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Romantic Nicknames

Updated on April 8, 2013

Do You Have a Favorite Romantic Nickname?

Romantic nicknames are powerful in keeping the relationship fun and sexy. You can choose one that has some meaning to both of you and will remind you of your past and also the things to expect in future. You can enhance your love relationship by adopting one special name for your loved one that specially fits your boyfriend. A nickname mixes romance as it spices your love life. Giving your boyfriend a special name like sweetheart or cute boy can help you to lighten up your lovers face as well as send some butterflies in their stomach.

You can try one and you will see how it will greatly work.
There are a number of reasons why nicknames play a good trick to maintain romance in your relationship…

**** They help to conjure up your lovers thoughts of love and romance.
**** They keep a smile on the face of your lover.
**** When you chose the right name for your partner, the nicknames pay a loving compliment.
**** They make your loved one to feel special and loved.
**** They are playful and thus they help to keep the relationship in a funny mood.

List of Romantic Nicknames to Choose From.

Below is a list of names that you can give your boyfriend that will make them to feel wanted and loved more. You can choose one that you think it fits their personality as well as their character. If you try it, then you will see the great magic that your loved one will make as the nicknames are for their ears to listen. You can chose from these nicknames:

All mine, Bun champ, Pancake, Potato, Cookie, Mave, Munchin, Bear, Curly, Tiger, Sexy, Arzan, Dobby, Pooh, Romeo, Hon, Monkey, Biscuit, Snicker, Papi, Marshmallow, Boo, Bam-Bam, Pudding, Booga, Cuddly, Goofy,Querido,Sky,Mushy,Cheese,Tart,Pumkin,Star,Chocolate,Poka,Samba, cuddles, Sunshine, Bunny, Pie, Teddy, Bubs, Butter, Tesoro, Muffin, Bummy, Button and many other nicknames.

In case you have just started dating and you want to choose a special name for your loved one, then you can make him feel difference by calling him one of these nice names according to how you see it will fit them. This is because these names are good and they make one feel affectionate. You can also choose a nickname that you will be calling him when two of you are alone. You can also chose a name that you can be calling him when you are hanging out with friends as you have fun.

If you are choosing a name that you will be calling him in public, choose a word that is less mushy. In case you are not sure on the name to choose from, you can shortlist on a few of them and then you can later settle on one of them.

Giving your boyfriend a nickname is really a great idea as they work great and in a special way. Try and get the ones that look original and one that looks your own as many romantic nicknames may be in use by people who are close to you.


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