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Romantic Valentines Day Gifts-Ideas Your Sweetie Will Cherish Forever

Updated on February 2, 2011

While Anniversary's are often looked upon to be the big day for romance, Valentines certainly comes in a close second. So what do you get your sweetie this year? If you are one of those people who are having a hard time thinking up something wonderful and romantic, this could stress you out. There is no reason to be pulling your hair out or chastising yourself for being unimaginative. You are not alone. Sometimes you just need some quick ideas to run away with.

Here are some tips:

Don't Overcomplicate Things

A truly romantic gift does not have to be complicated. A simple candlelight dinner can often be one of the most romantic gifts you can give your sweetie if planned right. There are a few options available to you. If you love to cook, you could whip up something special, or if you don't cook, you can order in from your sweetheart's favorite restaurant. What you are eating is not nearly as important as they mood you will set. Even if you were to choose something such as pizza over a more fancy dish like filet mignon, you could still set the table in a romantic way with elegant place settings, light, a few candles and then have some favorite mellow love songs playing in the background. All of these touches are what make the night special and help to create a romantic setting for you and your loved one.

Fulfill a Wish

If you are looking to find an over the top Valentines gift idea, you could always go with a hot air balloon ride. This is one of my wishes for the future, and I am sure many others would think this is a once in a lifetime experience to remember. This would be especially nice if you were planning on asking your loved one to marry you on this special day. You could mount a camera to one of the sides and tape it all, or get the staff member who is guiding the balloon with you to help you out. Once you are up there and can see all of the awe inspiring and breath taking sights, you will remember it for the rest of your lives.

Give a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Another great romantic Valentines gift idea is to get a gift certificate for massage lessons. While many think to buy a gift certificate for the actual massage itself, few tend to think of giving a certificate for lessons. Why is this a better idea? If you both take lessons, you can learn some great techniques that you can try out on each other later on. The lessons can be far more romantic gift when you think about what enjoyment you can get from it that will last for a long time to come.

Back to the Basics

This Valentines gift idea is more for those who live in countries and states where there is no snow on the ground. As I live in Canada, this could only be one of my fantasies. But planning a picnic in the park will always be a nice romantic gesture. Pack up a lunch of wine and cheese, simple sandwiches and other finger foods that you can easily feed each other with, and a blanket to lay on. You will want to scout around for a place that will offer you privacy but also a beautiful scenic view. This allows you and your sweetie to just spend quality time focusing on each other without any other distractions. This is one option that dining in a busy restaurant cannot provide you with. Being alone in a world by yourselves will enable you to connect and enjoy each others company.

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine's day, remember that it is not about how much money you spend or making the perfect plans. It is about spending time together to share your appreciation of the love you have and to show how much you value your sweetheart for all they do and are. In the distant future, it will be the moments of laughter and joy that are remembered and not the dollar amount.


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      Erika 7 years ago

      These are some really great Valentine's Day gift ideas that anyone can do, at any budget. Valentine's Day shouldn't be so much stress or money. For more gift ideas and ways to make V-day less stressful check out