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Problem People

Updated on December 6, 2011

Problem People

My reason writing this is to rant and blow of some steam about one of my biggest pet peeves I have and that is putting up with problem people or difficult people. This is a problem that all people will have to put up with in their lives, ironically even difficult people have to put up with other difficult people. Although I'm not perfect, I try my best not to be a thorn in someones side or an aggravation to them. I find it funny when you have a friend or relative call you up to complain about someone else who called them to tell them that they are sick. Only to hear this; "Oh guess who called complaining again about their bad back problems." But then the following week this friend or relative calls you and tells you they have a hang nail and they seriously believe it is infected and their finger is about to fall off. How is it alright for them to complain about an ailment but not alright for anyone else to complain about their ailments? It is definitely a double standard going on with this difficult person. And then there is sister Johnson, complaining to sister Smith about what sister Jones wore to church last Sunday. Even though Sister Johnson wore a big purple out of style hat, and a
purple outfit that made her look as though she blew up in a pimp mobile and was resuscitated by Barney. I had a friend once that would never come around to visit me, I was the only one going over to visit her. I would always remind her that she never saw my house and how I had it decorated. I felt she was jealous after I described how nice it was. Well one afternoon she
complained to me about how she had no money to pay for her rent and she was in danger of being evicted. I felt sorry for her and scrapped up enough of my hard earned money to help her with her rent. I called her to tell her that I had four hundred dollars for her and before I knew it she was turning my corner on two wheels to collect this money and I hadn't heard from her since I loaned her this money. Oh well, I kissed it off as a loss. The tattletale, someone who will rat you out because they got caught doing something. We were on a family vacation once, we were going on a scenic tour of some mountains in California, We were following behind my uncle who lived
there. my aunt and her husband was following behind in her car. We were coming down this mountain when the traffic light changed to yellow, my uncle went ahead and I followed him on the yellow light. However, the red light caught my aunt and her husband, a policeman pulled them over. I pulled up ahead to wait for her and here comes this policeman over to me to chew me out over running a red light because my aunt told him I did too. I let him know that we were from out of town and that I did not run the red light, it was yellow. Luckily, the policeman had mercy on us because we were from out of state. Being stood up is not my idea of fun. If you have a date with someone or some how you've promised to pick them up or come over for a visit. Don't leave your date guessing or wondering what's going on. Call them and let them know. Difficult people feel they are way too important to waste their precious time calling you with a reason to why they bailed out on you. They will just decide they don't want to go out with you, They decide to take someone else
out, or they don't want to spend any money on a date. Whatever their reason is, they are losers if they can't be considerate enough to call you up to let you know why they can't pick you up. They call you up weeks or months later, Seeming all innocent; with this lame line, " Hey good looking, where have you been, long time no hear." Who do they think they are? They have had ample enough time to prove that they could have been someone special in your life and they blew
it. How about those friends that talks about your kids like they are dogs. Needless to say theirs act like they were raised by a pack of wolves. Lastly, Your bosses wife rolls out of bed with hair rollers in her head, a beauty mask on, funky breath and a bad attitude. Before your boss went to bed that night he was actually happy and thinking about going to work the next day and give some raises and paid vacation time to a few of his employees, you were hoping you would be one of those people. Until you get to work and your boss comes in and fire a few employees, demote some people and take away the opportunity for a pay raise away. And this is due all to his wife's nasty attitude. Do you see how problem people can screw it up for everyone else simply because they are miserable souls. The best way to deal with difficult people is to not be in their company, run as fast as your feet will carry you when a difficult person comes knocking.


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    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 6 years ago from New Orleans, La

      Thank You, Mia... Stay positive and life will be better. Only if Problem people will do this.

    • Momma Mia profile image

      Momma Mia 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Amen sister !! There is such power in hanging with positive peeps . Vote up and such! This was an incredible true to life story and it places itself well ! Great Hub ! You rock!