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Radiant Orchid Wedding Invitations

Updated on October 2, 2015
Radiant orchid color background
Radiant orchid color background

Color Of The Year

Radiant orchid color is color of optimism and magic, so it makes a perfect choice for wedding invitations cards. Yes, it is a color of the year 2014, but this doesn't mean it will stay in favor for one season only. Everybody who is in touch with color trends can confirm pink is not the only girly option anymore.

Different lively shades of purple and violet are becoming more and more popular in last years and this trend can continue for decades (with occasional exceptions when greenish colors will be promoted for a season of two, by the way even in this case purplish tones make very pleasing counterpoints of them). This means it doesn't matter if you are aiming for classic or more traditional wedding, if you like radiant orchid, there is no reason not to include it in your main or side wedding theme.

As everybody knows - a successful wedding starts with proper planning, so we will present few tested tips on sending invitation cards to make the most out of this important milestone!

Image by Pippi

Planning the most important day of your life ...

Make the most of you big day with proper planning: in this guide you can find everything, from classic etiquette to best web pages dedicated to everything related with weddings.

A suggestion: read it twice - for the first time as a book (it reads extremely fluently) and then part by part, as your wedding approaches and you will need further detailed instructions on specific tasks.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner [Revised Edition]: Worksheets, Checklists, Etiquette, Timelines, and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner [Revised Edition]: Worksheets, Checklists, Etiquette, Timelines, and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

This book is a product of one of the most recognizable brands in this specific niche: The Knot. It is a next best thing having a dedicated expert at your hand 24 hours per day, seven days a week.


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Few hints and tips about wedding cards invitations

Text in radiant orchid color on white
Text in radiant orchid color on white

Be Bold - Starting With Wedding Stationary

Invitation to your wedding is like the first sentence in your novel. Your guest should get the first feeling of the event and you want it is good, positive feeling.

It should also not be misleading. If you plan intimate, romantic wedding, the same theme should be present on you invitation cards. Wild, energetic party, on the other hand calls for more colorful, lively, invitations. In this case you don't need to be too conservative. As a matter of fact - you have to add a bit of surprise, creativity and uniqueness in both cases. Choosing non-traditional color for one of your leading themes, is definitely a step in right direction.

There are many interesting ways to give your guests a hint what to expect, like metallic fonts or dashes or unusual format. Just don't forget this same idea needs to be carried through all the ceremony, from place cards to thank you notes and, if possible, it should be noted at few other details (maybe at wedding favor boxes or decorations) as well. Otherwise, a theme will not create the mood and party without the right mood can hardly be called a party at all.

Need Some ideas To Sparkle Your Imagination?

Not so long ago there were really only two colors at weddings - white and cream (which is actually another tone of white). Now whole myriad of colors is allowed. Plain sheet of paper doesn't have to be plain anymore. Line doesn't have to be straight line. And you don't even have to use the paper. You don't have to stay in two dimensions only ...

This is just a beginning!

Be Informative!

Every, even the most contemporary invitation, including ones in vibrant colors like radiant orchid is, should give complete and easily understood information.

Yes, information above all. Most important part of wedding invitation are of course hard facts: who, when, where and how. These info is vital and even a perfect planning of the event will not help if your guests will not arrive.

With obvious data, like names of the bride and the groom, address of wedding ceremony, address of wedding reception and a timetable, it is always good to include few contact numbers and a map for everybody who might have a problem with getting there, finding a parking place, place to stay overnight and so on. Nowadays GPS is so widely used, you can include is in your stationary as well.

A marker -
Your Wedding Ceremony 251 Central Park West New York, NY 10024, US
get directions

What Next?

Wedding invitation in radiant orchid and white combination
Wedding invitation in radiant orchid and white combination

Check, check and check again! Information you are sending out must be 100 percent correct.

When your invitation is out, it is very hard to draw it back. If you miss a number on the address or forget to include some other important data, this can cause serious problem. Make sure your message is not misleading and readable.

Don't experiment with light yellow font on creme colored paper because this is unnecessary risk to get somebody in trouble. Check your spelling and punctuation as well.

If you intend to order invitees at calligrapher, check your text before it's given to the calligraphy service and after it is received. In this case it is even more crucial to have enough time, you'll not overlook anything important. It's demanding task, but totally doable with some planning.

Don't exaggerate

Too much info can be a problem, so make sure you don't include any unnecessary info. Too much words can be confusing and represents unnecessary risk.

Personalized radiant orchid invitation card with basic info only
Personalized radiant orchid invitation card with basic info only

When Should I Send Wedding Invites?

Send invitations at least six to eight weeks before the event. If you decided for so called destination wedding, twelve weeks is appropriate time to invite your guests.

This means you need to order your cards at the stationary at least eight weeks before you will actually send them. Of course before you order, you need to choose a stationary and write a text for the card. If you start early, you will avoid nervousness and also get better chance for a discount. Even a few cents per card can add up, as wedding stationary at bigger ceremonies can be pretty expensive.

How much can you save?

Average cost of traditional American wedding is just about 28 thousand dollars. If you can find only five percent discount, you can save 1.400 dollars!

RSVP In Radiant Orchid

Radiant orchid RSVP card
Radiant orchid RSVP card

What Is RSVP?

RSVP (request for response) is part of invitation.

Wedding is event which needs a lot of planning and number of guests is fundamental data. You really can't book a hall, order food or make a table sitting plan without number and names of guests.

If you plan a big wedding some last minute changes will be inevitable, but a solid plan will help you solve all the possible issues. So include properly addressed envelopes (with stamps!) in your invitations!

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