensual. Now, if a 15 year old and 15 year old have sex and it was consensual, the boy can still be charged. How fair is this? They both willingly had sex and now his life is ruined and all kinds of bad things are about to happen to him over this. Now I have spoken with so many people and there are a lot of stories and everyone seems to know someone that has had consensual sex and one of the kids was charged with being a sex offender. Does our court system not realize the destruction they do, by giving someone this term? I talked to a lady one day about how bad the system is and she agreed by telling me that she knew of 2 consenting 15 year old kids. Everything was good, but then the parents had her lie and say she was raped by him, because it was not going to be her fault or she being the same age didn't know better, but he did? Come on, seriously! This boy's life was destroyed by it. He is on the sex offender registry for life now.

On top of this we have girls dressing like sluts and hoes, how are guys suppose to know that they are 12, 13, 14, when the parents let them dress this way? I am not saying that it is ok for someone to have sex with them, but if they are willing and I am sorry, but these kids this day in this day and age, know better and what they are in for when dressing this way. I am not saying that they deserved to be raped or anything like that, but if you dress older and willingly have sex with someone older, where are your parents? They should be charged for not keeping an eye on you and letting you dress like that. I know that there have been parents that know that the kids are having sex and all is well and good till the parents decide that the kids time is up, and now it is time to destroy the boys life. Why on earth would someone want to do that? Think about it, would you want your son to have sex with someone his age, and for the rest of his life, he is now known as a sex offender? I am telling my son, that he had better wait till he is 18 and knows that he is in love and that she is at least 18 as well. I was told that it works better if the kids know the parents and they have a good standing relationship with them, but that doesn't always help. I knew a guy, I am sure ended up serving time and is on the registry, because the mother and daughter partied together, he got with the mother and him and the daughter started dating and it was all fine, till the mom wanted him back; then he found out the hard way the girl he was partying with, that was drinking with her mother was only 14 and he was in his 20s. Now, did the mother get in trouble? Oh no, but he got locked up, over bad parents. I am not saying that young girls cannot be on the sex offender registry, it just seems as guys really get the bad wrap over it all. We really need to start really educating our children about the destruction of their life over one complicated and totally life changing event. Is sex that important or can it wait? Sorry to say, but should people ID? Now if they are 18 or so it says on their license, should their ID be copied so that if it is a fake, you were lied to and it truly is not your fault! We need to wise up, the state is taking us for a joy ride!~ This stuff brings in millions to our state and parents don't even have to prosecute, the state can do it without parental consent! Lets wise up and try and get something to change. We need to take a stand and stop the stupidity!


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