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A Helpful Guide to a Healthy Relationship

Updated on October 11, 2017

As we all know relationships can be a hard thing to keep alive but there are a few easy ways to keep the fire burning. This advice goes to both men and women and I hope this helps you and your relationship.

The first key point I have is; Be playful. Play with your partner and not only in a sexual way. Go on fun adventures, go stargazing, have nerf gun fights and anything else that you both find fun. Just because you have passed your childhood years does not mean you can't have a little fun now and then. Another part that goes along with this is being playful sexually. Have fun and surprise your partner now and then. Send them a naughty picture while they are away or at work. Buy a new sexy outfit and surprise them when they walk in the door after a hard days work. Or do something in the bedroom that really turns them on once in a while.

The second key point is be there shoulder to lean on. Always be there for them, especially when they have had a rough day. If you had a great day and they had a rough day let them vent and don't go bragging about how excellent your day was. Sometimes we just need someone to hold us and tell us it is okay, and yes even men need it. So do not judge your partner when they need that form of affection.

Third key point is showing your affection through nice gestures or gifts. Both men and women want to feel cherished, loved and appreciated. Not everyone is great in this area but don't give up on your partner. Talk to them and show them ways it can be done. Everyone has their own love language and you both need to find out what yours are and have those as a small guideline. You have to commit and try in a relationship, and yes it may be hard but it is worth it. Trust me.

Now onto the fourth key point, which is leave the past in the past. For a lot of us we love to bring up the past during an argument. We love to point our fingers instead of owning up to our faults. Do not do this because this will make your relationship very toxic. Men are very sensitive when it comes to their past failures and they will start to hide in their shell and not talk about anything in that moment. During a fight actually sit down and just talk the problems out. If you or your partner are very angry in that moment have one of you take a walk or leave the room until you can work on the situation in a nice manor.

The fifth key point is don't blame yourself when the relationship starts to go down the drain. A relationship takes the both of you working together to make it last forever. At times it may get hard but it is not one persons fault. Sure you should accept responsibility when you are in the wrong but it is not your fault for the entire relationship failing.

Now onto the sixth key point. When you get comfortable with one another you may become lazy and start to not care about your looks and such. However you should never let yourself go. Maintain a great diet, dress nicely and really care about your appearance. Growing up my mother would teach my sisters and I to always look our best for our future husbands. She set an example by always freshening up when her husband was on the way home. She would make sure her hair was perfect and she would apply a little more makeup on. I am not saying you can't have your lazy days, just don't make it an everyday thing.

The seventh key point is taking the time to fall in love. You may think you know someone after being with them for a couple years but the truth is you don't. I was with my ex for seven years and I was learning new things about him even until the end. Take time each day to learn something new about your partner. You will be surprised at what you find, and make sure to look deep. Not everything is on the surface, sometimes you really have to dig.

Now for my final point and these are not the only points to follow. Relationships have many unexpected turns and I hope these eight key points help you along the way. The eighth point is praise one another. Acknowledge each others accomplishments, especially when your partner tries there hardest. Praise them for the small things as well, show them that you always have their back no matter how big or small the acknowledgment may be!


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