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Convince Your Ex To Come Back

Updated on December 28, 2016

Convincing Your Ex To Come Back

If you want to convince your ex to come back to you, then you need to stop thinking about desperate measures such as begging him to take you back or even blackmail. Remember that if you resort to desperate acts in order to get him back, then you will only succeed in making yourself look extremely unattractive in his eyes. In fact, he will start to think that he made the correct decision in breaking up with such a pathetic person -- do not give him this satisfaction.

Furthermore, begging him to take you back might just push him further away from you because he will now start to find you repulsive.

Therefore, you need to convince your ex to come back to you by disproving his already set beliefs about you. Challenge his perception of you by doing things that tend to disprove what he thinks of you.

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Why saying you're sorry is never enough

  • He knows you too well: If you have been in a relationship with your ex for some length of time, then he is probably well aware of how you operate. This means that he will not readily believe you just because you tell him that you are sorry.
  • Different beliefs: He holds beliefs which are vastly different from your own -- especially where your relationship is concerned. For example, you think that it would be the best for the both of you to get back together, but he believes it would be better for you two to stay separated.
  • Doubt has crept in: You might have done some things during the course of the relationship which has caused him to lose his faith in you. As a result, doubt has crept into his mind where you are concerned -- and this can be hard to erase.

Changing His Perceptions

While your ex probably has very little faith in you right now, this does not mean that convincing him to get back together with you is a lost cause. Here are a few things that you can do:

  • Take action: If you are already aware of whatever it is in your personality or attitude that might have put him off on you, then take action in order to disprove his negative perception of you. Instead of telling him that you are now a changed person, try to actually embody these changes into your personality so that they are obviously visible to him.
  • Eliminate your negative habits: Do you have certain habits that you think might have contributed to the break-up? Work on becoming a better person and eliminating these habits. You cannot tell your ex what to think of you, but you can certainly try to change his perception of you by showing him that you are someone who has the capacity to change for the better.
  • Make an actual commitment: Once you have decided to change for the better, then make it a commitment to actually stay true to these changes. For example, if you decide to exercise in order to maintain your health and look good, then you must make this a regular commitment or you will never make any actual progress.

At the core of these tips, what you really need to do is to take positive action on your negative attitudes and work towards making yourself a better person. By taking positive action, you will be putting yourself in a much better position to get back together with your ex rather than just blindly hoping that he will take you back.

Getting Back Together

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