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relationships and struggles

Updated on June 7, 2016

Relationship talk

Oh boy relationships are so hard to come by now a days. Yes I said hard to come by because a lot of people think they are in a relationship but in reality they are not. A relationship is not a business arrangement it is not a debate. A real relationship is a compromise its a friendship that built a deep love for one another. Real relationships does not feel wrong don't get me wrong it wont be perfect of course but, what is perfect. Perfect is being able to stand him/her perfect is being able to disagree but still see each others opinion and take it in consideration. A relationship that's has trust, honesty, understanding, patient, a team work, and most importantly a strong friendship. People think a relationship is only I love you's but come on now lets be realistic. I love you now a days means nothing to some people. We play so many games with one another we don't know what a good healthy relationship is. I know I don't have all the answers and I probably wont ever have them. A relationship is a learning experience I don't think the oldest couple could sit and say they have never been surprised by their loved ones. Surprise are always good especially in a relationship we can all say a little curve ball is always need. This pertains to everything even sex. Yes sex is a major role in a healthy relationship don't think by holding out on your partner will help problems because it wont it will cause bigger ones. Make sure to always make time for one another that is very important. If you have a family a date night is highly recommended get away from the house get some one to baby sit the young ones and have some adult time. Spice things up don't always go to the same restaurant don't always do the same position. I recommend people to Google sex and make it a fun activity with your loved one not a "oh no this again" statement . More like a wow this was intense feel the passion between one another. Surprise her with a dinner date, flowers, chocolate stuff she enjoys. Take him on a date buy him that watch he's wanted take him to a game. Doing things like this will bring you guys closer make a bond show you are interested. These types of thing would not be considered buying the love but more like investing in what you love. Relationships can be so hard at time but only because we allow them to. We allow others to poison our minds we allow the internet to get involved in our love lives. I honestly think the best kept relationship are left off the internet that does not mean it is hidden or kept a secret. It mean my love life is precious and does not need to be viewed or approved by anyone. Home is home social media is social media it should definitely be kept apart. I'm not saying don't post a picture or an event. By this I mean to not broadcast every single argument, special moment, events that mean a lot to you. this way things don't get clouded by what others think or say. Love is precious and should be guarded at all times. These are just my opinions on relationship I would love to hear your input comet below thank you.


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