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Searching for Love Online to Discover too late the Soul Mate was available at Home!

Updated on July 19, 2017
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Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing.Some eat, smoke, drink or use drugs when stress, I write.

Searching for Love online

Malcolm spent his entire life on the Internet. Sara was tired of hearing the tap, tap, tap of his computer. She wanted to feel loved, to feel needed, but she was not going to get it from Malcolm. Sara never really happy, but she's even less thrilled when Malcolm is locked away in the office with that dang computer. She felt there was only one thing for her to do, and that was to get a computer and get on the Internet as well.

Sara wants to find someone online that would give her the love she most desires, and need her and give her the attention she so desperately needs. Sara also wants someone who would take the time to listen to her and give her that full respect that is as powerful for him as unconditional love is for her. There are plenty of dating websites for finding love.

Sara, posted her bio; she wrote I am 27 years of age, five feet, and six inches. I earned my degree of Bachelor’s of Arts in televising reporting and business in Phoenix, Arizona. I am also a singer-songwriter for which I am famous for such hits as "We all want to be Loved" and "I will take care of my King and give him Anything." I have a warm, loving heart, despite the fact I love singing in the spotlight, I prefer to go unnoticed to the public but want attention from the man of my dream as I shower him with appreciation.

She was pleased with the Bio and happy with the old photo she had cut out of a magazine; so she joined the online dating service. She has come to the point in her life where she was tired of feeling lonely she was ready to find love. The picture did not look like her so no one would know. Primary technology rules the world today and many these days relies on the computers for finding love. But because so many depend on the Internet, the Internet has become the primary means of communication worldwide. This can be an enormous convenience and a huge problem. Some people are so addicted to the Internet that it hard for them to imagine their life without it.

Searching for love on the Internet does not always work because many put on a false front and conceal their real identities. I am not saying that searching for love on the Internet is entirely wrong, but dating on the web is limited to only the Internet.

Meeting a guy face to face also have things that you have to look out for daily. However, some people turn to the Internet because meeting another face to face for some reason things just keep going wrong. Many are searching for any form of guide to help ensure a higher success rate in love.

There are many hidden dangers a female should be aware of in the world of Internet dating while searching for love online, but one thing, in particular, is a Pickup Artist (PUA). A Pickup Artist (PUA) is a guy who will act impeccably and accommodate a female in every way until he has slept with her. They spent most of their time leaving a long trail of broken hearts behind them, so ladies, please watch out for the signs so that you might have the best internet dating experience.

Sara begins to review her matches and read different emails, she views an email about a forty-six-year-old divorced father of two searching for an attractive female to bring out the best in him, but she felt he was a creep and a bore. However, that was until that one email that turned her head. He called himself Will, and he seemed fitting to her somehow.

He seems so comfortable in his style of writing; he had encouraged her to open up and tell him about who she really was. That seemed so refreshing. She signed her letters “Emily” and although she was never called Emily that is whom she had always wanted to be.

Sara reads: “Dearest Emily.”

He wrote after one month of heart-rending correspondence.

“You never need to feel solitude again. I swear I will always be here.”

She loved reading those words and looked smugly over the dinner table at Malcolm that night. He slurped his soup and then hid his face behind the newspaper. She could never imagine Will ever slurping soup. She imagined him whirling her away to foreign places. Her heart leaped with love every time she thought of him. He was everything she ever wished for and everything Malcolm could never be.

Although Will email her by the name Emily, Sara felt it was about time she finds a way to share will him her real name as she was getting caught up in a giant spider web of love for him. As she read each email, it was as if they were naturally —flowing as smoothly as the water dropping from a beautiful waterfall and at the same time heart-wrenching as she views them.

Sara found herself not only saving the emails, but re-reading them over and over. Will ask Sara a series of questions; which she answered and emailed back quickly. As Sara returns each email, she knew she was falling hard for Will. Finally, Sara knew she must face the essential question. Can the beautiful love I feel and desires from exchanging emails turn into a lasting relationship form from the sharing of heart-rending emails? Sara felt she was ready to put the love to the test.

But, before she could see the tip taps of Malcolm’s computer died, Sara had to go through the motions of the funeral and arrangements, but it was not until much later when the guests had gone that she walked into his study. Will had not written in four days, four days when she needed him most. She typed an email, with such sadness in her heart:

“I love you, Will and I want us to be together always. Maybe even as man and wife.”

She imagined his arms around her. She imagined his body next to hers. She knew that she would love him and that nothing could ever come between them.

Surely he would write tonight; she thought, but when she begins checking for it there were no emails in the inbox. Reaching down into the drawer of Malcolm's desk, she continued to sort through bundles of paper until one particular bunch caught her eye. Wrapped in pink ribbon, were folded up messages, printed from the computer and as she opened the first one, she suddenly realized her loss was more than she ever expected when she read the words: “My dearest Will” in the first letter she unfolded, sent by someone called Emily.

Ladies, there have been countless sad stories about different females who seem to search for love on the Internet just to find their perfect man was in a relationship with them the entire time. They learn, they just never took the time to notice the love in front of them until it's too late.

We should never hold Mr. Right to an unexpected standard or a picture-perfect standard and don’t assume the person you with can’t meet expectation. Also, never think the relationship you in should go in a particular way step out of the box and remember the relationship depend on the needs of both parties, not just you.

Also, remember it's up to you to reveal Mr. Right as your perfect man, you control the direction of your life. It's up to us to be able to focus and manage our lives as much as possible. Never take the relationship you in for granted because sometimes one cannot see that the person you are initial with appeared to be your perfect man right under your nose until it is too late.

Do you agree some people are searching for love online when the love of their life are right under their nose, and they can't see it?

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© 2015 Pam Morris


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    • Pam Morris profile image

      Pam Morris 2 years ago from Atlanta Georgia

      Thank you for the nicely written comment and helpful word. It greatly appreciate and make perfect sense.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      Voted up and useful!

      "Also, remember it's (up to you) to reveals Mr. Right as your perfect man, you control the direction of your own life."

      Each of us (chooses) our own friends, lovers, and spouse.

      Online dating is just another (tool) for meeting new people.

      Ultimately we have to have our own "mate selection criteria" or process.

      If anyone finds they are having one bad dating experience after another they need to re-examine (their) mate selection process.

      The only thing all of your bad relationships have in common is (you)!

      Hopefully with age and experience comes wisdom.

      It's not how you meet but whom you meet that counts!

      Always use good commonsense when dealing with strangers both online and offline! One man's opinion!:)