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Peacock Feather Wedding

Updated on July 22, 2014

Everything you need for a memorable peacock feather wedding!

If you're looking for a beautiful touch to your big day and love the color and elegance of a peacock, then you may want to add some peacock feathers to your theme. These peacock feather wedding supplies will do the trick! All products are customizable and quick and easy to order. Products are divided by design, but don't forget you can mix and match! Don't hesitate to ask if you'd like a product that you don't see here. Enjoy, and good luck on your big day!

Extra Touches for the Wedding

Decorating Your Big Day

Soooo much goes into decorating your big day, and it can be very overwhelming. One of the best tricks for making decorating easier (and much cheaper) is to pick one or two statement pieces and then fill the rest with beautiful and simple, but cost-effective, decorations.

If you've decided to go the route of cupcakes, then these would make a huge statement! Cupcakes are becoming more and more popular for weddings, especially if you are looking for something a little more modern. My husband and I had cupcakes at our wedding and our family and friends still talk about it!

Edible Peacock Feathers - Set of 12 - Cake Decorations, Cupcake Topper
Edible Peacock Feathers - Set of 12 - Cake Decorations, Cupcake Topper

To make life easier for you, the baker, and your guests, consider using mini cupcakes instead of large ones. You will save money and guests can decide how many they want (you shouldn't need more than 3 per guest).

Edible Glitter 1/4 oz Blue: 1 Count
Edible Glitter 1/4 oz Blue: 1 Count

Add some sparkle to your cupcakes with this peacock colored edible glitter!


If your wedding will be peacock themed, then you will definitely need these! Add them to your bouquets, centerpieces, or table settings as the main statement piece.

Leegoal 100 Pcs Peacock Feathers 10"-12"
Leegoal 100 Pcs Peacock Feathers 10"-12"

Don't forget to set a few aside for people to have fun with! Stick them in your hair or watch them show up in all the pictures that will be taken.


You will need to assign guests to specific tables. As they enter the reception room, have lists ready that list their name with a corresponding table number. The rest you can leave to them! Just make sure you remember to clearly display the number on each table!

Wedding favors are always a tough decision to make because you want to make them memorable, but at the same time most guests don't want a knick-knack with someone else's wedding date on it. A good way to alleviate this dilemma is to leave them with a consumable item like candy or chocolate.

Peacock Feather Invitation Set

Everything You Need to Include in the Invite

Classic and elegant, this set embodies the peacock in all its glory. Great for a formal or traditional event. When you put together your invitation set, you will be surprised how many elements need to be included! You will need the main invitation that tells your guests when and where the event will be held. The RSVP card will let guests know they have to tell you if their coming (to cut back on costs, you can ask guests to RSVP by email or phone). The envelope will house these components, and the stamp and return address labels will make sure your guests get the invitation! The envelope stickers can be used as an extra touch that the guests will see as they open the envelope (this can also help you cut back on licking all the envelopes!).

Did You Know??

Only male peacock feathers have the distinct peacock feathers that we have all come to love. Females are brown or gray, and are actually called peahens. And their babies? They're called pea chicks.

Advice for the Married Couple

A Great Addition to the Guestbook

Your guest will love nothing more than to lay out for you all the advice they have for building a successful marriage. These cards are a wonderful idea for an addition (or alternative) to the classic guestbook. Just lay them out with a pair of cute mason jars and let them go wild! Also sprinkle some out on the tables so that they can keep writing advice while they're sitting around enjoying the event. These will be unbelievable memories to look back on and will be something the bride and groom will have with them forever.

Did You Know??

Peacocks are found roaming free in most zoos throughout the world, but they are actually only native to the Asian continent.

Don't Foget About the Groom!

Classic Peacock Feather Tie and Cufflinks

The groom can be just as much a part of the theme as the bride! This tie and cufflink set will add some color to his suit. If you have your heart set on something more formal, then don't worry. Lots of grooms will switch something up after the ceremony to make the reception a little lighter. So have this stowed away and let your man take off his bow tie for the dancing.

These are for the groom's eyes only! Technically the bride will need to wear this peacock feather garter belt, but it's just as much for the groom. :)

Peacock Wedding PINSPIRATION

After the Wedding

Thanking Your Guests

Writing thank you cards for your wedding will be an event in itself! Make sure to stay as organized as possible when you're opening gifts. Take notes and make sure you know what each person gave you. Most guests will expect a handwritten thank you that mentions what they gave you. Many people say you have a year to finish your thank you cards, but in today's age people will expect a thank you within three months. Don't worry! It is actually really fulfilling and gratifying to write to each guest. And just as fulfilling and gratifying when you finish :)

Thank You Wedding Banners

If you want a really personal wedding thank you card, consider getting a thank you banner so you can use a photograph of yourself on the card.

Did You Know??

The peacock, native to Asia, is the national bird of India. The Hindu God of War, Karthikeya, adopted the peacock feathers as his mount and remain an integral symbol of his strength.

Pretty in Pink Peacock Feather

If you want to stick with peacock feathers, but have always dreamed of a pink wedding, then you may like some of these options! This set will give you the best of both worlds - light and elegant, but still fun and feminine.

Pink Peacock Feathers

a must have for a pink peacock feather wedding - put these in the bouquets, centerpieces, and cake!

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    • smine27 profile image

      Shinichi Mine 

      5 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      love this idea. thank you for sharing

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Certainly a different and unique theme for a wedding. Lovely lens,

    • Kalafina profile image


      5 years ago

      What a beautiful idea!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Love the lens! Very nice selection of peacock wedding designs.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Lovely job on your peacock lens!


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