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Outdoor Weddings from Mountains to Gardens to Beaches

Updated on September 23, 2014

Planning a Beautiful Outdoor Wedding

Planning an Outdoor Wedding is so exciting!

I hope to give you some Ideas along with

Poetry that Highlights the Outdoor Wedding


She may be surrounded by verdant green

'Fore white folding chairs on the grass

Or 'neath the blue near the ocean serene

With warm sand at her feet; Alas


All Poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission

I hope you enjoy this presentation of the options, excitement and fun inherent in planning and living your Outdoor Wedding!

-- MyFairLadyah

Poems in this Hub

  • Just Get Married Outside
  • Her Feet on the Grass
  • Delicate Lanterns
  • Sand Between My Toes
  • Walk Down to the Water's Edge

Just Get Married Outside

Get married under the glorious sun

Have a lovely reception when the vows are done

Walk on petaled aisle across verdant lawn

Or barefoot on the sand as gulls caw and yawn

Look out the windows from the feast

To see what Nature has released

Be it colors of yellow and violet blooms

Or dolphins arcing from Ocean's womb

Let the quartet echo off the hills

Or steel drums give all Caribbean thrills

Just get married outside for this is your day

In the Mountains, a garden or by a Bay

Outdoor Wedding Arches and Arbors

A Colorado Outdoor Mountain Wedding

Consider Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins for Your Outdoor Wedding in the Colorado Mountains

Think Outside (the Box)

You Will Find

Something Old

Something New

Something Borrowed

Something Blue

That is Perfect for Your Outdoor Wedding!

Her Feet on the Grass

About an outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding was desired

By the bride and the groom, in June

Here is the story of what transpired

It started on that day at about noon

The chairs were arranged on the grass

With an aisle between, wide for two

And the bride who was a specific lass

Wanted petals of daisies there too

She wanted her feet to feel the grass

As she walked to be wedded to him

She'd put shoes on later, to not be crass

For dancing and dining with Jim

The moment came for her measured pace

To Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D

On her father's arm, glowing with grace

When out from the bushes, a bee

The bride was stung on both her feet

But the moment was so important

That she would not cry ouch in defeat

She arrived at the altar, just as was meant

They said their vows that they rehearsed

On these they were quite well versed

But she added this for the stinging bee

"Without you I'd have had no daisys"

They dined and danced till the moon rose

High over the place of the marriage

Then they were whisked away, so it goes

By a gleaming horse-drawn white carriage

Reprinted from

How to Dress for an Outdoor Wedding

You should dress for the weather and the season, but if it's warm, bring a sweater or wrap, just in case.

Brides, consider a gown and optional train that is appropriate for the outdoors (can be easily cleaned)

Delicate Lanterns

Delicate lanterns are hanging in the trees

They sway back and forth in the gossamer breeze

Picture perfect blossoms have opened on cue

The photographer will capture just the right shot for you

A smattering of cumulus dot the sky

And the ebullient Groom has a twinkle in his eye

From the Mountains to the Prairies to the Oceans White with Foam ... I know that song!


Wear comfortable shoes. Ladies, if you must wear heels for dancing, bring a pair of sandals for the grass or the sand.

Sand Between My Toes

A poem on a seaside wedding

There's sand between my toes

And I'm standing here beside my man

Let the waves come up in flows

Hah, I'm showing off a perfect tan

Let the sun drench our guests

As we exchange our binding oath

The guys have tossed their vests

But we're cool and comfy, we both

Note how the vibration of the tides

Echoes the rhythm of our daily lives

A pleasant seaside wedding abides

To up the count of husbands & wives

There is warmth beneath my feet

And a touch of warmth upon my face

In a white sundress I am replete

My sultry locks enhance my grace

I am the blushing bride today

And he beside me is today divine

We were betrothed with no delay

And today we marry; a blessed sigh

Amid ocean rhythms, we tie our knot

Among those who love us, we unite

Beneath gulls who witness our lot

Husband and wife, in shining light

Reprinted from

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Weddings And Romance

Where Would You Plan Your Outdoor Wedding?

See results

Walk Down to the Water's Edge

Walk down to the water's edge

Where the tide laps at your naked feet

White and foamy, this salted wedge

Provides an ideal backdrop to wedded life meet

If You Could Plan Your Outdoor Wedding

A Small Wedding Cake with bride and groom topper
A Small Wedding Cake with bride and groom topper

Ordering the Cake

Think about how long your cake may be in the warm sun if you are considering an ice cream or other cake that may melt

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Thanks for Visiting - What's Your Experience at An Outdoor Wedding?

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    • MakingYourOwnWe profile image

      MakingYourOwnWe 6 years ago

      Beach wedding is really among the favorite theme for an outdoor wedding. It doesn't matter what time of the day you get married at the beach, it would still be lovely and romantic.

    • profile image

      RitaDern 6 years ago

      I will let you know our experience after October 2011, when my daughter weds her finance on the beach! Thanks for a lovely lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      A wonderful poetic journey to that perfect outdoor wedding! I like the practical tips you have along the way.