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Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers

Updated on February 7, 2015

A wedding cake topper is typically a small model that sits on the top tier of a wedding cake to represent the couple being married. Traditionally the wedding cake topper is a formally dressed couple made of ceramic but as fashion and times have changes so too have wedding cake toppers. The trend began in the 1950’s where the topper was intended to represent togetherness. The trend continues today with a slew of variations and considerations to be addressed in the following article when choosing a personalized wedding cake topper.

The custom of using a wedding cake topper can’t be traced to a specific origin. It became prevalent in the 1950’s and is a valued custom continued today. When planning a wedding, the cake is one of the biggest expenses, therefore choosing a personalized wedding cake topper to reflect the theme of the wedding, the style of the couple and cost all have to be considered.

The imagination is the limit when it comes to wedding cake toppers! Traditional, humorous or unconventional, here are some ideas and tips when choosing your personalized wedding cake topper.

What is personalization?

What constitutes a personalized wedding cake topper? It can be anything from your initials to flying pink elephants! A glass heart with a picture of the couple can make a beautiful topper. The traditional ceramic or porcelain couple can be ordered with depictions of the actual bridal couple. The imagination really is the limit.

Personalizing a wedding cake topper can be whimsical, serious, elegant or egotistical. The sky and your budget are the only limits you will face. A plethora of ideas exist on several sites on the internet. A topper can be purchased online, created in your local bakery or carved to your specifications using 3-D technology. Creating a personalized wedding cake topper is a fun way to express your love and personality on your day.

Climbing Groom and Victorious Bride Mix & Match Cake Topper
Climbing Groom and Victorious Bride Mix & Match Cake Topper

Where to get ideas?

So your imagination is limited you say? Here are a few places to get some ideas and your creativity flowing to personalize your wedding cake topper:

  • Pinterest - this site is the jackpot of ideas.
  • Etsy - another glory hole of ideas with prices to give you an idea of cost
  • Ebay - this site offers hundreds of ideas and solutions to finding ways to personalize your topper.
  • MyMemoryDolls - they provide custom wedding cake toppers from your very own photo!
  • Wilton - this company has been around for decades and is a reputable source for all things baking, especially cakes and cake supplies including toppers.
  • Party stores - a party store specializes in all things party and a wedding reception is a big party with the wedding cake being a center of attention.

Now that you have some great ideas, here are some more strategies for finding that personalized wedding cake topper of your dreams:

Store bought

There are literally thousands of wedding cake toppers available for purchase. From your local box store to wedding cake suppliers an enormous amount of options are waiting. When it comes to personalizing your choice from pre-made toppers take these factors into consideration:

  • Wedding theme - If you have a theme to your wedding, such as the Roaring 20’s you will want to save your time by looking only for those retailers who specialize in themes.
  • Colors - If zebra stripes are the way you are going, concentrating on specialty outlets such as those who provide animal themes or black and white only.
  • Cost including shipping-ordering your personalized topper on line can easily be done. Make sure there are no hidden fees and you can return it if it isn’t what you thought it would be. Also check shipping fees. Sometimes the shipping and handling fees can be more than the actual topper!

Cell Phone Fanatic Bride and Groom Cake Topper
Cell Phone Fanatic Bride and Groom Cake Topper


The theme of your wedding will have a big impact on the choice of your personalized wedding cake topper. Often a couple likes to celebrate their union by using their personalities. If you met a Star Trek convention and Trekki is your theme, you’ll be able to order a personalized topper to for your needs.

Along with theme is color. A cake usually reflects the colors chosen by the bridal party and the topper is often coordinated to go with those colors. If you want to use your orange and black high school colors to personalize your wedding, the topper can be matched!

Popular cake topper themes are:

  • Flowers
  • Animals
  • Initials
  • Photos
  • Hearts

You’ve strolled down the online aisles, know your theme and colors and now you are ready to get down to the nitty gritty of having your personalized wedding cake topper made. Let’s break this down a little further into some of the available materials for making custom toppers:

Honeymoon Bound Couple in Car Cake Topper
Honeymoon Bound Couple in Car Cake Topper


The elegance of flowers for a wedding cake topper can never be overrated. Flowers can and are often used in place of a physical topper. There are 3 basic choices, fresh, silk or gum paste flowers.

  • Fresh flowers are always a delight. Coordinating with your baker and florist will be the biggest task. Ask your baker if he will be responsible for getting the flowers or do you have to make arrangements for them to be delivered to his shop or the reception in order to be placed on the cake.
  • Silk flowers have an added bonus of giving you more color options than nature can. Again discuss options with your cake decorator.
  • Gum paste or sugar flowers are exquisite works of art created with a baking product called gum paste. No it isn’t the rubbery kind of gum you are thinking of, it is a type of fondant that dries hard. This type of decoration is going to be expensive as it takes many hours of labor to create flowers with this craft.


The most common custom toppers are figurines, animals and shapes. The choices are unlimited but if you want them to be made of food quality these are the options available.

  • Chocolate - Hire a skilled chocolatier in your local area. Yes they can be ordered and shipped but they are incredibly fragile for shipping and the risk isn’t worth it.
  • Sugar - Some of the most beautiful custom toppers are made of sugar. The finished products look almost identical to crystal. Again using a local crafter is your best option.
  • Gum paste - Whimsical toppers are almost always made of this baking product. It is similar to working with clay, so it can be molded into many forms and is available in many colors. Discuss this option with your cake specialist.


A few extra items to consider, especially when using food grade toppers or fresh flowers is the location and temperature of where the cake is going to be displayed. An outdoor summer wedding may not be conducive for a chocolate topper!

If you are bound and determined to have a unique, way out of the box, personalized wedding cake topper, look into 3-D printing. You can have the ultimate selfie as your cake topper! Besides being able to make “mini-me” of you and your spouse, you can have virtually anything cut or duplicated including your beloved pets.

Don't forget to check out MyMemoryDolls and their awesome Personalized Wedding Cake Toppers - a mini sculpture figurine made from your very own photo.

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