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15 Little-Known Reasons That Lead To Relationship Break Ups

Updated on February 11, 2017

For every major reason of a break up, there are minor reasons which contribute to the breakup. Your ex might have lied on the reason of ending the relationship. The ex might have come out openly on the reason for the breakup but there were minor reasons which contributed to the major reasons. In a different scenario it might be these minor reasons might in fact have been the major reasons, but it’s very hard for your ex to tell you it’s the main reason for breaking up with you. Some of these little-known reasons don’t add up at all.

Here are the reasons that might have played a part in the breakup or will likely play a part:

1. Snoring

Some people are aware they have a problem of snoring while some don’t know they snore while sleeping. Some people find it hard to sleep peacefully or to concentrate on what they are doing because their partner is sleeping soundly. It gets into their nerves. Some end up staying awake all night.

2. Bed Sleeping

How you sleep matters a lot. Do you change positions often when sleeping especially the ones that are exaggerated? Say, in the middle of night one leg is on one side of the bed while the other one is on top of your partner’s body? Or, you have taken a large space for yourself while leaving your partner with little room to change position? It might have contributed to the demise of the relationship.

3. Swearing

People swear to indicate what they are saying is the truth, they are not lying. However, some people carry it overboard. They swear a lot even on matters that don’t require swearing. They cuss a lot and it turns out to become an irritating behavior.


4. Glutton

If you are one of those people who like eating a lot, it puts some people off. One plate, another one and still another one. It is seen as lack of observing table manners. Even in public places you cannot resist eating food in moderation. You eat a lot of food in no time. I mean you feast on food fast and furious.

5. Hate Your Ex’s Friends

If you hate or dislike your partner’s friends then it implies you hate or dislike your partner. If you consider your ex has been friend with them for a long time than you two have known each other. If your partner notices you dislike them, it may lead to termination of the relationship.

6. Proud

Nobody likes a proud person. A proud person is the one who looks down on others, treats them as garbage, thinks she is better off than others, elevates herself even in situations when no elevation is needed…you get the drill. Your partner will not take it lightly, if you consider, when her friends and possibly her family members keep on saying your girlfriend is very proud.


7. Selfish

I want, I want, I want. You never give. You have turned the relationship into a vending machine. The relationship is not about both of you but you and you alone. You feel the relationship revolves around you. You are at the center of attention.

8. Smell

At one time a friend of mine indicated to me of a girl (whom I knew) who smelled funny. He said the smell was irritating like something that has rotten. Well, a few months later I came across a man who dumped her lady because she used to smell ‘awful’ (according to him).

9. Laughter

I came to learn a few years ago if your laugh doesn’t sound like it’s laugh, you might be sued (in some countries). Well, we all love differently. I don’t get it why if someone’s laugh in such a way it registers in our mind it is not a normal laugh, we get irritated. Well, it is true that some ex dumped their partners because of the way they used to laugh. Their laughter sounded horrible.

10. Unnecessary Weight

If you happen to gain a lot of weight and your partner doesn’t like it, consider you will be dumped very soon. I think it’s better women discuss gaining of weight with their boyfriends early on in their relationship. The reason is some men (majority, not some) dislike overweight women.

11. Poor Cook

She doesn’t know how to cook. She even doesn’t know how to light fire. She is horrible in cooking. Which kind of a woman is she and what kind of wife would she be if she doesn’t know how to cook? Men expect women to know how to cook.

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12. Table Manners

Truth be said, it’s irritating but it is no reason to dump someone. But that is the case. Some people make noises when eating and drinking. Not only the sounds made when chewing food but also when they are using eating tools. Including those people who talk while chewing food.

13. Opposing Views

Women have soft hearts the reason majority of them are fans of Arsenal. Her partner is a fan of Manchester United. She likes soap operas, he distastes them. On and on, this one likes this one the other one doesn’t like it. Arguments, yelling, shouting, fights, fists, silence treatment, insults become the results of the differing views. She is supporting this political party; he is supporting a different political party. Well, it is possible to enjoy relationship with differing views but it doesn’t work out for many of us.

14. No Longer Appealing

During the initial stage of getting to know each other your partner was enthralled by you. You were a book he couldn’t resist reading. You were a poem he couldn’t help himself to reread and read until he had recited it. You were a song he kept pressing the back or the repeat button. Now, you are not appealing as you used to. Now you are a book not worthy reading. How people come to lose interest of another person is heartbreaking. He didn’t think you will be as you are now.

15. Friends And Family

If your long-time friends dislike your partner and/or your family, it is very easy to listen to them. At times they may be right you two are not meant to be together. However, if you know your partner very well than them and they’ve a negative opinion of your partner you can trust your instincts. Nonetheless, on most occasions people tend to listen to the views of their friends and/or family members and come up with the decision to end the relationship.


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    • Ben716 profile image

      Alianess Benny Njuguna 5 months ago from Kenya

      Thank you dashingscorpio, like always for your input. True we forget to take notice of the red flags. We tend to ignore them. Also, not taking time to 'read' someone before we get into a serious long-term relationship is another cause for breakup.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 5 months ago

      Life is a (personal) journey!

      Each of us gets to (choose) our own friends, lovers, or spouse.

      Essentially everyone is entitled to have their own "must haves list" as well as having their own "deal breakers" and boundaries list.

      Naturally compatibility trumps compromise.

      Having said that it's not uncommon for people to (initially) attempt to overlook things if they find a perspective mate extremely attractive.

      In fact during those first few weeks of the "infatuation phase" of a new relationship both people will say "yes" to just about anything the other suggests because they don't want to "blow their chance" of being with them. This is especially true during our youth.

      If an anti-smoker finds himself having a wonderful conversation at a party with a drop "dead gorgeous" woman, drinking, laughing, flirting, and using sexual innuendo and after thirty minuets she tells him she is going outside to smoke a cigarette that "should" be the end of it!

      However it's not a shock for the guy to continue to pursue such a woman. Once she is (his) or there has been a "emotional investment" that's when he'll complain about her smoking.

      In other instances things we learned early on about a person which we found "funny", "cute", or "adorable" will be the same things we come to resent over time. We then become frustrated when they won't "change" for us.

      We may say these 15 things or whatever were the cause of us breaking up but the reality is we (chose) to ignore these "red flags" or put away our "wish list" early on so that we could experience being with them!

      Another common error is rushing into a committed or exclusive relationship status (before) we have spent time to determine whether or not (this person) is someone who is the type we want to be with.

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