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Redneck Honeymoon Locations

Updated on January 18, 2018
Unless otherwise noted all photos on this article are my own.
Unless otherwise noted all photos on this article are my own.

Honeymoon Vacation Destinations:

There truly are some fabulous redneck honeymoon locations to think about visiting once all the wedding vow taking, hand shaking, and celebrating has been done.

It is the ideal opportunity to take a much needed vacation and there really are some great destinations for redneck newlyweds to visit. So shake off the wedding night hangover, gas up the old Chevy, and prepare to embark on the honeymoon of your dreams.

Yep, nobody loves more deep or true than a redneck couple. Strongly loyal to those who are loyal to them and that generally includes kin folk, close neighbors, and friends. (That especially includes the wife and the family pet as well.)

Time to find a nice little get-a-way spot for you and the wife.


Wondering why you have to go on a honeymoon?

There is no love nor loyalty greater than that between a husband and his wife but this important kind of love stuff needs time and dedication to develop.

So consider the honeymoon as sort of the start to all that developing.

You want to choose a honeymoon location where you can spend some romantic time alone together but also a destination where you can get out and have a few new shared experiences together as a couple. (It's called bonding.)

The vacation after the wedding is pretty much an essential tradition. It gives the newly married couple private intimate time alone together where they will be better able to unify as a couple and thereby set off into their wedded life as a united front.

Honeymoon at the Georgia Redneck Games.

Redneck Summer Games

It's a great honeymoon destination. This vacation location is kind of like going to the real Olympics but these games are instead hosted in true redneck style.

You can book a romantic room at a local hotel, have plenty of intimate time together, but also have lots of stuff to see and do as well. There is hub cap tossing, a watermelon seed spitting contest, mud pit belly flopping, and oh so very many more important events to take in.

It is important for you to contact the local organizers to let them know that you are interested in attending the redneck games in 2014. Unfortunately the 2013 summer games have been canceled due to slow attendance (and also some situation about fecal matter getting into the local water).

East Dublin Lions Club

PO Box 13366

East Dublin, Georgia


A honeymoon is a good excuse to get away from the kids.

If you are celebrating a shotgun wedding and your bun is still in the oven then a honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to get in a vacation before your little tax exemption pops out.

For those couples who already have kids the honeymoon is a great opportunity to get away from them for awhile. It is also a great chance to grab onto some free babysitting as well.

When it is for an occasion as special as the wedding honeymoon then generally one of the relatives will volunteer up some free babysitting. This doesn't happen all that often so you have to take advantage of these opportunities when they present themselves.

Got nothing to talk about on the honeymoon?

The Box of General Ignorance: 100 Flash Cards to Entertain Your Brain
The Box of General Ignorance: 100 Flash Cards to Entertain Your Brain

It happens. You get alone with the Mrs and you don't have a darn thing to say. Well now you can leave the television off and actually come up with some kind of reasonable conversation for a change. These table topics will have her cozying up to you like a kitten to a fresh caught trout.


Why would you want to leave us at home?

Yep dig out the old piggy bank.

Let's face facts, many rednecks love having a lottery ticket in their pocket and they also enjoy an evening out gambling at the local casino.

Gambling can be expensive but a casino hotel stay can often be quite reasonable. Many offer reduced weekday rates accompanied by plenty of discount coupons and other additional freebies. You can generally get free casino play money, discounts on meals, and two for one discount show tickets.

Check around to find which ones offer up some good bonus deals. Sometimes it is those little extras which can turn a good vacation into a truly great one.

This is your big opportunity to actually do all the fun stuff that you now have a license allowing you to officially do. So take advantage of your honeymoon to spend a little time together behind closed doors too.

How about a honeymoon outdoors?

Avoid the hassel and overcrowding of busy tourist resorts and discover a quiet outback vacation destination. There are many lakeside hotels and lodges that are wonderful wilderness honeymoon locations.

You can spend your wedding vacation horse back riding, swimming, boating, fishing, or hunting. It is your honeymoon, and your vacation, so design it to bring the two of you together in a common interest.

For honeymooners who are short of cash even a simple tenting trip out to your favorite campground will be a great location for your time together. It is actually very romantic to roast hotdogs and toast marshmallows over an open fire. At night you can snuggle under a blanket together and watch the stars as they roll by in the dark night sky.

There are hundreds of very reasonably priced outdoor vacation destinations so hop onto Google maps and see what you can discover out there.

Redneck Fishing derby in Bath, Illinois

Annual Redneck Fishing Tournament

Most country folks enjoy outdoor activities so the annual Redneck Fishing Tournament in Bath Illinois is a great wedding honeymoon destination to consider.

You won't need any hooks or lines for this fishing derby. What you are fishing for are the invasive Asian Carp and these nuisance fish jump out of the water when they hear you coming. All the fish are caught in nets, buckets, or by hand. All you have to do is catch em when they leap into the air.

The date for this years fishing tournament is August 2nd and 3rd 2013. For this honeymoon vacation you can pack up your tent, RV, or go classy and book a romantic room at the local motel. You can get more information on this annual event at their facebook fan page or contact the event organizer Betty DeFord.

