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presenting gifts to ladies

Updated on January 8, 2013
  Matured smile-Husband scholar presenting a bouque to his wife, on her birthday.
Matured smile-Husband scholar presenting a bouque to his wife, on her birthday.

Expression of respect

Be sensible

While presenting gifts to ladies we should act sensibly.Even though they are equal to us,they are not like us.So, some pre thought is necessary.

Many hub viewers have asked me frequently about the points to remember while presenting gifts to ladies. Even though it is not a matter to fear, it is a matter which needs some thought.I shall try to enlighten my enthusiastic friends in this regard by my life experience.

Not to everybody

We must understand first that we cannot go on giving gifts to every lady whom we like or with whom we wish to establish intimacy. Ladies usually refuse to accept gifts from less known or unknown persons.You should not venture to give gift to anyone unless she becomes clearly known about you or , there is a guanine occasion to present the gift and you are an invitee to the occassion.

Criteria to remember

Anyway, there are certain criteria to remember while presenting gifts to ladies.

They are:



3 Suitability of the material


Now , let us know about each one of the above, in littler detail.


You can not present a beautiful &fashionable skirt to an old lady. Or, such a present may not be liked by a mother of two children as her social status is different. Hence, while selecting gifts, we must remember who we are presenting the gift. The gift should fit the status of the receiver and also her age.Now a days, 'wish list' fashion has come to stay.The person publishes what he/she wishes to have as a gift.The presenters can select from that list.They usually publish it in Social network of their choice.

Receivers may be different-mom, girlfriend with whom you have romantic relation,etc.Mom gifting should include respectable materials like statue of God,her portrait, Her children's or grand children's photoes,etc.

Romantic gifts

Romantic gifts include-a ring, necklace, dress or dress materials, good books with romantic stories(like -Romeo-Juliet,), pearls,etc. These could well be presented as Valentine day gifts.You can also think of good mobile phone set.


PRESENTING SHOULD BE COUPLED WITH AN OCCASION TO PRESENT-like, marriage, engagement, party time, opening ceremony of own house, etc.But if the receiver is very well known to you and understands you clearly, you need not wait for any occasion


GIFT YOU PRESENT SHOULD suit THE OCCASION AND AGE AND STATUS OF THE RECEIVER. A gents watch, an old fashioned outfit, to an young and smart girlfriend is very odd. Similarly, a black, dress on a happy occasion also tells how foolish you are!

If the lady is good at the use of computers,if your purse permits, you can go for computer bargaining-either software or hardware.


WHO EVER MAY BE THE RECEIVER-whether young or old, well known or new acquittance, gifts must be presented in a respectful manner, with affection- if they are youngsters:with all warmth- if they are old, with real love - if she is your fiance

Presenting a gift should never appear like a routine, dramatic act.

To In-laws

After the first publication of this hub, the very next morning I received a query from one of the respected readers about presenting gifts to new daughter-in-law.

I hereby wish to record my ideas.

A daughter-in-law is like a daughter .She need to be looked after with such affection even though we will not be having that much intimacy as we had with our own daughter.In these days as every daughter-in-law is educated and earning in some way or the other, the best way of selecting the gift would be-looking at her tastes and interests.If she loves to hear the music, we can present her a music album of her favorite singer.If she loves dresses more, we can present her the dress whose color and design are liked by her.If she has photography as her hobby, we can present her a fine camera.So on........

To girl friends

Don't take girl friends as easily gullible persons.Personality of anybody should not be taken as of less value.Present her the thing of her choice.For that, you should be watching her talks, acts, and needs with all sincerity.Then only you can trace what she likes or needs.One reader suggests to ask her to make a list of things she wants and then make a choice from that list.That is a good suggestion.But I don't agree that presenting a gift in a restaurant before dinner or any act like that would make you a prince in her eyes.No. Ladies are not such fools.They can very well understand whether you are pretending or, actually feeling.

To whoever you present anything, give it with all sincerity and good behavior

One of our co-hubbers have published another hub explaining presenting gifts to sisters. That contains beautiful ideas. You can also refer that.Link is here:

 A friend in romance is  to be treated with all sensitivity
A friend in romance is to be treated with all sensitivity


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    • prasadjain profile image

      Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD 8 years ago from Tumkur

      Thank you both apsamraj and dzaryn for your interest in the matter. I had replied Mr.Samraj long before.But received no replay

    • profile image

      dzaryin 9 years ago

      women luv jewelries or makeup either..also a gud quality of designer handbags..its really touching....

    • apsamraj profile image

      apsamraj 10 years ago from Bangalore

      Sir, I am going to produce a Kannada Movie, can you please write a very good emotional family subject(mainly daughter in-law oriented) one. Please contact me.

    • profile image

      treasurerof2 11 years ago

      I think a good old-fashioned common sense approach to gift giving for anyone is the best way to go. But...if you really want to make sure that you are purchasing something that she will love & cherish, ask her to make a wish list, then go buy her something off the list and add a little extra something special to go along with it. Take her out for a romantic dinner or picnic and present it to her with a lot of hugs & kisses and you will be her prince charming!

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 11 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Any suggestions regarding gifts to a new daughter-in-law?