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Quiz: The Love Test

Updated on September 24, 2012

Test Yourself! Things To Know About Love

If you understand exactly what love is, you will more easily attract it as well as keep it. To aid you in understanding this critical subject, here's a test that covers some of the most important aspects of this most misunderstood emotion.

Choose the response that you think best answers each question, and then check your answers below.


Don't cheat! Take the 10 question test above, then check out at the answers below. It will be more fun that way.

fear of love
fear of love

1. Are some people afraid of falling in love?

No. Most people truly want love. However, a lot of people are afraid of it. Many people are constantly looking for a partner but fail to nurture their relationships once they get established. This makes them unhappy, dissatisfied, and always on the lookout for someone new. If you have fallen into this trap, the first step is to recognize it and to take steps to remedy it.

2. Is it possible to fall in love with two people at the same time?

No. It is true that love is somewhat irrational, but it requires so much of an emotional investment that few people are able to do it with more than one person at a time.

Do you love me?
Do you love me?

3. If you have to ask your significant other if they love you, something is seriously wrong with the relationship.

3. False. Although it, of course, depends on how you ask, there needn't be anything wrong with asking for validation of your love from time to time. It can be soothing to occasionally remind one's significant other of your love, as well as to ask for reminders from the other person, just because you like the sound of what you hear.

4. Openly flirting with someone in front of your significant other is a warning sign.

4. True. Openly flirting with someone when you are already in a committed relationship is dangerous. Of course, people have different definitions of flirting, but most people know it when they see it! Flirting is a sign of a person looking for love, and if they are already in a relationship, it is interpreted as meaning that they are not satisfied with that relationship. To minimize the need for flirting, concentrate on showing more affection for your significant other.

intimate relationships
intimate relationships

5. What is the most common problem for today's couples?

Intimacy. There's no real love without it. This means the sharing of feelings as well as snuggling. It's not really enough just to talk about work or having your car fixed with your significant other; it's important to let the other person know your feelings, whether they be happiness, worry or just caring how your partner feels.

6. Who has more sex, married or single?

Married people have more sex, according to many psychologists. We hear a lot about swinging singles, but the simple fact is that married people have more opportunities for sexual activity, and they certainly have a convenient, if not always willing, partner. The sex lives of married partners may not be as passionate as those of singles, but they are frequently more loving, long-lasting and satisfying.

Sexual relations
Sexual relations

7. In a close relationship or marriage, is it normal for one partner NOT to be sexually "turned on" by the other...

...for extended periods of time?

Yes. After marriage, it's not uncommon for sexual activity to decline within a few months. Couples turn to concerns such as work family issues or other matters and these can interfere with sexual activity. It's a mistake to believe that romantic love will exist steadily throughout a relationship. It usually takes a lot of hard work and effort.

8. What is jealousy more likely to be a sign of?

Experts are in disagreement on this issue. Some say that jealousy is more likely to be a sign of insecurity—of greater concern for one’s own interests and those of one’s significant other. Others say that jealousy is simply a sign that you love and value another person. It depends on the type and the intensity of the jealous feelings and how they are manifested. Jealousy can indeed be a sign of insecurity and of not trusting one’s partner if it is on a hair trigger and goes off at the smallest provocation.

Marriage expectations
Marriage expectations

9. Is it common for people to expect too much from marriage?

9. Yes. Most people expect too much out of a relationship and put too little into it. This goes back to the movies and romantic stories we are all exposed to. Too many people expect that their needs and feelings will be magically taken care of by their significant other, thanks to unrealistic expectations that are drilled into us by popular culture, but true love requires work and effort.

10. Commitment is essential to a healthy, loving relationship.

10. True. It is essential for both parties in a relationship to have an understanding as to what to expect from that relationship, as well as what they are expected to put into it. Although the level and type of commitment may vary from one couple to another, it must always be present.

Bonus Questions

Still haven't had enough? Try these four bonus questions on for size!

Young people and sex
Young people and sex

11. Where do young people growing up today get most of their information about love and sexual matters?

A) Mother B) Father C) Friends D) The Internet

C) Friends, although reading / online research is a close second. If parents wait for their children to ask them questions about these sensitive subjects, they may have a long wait. They will likely wait too long to broach the subject and they will create negative feelings about such issues that their children can sense. Nevertheless, it remains a parent's responsibility to teach their children about such matters.

12. Who handles loneliness and the lack of love better?

A) Men B) Women

B) Women. Contrary to the “tough, macho image” of most men, they generally have more problems coping with loneliness than women. According to Stuart Fischhoff, Los Angeles psychologist, although a man may not cry after a breakup he is more likely to drink, suffer from gastrointestinal disorders and have automobile accidents.

end relationships
end relationships

13. Who is the most likely to end relationships?

A) Men B) Women

B) Women break off relationships more often than men-twice as often in fact. This surprises many people, but Charles T Hill, a psychology professor at Whittier College in California who studied 231 college-age couples said, "Men are more likely to believe that true love lasts forever and overcomes all obstacles."

14. Do married people live longer than single people?

A) Yes B) No

A) Yes. According to experts, married people, assuming their relationship is a happy one, lead healthier lives and are less likely to suffer from infectious diseases, accidents or even cancer. They're also less likely to suffer from mental illness. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but that's the average.

How To Succeed In Love

You should know what you want and don't want in the opposite sex. Make a list of "likes" and "don't likes" and narrow it down to the top five or ten in each category to keep it from being too restrictive.

How cool is that. Check out SquidQuiz.

Did you take the quiz? How did you do? Did you learn something useful? Do you think it was valid? Bogus? Leave your comments here!

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