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Outdoor Wedding Tents: Thoughts and Tips

Updated on May 25, 2012

Should You Get One For Your Wedding?

My mom and I wanted to get an outdoor wedding tent pretty much from the start when planning my sister's backyard wedding. Why? Well, although we loved the idea of an outdoor ceremony and reception, we wanted to have at least a little protection from the elements (just in case we had to deal with having the wedding in the rain). Plus, we knew that renting a tent or marquee would add a special, festive feel to the big day. It turned out to be the quickest way to transform my parent's regular, old backyard from plain to party-ready, providing a protected and decorated area for the wedding feast.

Is a tent right for your wedding, or can you do without? What do you need to know before renting one? Where can you get one? Read on to learn more!

Renting a Wedding Tent - Stylish Protection Against the Elements

Unless you live in an expensive area, you might be surprised to know that renting a tent isn't that much more than buying one. With the time and effort you'll save on putting up the tent and taking it down (plus the added durability of most rental tents; I've had purchased tents blow away before), renting a wedding tent can be a great investment.

If you're having a backyard wedding, a tent instantly takes the space from "Hey, it's my backyard, meh," to "It's time for a party!" And it cuts back a little on the worry of having to sit in the sun (or rain, as the case may be) all day.

To find a wedding tent rental near you, click here to search for "wedding tents" on Google, and then add your location.

Image source: Flickr.

Outdoor Wedding Tent Tips - Do Your Research

  1. Decide on your desired type of tent. There's a lot of choice involved when it comes to tent types; you need to decide on style, type of walls/liners (if any), size, color, and shape.
  2. Comparison shop. Unless you live in a very rural area, there are likely several rental companies in your area. At the same time, don't make price the only factor you compare. Quality of tents, set up and take down flexibility, and more should all be considered factors.
  3. Ask for references. A company can have the glitziest brochures and the best salespeople, but it doesn't mean they're good at following through. When making such an important investment in your big day, it's good to hear some honest opinions from real people.
  4. Consider bundling. When my mom rented the tent for my sister's wedding, she rented tables, chairs, and linens at the same time. It was much simpler being able to source all of the items from the same place.
  5. Remember, they aren't necessarily a bulletproof back-up plan. If it's important that your wedding day occurs when planned (and for most people, it is, due to traveling guests, hired entertainment and such), don't count on a tent as your only plan in case of vicious inclement weather. Rain and strong winds can affect the functionality of a tent. Our "plan Z," as it were, was to hold the ceremony and reception in our home, which was big enough to hold our 30 guests if necessary.

If You Choose To Buy Instead, This Is a Good Choice - Useful For Future Events

10' x 30' Party Wedding Tent Gazebo Pavilion Catering Shelter White
10' x 30' Party Wedding Tent Gazebo Pavilion Catering Shelter White

Renting was the right choice for us, because we needed to rent tables, chairs, and linens as well, and because it can get windy in our area, and purchased tents don't always do well in the wind. However, it's good to check out all of your options before making a decision.


Wedding Tents Also Available on eBay - Search For Your Tent

If you're looking to buy a tent, you can find good deals on eBay. Just make sure to read the fine print to make sure you're getting what you pay for.

What To Do About the Tent Floor? - Should You Invest In a Ground Cover?

Wedding Tent with Floor
Wedding Tent with Floor

The level of formality of your wedding should point you in a direction regarding the floor of your wedding tent. A less formal wedding probably won't need any special flooring. A more formal wedding, or one at which you plan on doing a lot of dancing, can benefit from something to stand on.

Whatever you choose, just make sure you inform guests. Many types of shoes are fine for walking on flooring, but don't do well for hours at a time on soft ground.

Image source: Flickr.

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      Sandra4875987 3 years ago

      Wat een leuk artikel over een bruiloft in de open lucht . Ik ben inspiratie aan het opdoen voor mijn bruiloft volgend jaar en we willen graag een tent huren op . Er zijn zoveel mogelijkheden, afmetingen, kleuren, modellen enz.