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Romantic Sayings to Tell Your Boyfriend

Updated on July 12, 2013

Good communication is very crucial in a relationship. One of great ways of showing this to your boyfriend is by learning cute sayings for him. Perhaps many are the times you are puzzled thinking of what to tell him. You are not alone in this since there are many girls and women out there who don't know what to say to their men. Telling him cute sayings is a great way of appreciating good things he has been doing for you. It is also a way of spicing your relationship with love. Therefore, don't take it for granted when a man loves you for you since this is a special gift of great significance you will realize when it's long gone.

Below is a list of cute sayings for him that you can always tell him to spice up your romance.

>>>> You are one in a million - This is another way of telling your man that out of the many other options you had, there is something special and unique about him that made you choose to be with him. Telling your man this is will make him feel that he is a rare gift and that you always see much in him that can never be found in any other person. This quote also shows him that there can never be anyone that will make you happy apart from him.

>>>> You are kind of a guy that any girl would kill for - This is one of the cute sayings for him since it shows him that any woman will be more than happy to have such kind of a man in their life. You should therefore remind your boyfriend of how great he is by telling this great quote every time he showers you with gift or does something romantic to you.

>>>> Thank you for loving me for me - This is a great boyfriend love quote that you need to sing it to your man more than often. It is not a usual thing to be loved especially when it comes from a man. If you happen to have met a man who genuinely loves you for you, consider yourself one of the luckiest woman in the world. It is therefore important to communicate this to your man so that he knows that you appreciate his love.

>>>> You are always there for me when I need you - A loving man will always be there to protect you at all times. In times of grief or sadness, he will always be there to hug you and comfort you. Although many men have weakness when it comes to showing emotions, it is important to appreciate your man for the little he does to comfort you. When your man shows up in times of trouble let him know that you appreciate for his presence as this will make him feel worthy.


I>>>> want to be the one who will always make your dreams come true - This is one of unique but also not only shows support, but also builds mutual trust. It is important to support your boyfriend in everything that he does which makes both of you. This will build trust and confidence in you and also make him open his dreams to you. A relationship that is built in mutual trust and sharing of dreams will nurture a tight bond between the two of you. This also assures your man that you will always be by his side even in his failures.

>>>> Meeting you is one of the greatest things that have ever happened to me - To revitalize the great moment of your relationship, you need to mention this to him. Saying this to him will serve as a reminder of that great day when both of you met. This also show how important you treasure that day when both of you met. You can always quote this saying especially when commemorating your anniversary.

It usually feels so happy during the first days of love. Many people will pretend to be on their best behavior during those days, however, this slowly diminishes when you get used to each other. As a lady, you can play a great role and rekindle great love that you once shared, by learning cute sayings for him to feel appreciated and important.


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