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recovery break up

Updated on December 28, 2011

advise on break up

One of my relatives had broken up with the love from her life. she had a serious long relationship with her boyfriend and for some reasons he decided to break up with her. This was a great sign for her relationship and a shock for all of us because i never had thought it happening.

Now what can I do to help my relative to cope with her broken heart and how can she heal her wounds after facing this inevitable heartbreak?

I remember I had walked through this past and I managed to heal my wounds and to get me back also with the aid of good friends, and by sticking to a good plan because I couldn't imagine my life without her. I tried and I want to share my experience with you. I will give you tips so that you can use if you need to heal your broken heart after a breakup.

1. Believe you are able to end the breakup mess: When we believe we can achieve this was once said by Napoleon Hill and it is not far from the truth. You must have the belief in yourself or else you can not see your dreams happening true.

2.Get help from good relatives: We all had gathered to help our friend and we were supportive with words and deeds. My relative said me that it had a great effect on her when she saw that all these people care for how she feels and that had contributed a lot to her healing process.

3. Stop all contact with your ex: That means you do not initiate any kind of communication with your ex but if your ex wanted to talk to you then you can reply with short answer to show him/her that you are not desperate or needy. Be gentle without over excitation. Doing everything in moderation is always good.

4.make new things to do: Your life had lost a part of it and it need to be filled again. Try something that can benefit you on the physical or spiritual aspects. Sports or charity work can be good. Do not spend time eating junk food, watching TV or playing video games alone.

5. Go to good places: Nothing can make you happy from a vacation where you go to see new refreshing places, meet good friendly people and enjoy the company of past good people.


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