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Random questions to ask a guy you like

Updated on April 30, 2015

have you found yourself in a situation where you run out of something to say to a guy you like whom you are having a conversation with? well, this happens not only to you but also many other girls. Random questions are in fact used to start a conversation with a guy and the questions you can ask him are not limited. in this article i am going to list 10 interesting random questions you can ask a guy you like

what are random questions to ask a guy?

What are some random questions to ask a guy you like? Well, there are many of them and you will surely not run out of them. You can decide to ask a guy as many questions as possible but it only makes sense to ask him the right questions that add value to the conversation. You should avoid asking crap questions that barely serve any purpose. Your aim is definitely to start a fruitful conversation with the guy and know as much about him as possible and the only way that would be possible if you play your cards close to your chest. [Read: 50 ways onhow to tell if a guy likes you

In this article I'm going to list some interesting random questions to ask a guy. These questions are meant to start a conversation with him and as the conversation progresses you will be able to learn more about him. So if you are looking for random questions to ask a guy keep on reading this article to discover more.


10 interesting random questions to pose to a guy

1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Are you confident that you would be able to achieve those targets? What are your plans to make it possible?

2. In your opinion what is the biggest and best technological advancement that has happened to the world?

3. Do you have a car? What is its model? When did you buy it? Are you happy about its performance? Are you planning to buy another one in the near future?

4. Have you ever seen any of the seven wonders of the world? Do you think they deserve that tag of being "world wonders"? which among them is the most wonderful?

5. Are you likely to vote in the coming elections? Which party are you going to vote for and why? Do you think the party you will vote for will emerge victorious? Do you see the new government created will perform better than the previous one?

6. Which football team do you support and why? Do you know about their history and the number of trophies they won over the years? Which has bee their all time best player?

7. Have you ever managed to win a lottery? Which company was running it? what was the feeling like when your name was chosen as the overall winner? How did you spend the money?

8. Which is your preferred holiday destination and why? When was the last time you visited the place and with whom? How many days did you spend there and what were you doing?

9. Is there something you wish to see introduced into the world that will positively impact the lives of human beings?

10. Which restaurant do you prefer? jack in the box, sonic, mcdonalds or subway?

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