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relationship over relationship

Updated on January 26, 2016
love can happen at any stage of your life
love can happen at any stage of your life

trust and loyalty

if you are not loyal and don't trust the ones you love it is not called love. many people think that they love someone and get mixed up that they aren't the real person that they are looking for. if you don't trust you loved one of they're decisions and choices it shows that you believe that they can't do things on they're own to impress you or your family. being loyal is also important if you are with someone and are enjoying yourself and every magical moment spent together, but are thinking about another man or woman it is not meant to be. you are just going to break their heart and leave them in tears.

everyone is different

love is a very hard thing to understand whether it's between your family or frie or someone special next to you.every person is different and has different qualities, no one is the same which means that not everyone can love. some choose to be with the right person and some may be unlucky and choose to be with the wrong person. the understanding and friendship between each person is different than everyone else weather it's to do with they're family or friends no one can get them the way you understand them.

family can be lost over love
family can be lost over love

blinded by love

so many people around the world get blinded by love.they loose all their friend money family and maybe even they're confidence to go out. men and women both get blinded by love weather it's by the person they think is the most wonderful human being alive or a person that they have always dreamed about. many adults loose they're jobs and family love due to relationships of the opposite sex, or even the same sex. moving in with your loved one can be exciting but can be tough financially and physically.many people dont notice this until they start having trouble with money and family.


many relationships tend to find a way to argue about something. normaly a relationship. is not normal if there isn't a fight or an argument over something, but if these arguments happen nearly everyday then this relationship mightn't be a good idea after all.many people around the world struggle with violence and misunderstandings in they're relationship. such shows as Steve Wilkos show prove that these arguments and acusements can be figured out but if it isn't a healthy relationship and you don't want to suffer anymore then drop hard as it may seem if you continue to be in an unhealthy relationship you and your family could physically or mentally get hurt.

love can start from any age
love can start from any age

does age matter?

anyone can love from any age. whether your a child, a teen or an adult it doesn't matter if you love someone you love someone. the person you truly love is someone that you see over everyone else. you see them differently and you love them with all they're imperfections. if they are happy with you they are the perfect person for you .

are my kids gonna get hurt?

if you are in a relationship that is not working out and you are wondering your kids are gonna be influenced by this? are they going to get hurt? can I do anything about it? the anwser is yes for every single question. your kids can be mentally and physically confused and hurt by what is happening in your household. if you and your partner dont have a healthy relationship and always tend to argue over problems that one is causing your kids are going to get hurt.they're school levels may go down and they're confidence about they're family staying together may go down too. many families around the world have problems in they're household by the ones that get hurt the most are the younger can simply prevent your kids from getting hurt by moving on from this relationship and doing what's best for your family. becoming independent can be hard but at the end it's worth the trouble.

discovering your true self
discovering your true self

discovering your true self

you will never learn if you don't make mistakes in life.many people didcover who they really are over a period of time by meeting the wrong and right people. some may be lucky and find who they are looking for in no time and some may not be as lucky and it may take more time than it would take for others. learning from your mistakes is important if your past relationship has dragged you down a lot don't let it happen again. make sure you stay stable financialy, phisicly and mentally.

is your relationship healthy?

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don't ignore your mistakes

never ignore your biggest mistake because learning from the things you haves one wrong can influence the rest of your life a lot. make sure to understand why you need to leave or why you want to stay in this relationship. make sure that your closest priorities don't get hurt and that you don't loose them over one big mistake that you were blinded by.


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