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Personality Disorder Breakdown

Updated on February 25, 2018

Everyday Folks Have Personality Disorders

You may know several sociopaths or antisocial personalities and they may even live upstairs from your, in your house, or next door. Not every sociopath is a serial killer, and every narcissist isn't beautiful. Let's break down and discuss some characteristics of these personalities, and how they might affect you and your life. You may even be under the control of a psychopath and not even know it. He or she might be your boss, your lover, or your parent. Read on if you are interested in knowing more.

What's a Personality Disorder

Am I a Psycho if I have one?

Personality disorders are a category of personality characteristics the American Psychiatric Association defines as deviant from normal behavior, (the average person). Personality disorders are noted on Axis II of the DSM-IV as written by the APA. These people might not even seem that odd to you, but they could appear "odd" or "different" from the norm. Below are a list of the names of these personalities as cateogrized by the APA in the DSM-IV.

If you have a personality disorder, you are not alone, and not terribly unique. These disorders often go unnoticed, particularly if you don't have any accompanying disorder that would require you to see a therapist (psychologist) or psychiatrist. NIMH estimates that about 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older - one in four adults - suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder yearly. That is lots of people!

I will say the personality disorders are the rarest forms of mental disorders among these types of disorders with Antisocial Personality being at the top, at only 1 percent of the population. Often these people are not treated, they are jailed!

Girl Interrupted - A Film About A Girl With BPD

She goes to the hospital for months in the sixties as she has been diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder. She spends time with other woman, one who is a "sociopath", she has what we now call Antisocial Personality Disorder, and a lesbian, who is actually hospitalized, because she is a lesbian, as it used to be thought of as a "disorder". There is also a bulimic who has anorexic tendencies as well and a "burned" girl who is severely disfigured and a compulsive liar. They all highlight the personalities talked about in this lens. Watch it and see if you can diagnose them yourself.

This film, which is also a book stars Angelina Jolie as the antisocial, Winona Ryder as the borderline girl, and the late and great Brittany Murphy. Britt is the bulimic.

Learn More About - Personality Disorders

This is a phenomenon going on all around you. Learn how to help yourself and others by being able to see these disorders in yourself and in others perhaps. You may save their life or your own.

The Ten Personality Disorders - Are Further Broken Down Into Clusters A-C

Cluster A includes:

***Paranoid Personality Disorder***

***Schizoid Personality Disorder***

***Schizotypal Personality Disorder***

Cluster B Includes:

***Antisocial Personality Disorder (Sociopath) ***

***Borderline Personality Disorder***

***Histrionic Personality Disorder***

***Narcissistic Personality Disorder***

Cluster C Includes:

***Avoidant Personality Disorder***

***Dependent Personality Disorder***

***Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder***

Cluster A - Paranoid, Schizoid & Schizotypal Personality Disorders

Paranoid personalities distrust others to the degree where it is grossly abnormal. They might believe others are out to "get" them without rational rhyme or reason. They hold grudges for small things and live in belief systems that are just not logical or healthy. These people often have an accompanying psychiatric disorder such as: agoraphobia, depression, or OCD.

Schizoid personalities are often introverted, withdrawn, and like to be alone. They aren't emotionally reactive, and are distant from others. They are absorbed in themselves, and are quite fearful of becoming emotionally close to other people. They are quiet, daydream often, and prefer to think about things rather than do them. They are absorbed in fantasies quite often. They are good candidates for an accompanying depressive disorder.

Schizotypal personality disorder may develop into psychosis. These personalities may be quite delusional at times As much as half of all Schizotypical personalities have major depression. Almost all have a history of depression at some point in their lives. They do not live, for the most part of their lives in "reality" as the rest of us know it.

Cluster B - Antisocial, Borderline, and Histrionic Personalities.

Antisocial personalities are at risk for anxiety disorders, addictive behavior, and committing crime. This is a new name for "sociopath". These people have little conscience, and often get in trouble with the law for lack of conscience and not experiencing guilt. They don't have normal attachments to other people. They don't love for the same reasons or in the ways we do. In fact, they don't experience emotional attachment or love the way the rest of us do, if at all.

Borderline personality disorder is associated with addictive behaviors, bulimia, and PSTD. These people often kill themselves. These personalities experience lack of identity. Often transsexuals are diagnosed with this order. This is quite controversial. Moods change intensely throughout the day, week, month, year. These folks can have highly intense and unstable relationships. They are impulsive and unstable, and often have body image issues.

Histrionic personalities have over the top and inappropriate emotional reactions. They are "theatrical" like they live in the movies. They have very sudden and quick changing emotions (its in how they express them). The issue is less about how they feel as how they display these feelings publicly.

Narcissistic personalities often experience anorexia. They often abuse substances, and become depressed. They may exaggerate things they are good at. They think everyone owes them something. They lack empathy for others. They are often very jealous of others even if its undeserved. They can appear snotty and rude, arrogant.

Cluster C - Avoidant, Dependant, and Obsessive Compulsive Personalities

Avoidant patients are shy, and lack self-confidence to create relationships. The difference with these guys is that they want friends, and emotional attachments, they are just afraid to make those connections. They feel like they are not good enough, smart enough, and are terrified of being rejected. They are so "social-phobic" that they end up isolated with nobody.

Dependent personalities are very clingy to others. They are unable to care for themselves and hold on for dear life for somebody else to do it. Consequences are sometimes dire, but they are unable to help this behavior. They cannot make their own decisions, cannot take responsibility, are terrified of conflict no matter how small, have difficulty starting things, because they don't feel they can finish, and have little self-confidence. They go over the edge to get support and help with matters. They feel helpless. They can't not be in a romantic relationship. They are needlessly terrified of being alone.

Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is not to be confused with OCD. These people are preoccupied with order, and feel the need to be perfect. They need to be in control of very situation, and are not willing to bend. These obsessions interfere with order, because of their unwillingness to bend. Their beliefs are set in stone. They will not budge for anybody, even if there has been evidence to the contrary of what their thoughts on a matter are. They can be stubborn and cheap (materially).

Personality Disorder Links - Check These Out to Learn More

There is so much information out there, its insane. Everybody is different, and these disorders exhibit that. Everybody does not fit the cookie cutter mold so if you want to know more, read on!!!

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    • amyrussell profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New England, USA

      @anonymous: I'm glad you found it helpful. Thanks for reading it!

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      6 years ago

      Lots of helpful resources here. I will come back to this lens quite a few times, I am sure.


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