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Where To Find Personalized Wedding Favors?

Updated on January 20, 2015

Make it personal!

Your big day is arriving and you want everybody happy. Wedding favors are nice way to thank the guests for being with newlyweds in one of the most emotional moments of one's life. You want to give them something unique and useful with sentimental value.

Personalized wedding gifts will help to cheer the crowd, made of many, maybe hundreds different people. They will remind them why they arrive and send your gratitude. Wedding day should not be special only for brides and grooms, it should mean something to everybody else involved as well.

But when you start thinking about the possibilities, you soon realize there are several limitations. One is of course your budget. Every favor has some price tag and if it's multiplied with three hundred, a cost can skyrocket very fast.

Another is your chosen wedding theme. Some items will be more in the spirit of the event and some will be totally inappropriate despite their potential usefulness.

Of course there is the personalization factor. It's not easy to choose a gift which will be useful for so many different people and stay personal at the same time.

Image by Pippi


Basic tips

  1. Make them unique. Everybody wants to make lasting impression and unoriginality will not help you with that. If somebody you know just had a wedding with superb presents for guests and you want to repeat the success, don't choose the same things. You should rather ask yourself why were those wedding favors such a big hit. How they managed to catch the right spirit, why they are so special, how initial idea was born? And you can certainly find out where the gifts were bought.
  2. Choose practical stuff. What's the point of giving something nobody needs? You want your guests happy and an item with some kind of practical value is the only step in the right direction. Many things fit in this category: from small kitchen tools to collection of fun songs, from fun decorative items to edible treats. With imaginative wrapping or engraving you can add the necessary personalization and you have a winner! Even a simple sticker can do the job.
  3. Reflect your personalities. Perfect wedding favor is an expression of newlyweds' characters in the hands of their guests. If you are romantics and your chosen theme is Cinderella, small glass slippers or pumpkin carriages would be a great choice. If you are both into sports, water bottles with inspirational quotes will do the trick. Are you known as jokers, always being lives of the parties? Think about a practical joke or photo frame with funny quote.
  4. Keep things simple. A favor is expression of your thoughts, there is no need to be showy. Simple, funny favors with a personal touch will always have better effect on your guests than something expensive, yet impersonal.

With print on demand services like Zazzle adding an extra touch in form of monogram or addition of inscription in theme matching fonts and colors is easier than ever. You just need a pinch of imagination and even without technical skill you can make professionally designed and very personal wedding sticker in no time.

Inexpensive package for wedding favors on-line

We should never forget it is the thought it counts, not the money spent. With a pinch of creativity and short survey we can find many online offers which can help us to present some class and stay within the budget. Every wedding favor will eventually need some kind of wrapping to be packed and / or transported.

Here are just few ideas to warm up, but the final decision is up to you.

Wilton White Square Favor Box Kit, 100 Count, 1006-0631
Wilton White Square Favor Box Kit, 100 Count, 1006-0631

Pretty square boxes in timeless white color are useful as a decoration on tables (each guest gets one) and if you fill them with candies, they will provide nice starting points for conversations.


Looking for a special touch?

Sometimes you already have something, but feels you could use something more, little detail, a finishing touch to turn good things into great ones. In most cases the solution is easy. Only few inches of decorative ribbon or imaginative use of inexpensive decorative elements is enough to make the necessary change.

Do it yourself wedding favor decorations for candy jars!

Additional tip

Always have few extra wedding favors. With bigger wedding you can always expect few guests will not make it for some reason, but there is also a chance to get some unexpected and last minute attendees.

You don't want to be embarrassed when somebody doesn't get a favor. If some items will not be used for guests, you can give them to other dear people, who didn't manage to come or to personnel which helped at your ceremony or have one or two as a keepsake.

DIY - with caution


While do-it-yourself is the way to go with personalized wedding favors, we have to be aware of out limitations. Calligraphic inscriptions are beautiful, but very time consuming addition. Maybe you could do it yourself. Unfortunately with hundreds of guest, your day would need to be 30 hours long.

Maybe you can wrap the favors all by yourself. Think again. Is it worth to risk to fall asleep in the middle of ceremony?

When we are thinking about personalization, we have to see the big picture. You need to provide the idea, but nobody will blame you if you delegate certain stages to your friends, colleagues or professionals.

Another option which is becoming more and more popular are web services which offer high quality items with option of addition of your personal message just like on the picture above. They are designed for people with absolutely no designing experience and With few licks you can make totally unique wedding favors with a personal touch.

Here is, for instance, list of my designs for wedding stickers. I would be thrilled if you visit it and check what I have created in recent years:

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