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How to Talk to Women

Updated on July 24, 2013

Pretty girls want a decent man to talk to them

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The 3 Best Ways to Talk To Girls

1. Remember they are humans just like you. Just go up and say, "hi!" Some men like to talk for what seems like forever which will lead to making the target woman angry. Don't talk AT her talk WITH her and let her judge what kind of personality you have. Never let the mystery of who you are die. Girls like to talk to men who have something more to offer.

2.Learn to begin your conversation correctly- Women don't want the same old same old, you MUST approach differently than all of the other men who approach them; Girls want excitement and adventure. Boring is death for a man who is trying to make a first impression.

3.Don't worry about the silent streaks that happen during any conversation. This is the not worst situation you can ever find yourself in with women. A woman would place you firmly in the boring as heck part of her brain and she would never think of you for a date, at least that is the fear a lot of men have. This is irrational....women are people too.

What do women want?

Women want a strong, caring man who is not a push-over or a slouch. Girls want a man who can fix the roof or fix them breakfast in bed. Ladies want a man who is supportive and listens. Ladies want a guy who will love them for who they are. Women know that you can't be perfect all of the time but they appreciate that you take the time to try your best.

Most of all, women want a lover who knows how to be a man at all times and is not afraid to cry when the time is right. Don't put on a show...just be yourself.

Women are not so complicated after all!

The Best Way to Get That SECOND Date

How often have you seen a beautiful woman on the streets and could not muster the courage to go and talk to her? Why not? What is the worst that could happen?

So how do you seduce a woman to the point that she will do anything for you? This question is the most important question in the world for most guys. What do you talk about, what topics do women love to talk about, how should you behave, how do you speak the right language and so on. There are certain things you must know before even attempting talking to girls.

Girls tend to evaluate men within 2 to 4 seconds of meeting them. During this time they will judge you unworthy of sex forever if you don't present yourself as a healthy man with good hygiene and a sensible style of dress. Talking is one of the most essential things women judge you on. Women are extremely quick to decide which men are worthy and which men should never be talked to again. That is their duty after all...they naturally must pick the best mate that will be able to produce the best offspring and also be their to take care of their children.

It's never a bad idea to talk as quickly as possible so that you keep the target's mind occupied. If your conversation is going well then talk some more but not too much more. Girls only want more from guys when they know you have something to offer such as money, child rearing skills, a great job or a high status position in life. You want to let the woman know that you are different and she will want more and more from you as your relationship develops.

Yes, talking is important but LISTENING is even more important. Listening takes skill as you don't simply shut up and stare but you ENGAGE. A conversation is a back and forth.

Don't forget to hold up your end of the bargain!


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    • Alain Tagaca profile image

      Alain Tagaca 5 years ago from Hackensack, New Jersey

      Paul Janka from the Dr Phil Episode brought me here.

      i have seen 2 street game puas, i know day game may be more advantageous than night game, but is street game more effective? some say street pickups is not really gaming because its very brief and sometimes u dont use all the techniques. if this guy has laid 103 women, how many has turned him down? im just curious of the odds.

    • profile image

      ray 5 years ago

      hi i woos wondering if you can send me some informashon

      thank you