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Based on Personal Experiences

Updated on May 26, 2009


Welcome to this here my new hub. I've been keeping a blog for about 4 years now and lately I've been thinking this blog is a bit all over the place. I started it without giving much thought to what it would contain because it's initial purpose was to keep my friends and family abroad updated to the happenings in my life. So basically in my blog you will find anything ranging from work, outings, political participation, cooking, to my personal relationships.

As years have passed and I have immersed myself in the blogging world I've noticed people seem to be more intrigued, or least leave more comments, when I write about dating, relationships and my thoughts about men in general. Be it from the past, present or even future happenings, anything related to my love life seems to be interesting to read. So here I am dedicating this hub to my dating adventures in NYC.

To begin I will be posting some old blog posts, so if you've read those already I appologize in advance. I will be posting new stuff as it happens, or give or take a week, can't go off jinxing things now can we? So stay tunned, good stuff is to come, promise!

Hi there!

Hi there!
Hi there!


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