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Playing Hard to Get with a Guy from Work

Updated on April 12, 2013

So, you like a guy who works with you and are pretty sure he likes you too? Many relationships start out in the work place because you are spending so much time with the person. To make sure that he stays keen you need to play it cool and take things slowly, I am going to teach you how to play hard to get with a guy at work.

Don't chat with him too much - If you are forever finding excuses to talk with him and hanging around his desk etc… Stop. If he likes you, he will do the flirting when he is ready and then things can go from there. Letting him approach you with conversation is important to make sure that he stays interested.

When he strikes up conversation be vague and as sexy as possible. If for example he asks you what you got up to at the weekend, tell him that you just hang out with friends. Keep your voice lighthearted and a little flirty but mysterious at the same time.

Talk about men or flirt with another man when you know he is in ear shot. Don't make it out like you are dating though and don't come across like a hussy. You want to appear confident because men love confident women. Make it known that you are single and looking but maybe not at him at the moment, this will make him desperate to date you. Men love a challenge so this is a great task if you want to know how to play hard to get with a guy at work.

Wear clothes that give him a cheeky peek of what could be his. Wear a blouse that is a little too low cut or a skirt that is a little too short. Give him a sexy smile as you walk past his desk and he will be reminded why he wants you so badly.

If you have wondered how to play hard to get with a guy at work, then these reasons and more are what you have to do. But remember to find a balance; playing so hard to get that it comes across rude will not make him want you. Make sure you are friendly but not too much. Men are not the most perceptive of creatures, so to him playing hard to get might seem like you are not interested.

If you follow this advice, he will be desperate to have you in his life outside of the work environment. When you think you have made him sweat long enough and you are sure he is 100% into you, then agree to a date. Keep your personality quite similar to the one you have been portraying in regards to playing a little hard to get. Although you are now dating him - you can still make him work for what he wants before you give it to him. You now know how to play hard to get with a guy at work.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      5 years ago

      Before someone entertains an office romance they need to bare in mind that (most) relationships fail. This is especially true the younger one is. If this were not the case we'd all be married to our Jr. High school sweethearts!

      I can't imagine anything much worse than breaking up with a co-worker and having to spend 8 hours everyday seeing and working with them. Even if you have no designs to get back together you still would not want to have to deal with seeing their new mate come to meet them for lunch or watching them treat their current partner better than they treated you and so forth. Or worse their new mate is a fellow co-worker as well!

      The advantage to dating people you (don't) work with is if the relationship fails you pretty much don't have to deal with them.

      Rarely is a breakup a "mutual" decision. Therefore the "hurt party" or person who was dumped no doubt will feel tortured daily observing their ex moving on easily with their life. No one wants to feel forced to quit a good job in order to regain their sanity. It pays to think twice before having an office romance. One man's opinion! :-)


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