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Planning a Winter Wedding

Updated on June 7, 2014

Arranging your budget

With the economy taking a turn for the worse, and taxes rising a magical winter wedding could be the perfect solution for soon to be newly-weds. Crystal snowflakes and a Christmas colour theme can enhance your big day, making it different from the rest, ensuring it's memorable for you and your guests. There are various advantages to having a winter wedding. Couples can take advantage of low costs and are more likely to get the venue/date wanted!

Winter Weddings are cheaper because they fall in the low season (October-March) during this season couples often enjoy reduced prices where they can save on their budget for more important aspects of the wedding such as the entertainment and venue. Often, wedding essentials such as catering and transport.


Of course, because of the cold weather, it's important to dress appropriately and take into consideration for the cold! Fortunately, in recent years there have been many Wedding dress designers that have designed dresses and suits perfect for your magical Winter Wedding day.

From medieval castles, to grand Georgian mansions there are many beautiful venues to choose from across the UK. These are usually cheaper during the winter season and are especially welcoming with an roaring open fire. Couples can make a huge saving on one of the most expensive parts of their wedding and to top it off, the pictures will be different to those of a summer wedding making your big day stand out from the crowd! If you choose to have a Wedding abroad, there are many options across the world such as igloos in Greenland and a Wedding under the Northern Lights in Iceland.


Your Wedding theme is just as important as everything else and i's important to remember that using the right colours such as reds and greens will make your guests feel warm and comforted. Especially when they enter from the cold! Open fires and snow globes are also a popular choice for winter Weddings. Some couples also choose to have mistletoe and snow globes with pictures inside them. These work especially well if you put them on the tables at the reception as they can entice conversation between guests who don't know each other. Flowers such as poinsettias, lilies and red ribbon are often used to decorate the reception venue.


What to feed your Wedding guests can be a difficult, complicated task for any couple. Whilst feeding guests for a Winter Wedding isn't much easier, couples can rest assured that caterers will only use the best locally sourced seasonal ingredients and winter food can often be much more exciting for than a summer Wedding. Your guests can enjoy a seasonal banquet, a Hog Roast, Soups and stews.

A Winter Wedding can be a truly magical experience, your guests will marvel at the beauty of your venue and wedding reception. If your budget permits, and you have your Weddings in Greenland or Iceland there's the possibility to have a sleigh transport you to and your Ceremony/reception. A fairytale Winter Wedding can be beyond your wildest dreams and is guaranteed to stand out from the others!

Music / Entertainment

Choosing music/entertainment for any wedding is a tough job. Try to make a list of the songs that you want to hear on your special day and then imagine the sort of band that would perform that sort of music. Next you need to find that band! An entertainment agency is a great way to start. Check out the links below for our recommendations on what to do next.

Romance in Winter

A classic song that everyone should play!

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