If you don't feel like traveling you can just stay home and chill out in the pool like my niece and her husband.

Which honeymoon location would you choose?

Which honeymoon location would you choose?

See results

Honeymoon in a historical town.

Rednecks are basically hard working country minded folk who sometimes get misplaced into an urban or city environment.

Their heart lies deep within country tradition which makes heading out into the great outdoors or back into the historic past a honeymoon destination that a redneck couple will never forget.

Historic wild west or gold rush towns such as the ones listed below. They are all great places to visit.

Historic Tombstone Arizona:

Gold rush town Barkerville B.C:

Historic Williamsburg, Virginia:

There are thousands of historic tourism destinations out there and any one of these would be a wonderful honeymoon destination for a newly married redneck couple to visit.

Honeymoon in historic Barkerville, Canada.

Have a wonderfully romantic honeymoon.

Are you or someone you know a redneck?

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    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      4 years ago

      I have to say I love the redneck pool idea as well. First time I've seen it.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      4 years ago from Canada

      @AlleyCatLane: It really is great how easy it is to build a redneck swimming pool as well. Low cost and very functional.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Probably more so than I want to admit. Love that redneck pool!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Love the wilderness lodge idea!

    • captainj88 profile image

      Leah J. Hileman 

      4 years ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

      I want that pool.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      4 years ago from Canada

      @smine27: Now you are introduced to a little more hidden aspect of western culture. Rednecks truly are a wonderful type of personality and have quite a bit of historical significance in America.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      4 years ago from Canada

      @SusannaDuffy: I am so glad that my sister sent me that picture along with a permission to use. Sure looks like a nice way to cool off in the summer and really would not cost much at all. Much cheaper than a regular pool.

    • smine27 profile image

      Shinichi Mine 

      4 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Omg, I laughed all the way reading this lens. One of the most entertaining articles I've read.

    • Susan Zutautas profile image

      Susan Zutautas 

      4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      LOL! This was so dern entertaining :)

    • SusannaDuffy profile image

      Susanna Duffy 

      4 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      I love the pool in the Ute!

    • jastreb profile image


      5 years ago

      Great, fun and very positive lens!!! I love the swimming pool picture as well!!

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      5 years ago from Canada

      @makorip lm: Actually rednecks live everywhere now. The defining characteristics of a redneck are largely in their attitude.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      A really fun lens! Love the "Swimming Pool" picture.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Just love your series on rednecks. Sorry, I don't qualify.

    • makorip lm profile image

      makorip lm 

      5 years ago

      Living in Seattle I guess we don't qualify

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      5 years ago from Canada

      @jolou: There really are hundreds of old historic towns to vacation at even in B.C. We have historic Fort Steel near us and there are a couple of camp grounds near by. Fort George in Prince George has been turned into a large park area and is quite nice. My choice would be to visit Barkerville though. It sounds amazing there.

    • kindoak profile image


      5 years ago

      I guess I am sort of a redneck, although here in Sweden :) Anyway, I would choose the wilderness lodge for a honeymoon.

    • jolou profile image


      5 years ago

      I love anything historical so visiting an old town would be my choice. I don't think there are too many in Victoria, but certainly other places in BC.

    • iwrite100 profile image

      Maribel Forayo 

      5 years ago from Philippines

      You made me look up for the word "redneck" (I'm not a native English speaker). So, I've learned a lot from your page while learning a new word too.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile imageAUTHOR

      Lorelei Cohen 

      5 years ago from Canada

      @howards522: Yep, next to winning the lottery as a retirement plan gambling at the local casino comes in a close second as a great way to have fun and maybe still come home with a few dollars in the pocket. I think these are great redneck vacation destinations for any occasion.

    • Frischy profile image


      5 years ago from Kentucky, USA

      Around here the rednecks go to Gatlinburg, TN or Branson, MO. There are lots of rednecks in Kentucky!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I'm an old hippie with some redneck rising I guess. Our humor is pretty similar and I enjoyed the bun in the oven shotgun wedding, the thought of catching Asian Carp when they jump and can't think of anything more romantic than hotdogs and marshmallows by a campfire followed by cuddling under the stars...and who can forget a trip to the Redneck Games, get a beer and that's how you spell fun! :)

    • howards522 profile image


      5 years ago

      Rednecks are great. I married one so I guess that kind of makes me one now! I would love the casino or rv camping one so maybe I am truly a redneck at heart!

    • JoleneBelmain profile image


      5 years ago

      I suppose I'd be considered more a redneck than a city slicker lol... for our honeymoon, my husband and I spend the weekend at this beautiful cabin retreat. It was so beautiful and peaceful waking up to only the sounds of the birds and squirrels chirping in the morning with the creek running in the back ground. Such a gorgeous place, we would totally do it again in a heartbeat, and not change a thing :)

    • Camden1 profile image


      5 years ago

      My parents are from South Alabama, and their honeymoon was tent camping in Alabama in the middle of the summer. I'm not sure if that makes our family rednecks, crazy, or both?


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