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Sagittarius Men Relationships

Updated on September 17, 2009

All About Sagittarius Men Relationships

Is Your Sign Simpatico With Sagittarius Men? Find out here, plus relationship tips to help with your Sagittarius men relationships.

Understanding Sagittarius men relationships will go a long way toward a better love life with the Sagittarius men relationships in your love life.

Sagittarius - The Archer, Communicator. Seeker of knowledge. Fiery. Maybe even prophetic. Restless and a bit too candid. You may not always like what you hear, but you will hear it anyway. Tact? What tact! First enthusiastic and searching for truth, and then exploring until he either buys in or moves on to the next study. That intellect is part of the Sagittarius Man package.

Relationships With Sagittarius Men

The Centaur

Curious and impatient with dogma, often cynical. Will wear an entertaining mask. Moves on quickly. His restlessness may cause him to be impulsive and not plan for the future. May have been disappointed in love because he's too idealistic. When he looks for love he wants the real thing-love for life.

The routine things in life make him feel hemmed, frustrated and restless. He wants to fulfill his dreams and hates things that get in his way.

Is this your guy?

As lovers who have been together many years and happy, we have at last given in to the requests of friends to share some of our secrets of how to achieve the dream of true and lasting love. Any combination of astrological signs and diverse personalities can have a successful relationship if they are motivated to grow together and adapt to their own needs and those of their lover. The thing we think many people do wrong is they jump into relationships too quickly. Attraction is important but it takes serious effort to know someone well enough to go for the long, hot love. And, yes, it can be hot and should be hot even after the new wears off the relationship. You too can have a great relationship as lasting as our 30+ yrs.

We will be stacking the odds of a great Relationship with Sagittarius Men in your favor.

For Women Seeking/Having Relationships with Sagittarius Men - And Their Women

· Sagittarius Men and Aires Woman - This pair may be accident-prone. They will poke their noses into ANYTHING. Rams know they are always right. Sagittarians men demand truth in relationships. Can you see the arguments coming? But Aries can handle truth unless it gets too personal. Go with truth but don't allow verbal attacks. After all fire can burn. But the peace can be restored with heart and true love because neither holds a grudge for long. Be your own bosses and forget being employees. The restless seeker of knowledge, the Sagittarian is well balanced by the Aries loyalty and innocent trust.

· Sagittarius Men and Taurus Women -He wants freedom and affection, not doubt and nagging but you need dependability. He'll quiz you and you are private, hating cross-examination. Open up to him, tell him your wishes and demand he keep his fiery temper in check. He won't get his own way as much as he would like. He may be just the person to teach you that love is honest just as you teach him patience.

· Sagittarius Men and Gemini Women - Thinker awareness. These 2 dual signs are very different. He's all logic and lacks tact. She's a circular thinker and talker, wearing him down with mysticism or a great sales pitch. Her vivid imagination models her world to make it look better. He thinks facts she doesn't want to face are her friends and his, too. You can give him great joy, but leave out the manipulative behavior. He won't like being deceived. He can be a protector. Together you may be able to create great success in business, both being imaginative and capable.

· Sagittarius Men and Cancer Women -Devotion - You are very sensitive and he's WAY too honest, telling you things you really don't want to hear. But then you start to think more clearly and he does, too. You love family ties and he is no more than friendly with his family. He's going somewhere and rarely looks back. He argues and you pout in a power struggle where he has a lot to do that doesn't include regular family dinners at your Mom and Dad's table. He may leave but your Moon mystery draws him back. He does like to study things. You want to know all about him, but return the favor only reluctantly. He enjoys the attention and is full of ideas and enthusiasm. Love for the Cancer woman is silent and passionate. The happenings of the day may make you sexually unresponsive. You may need awakening by a Sagittarian artist's skill. Love will shine in you but you may not speak of it. He loves the magic and is just as sensitive in his own way as you are. You need to tell him.

· Sagittarius Men and Leo Women - Leo's o Leo's are willful and Sagittarians don't like being told what to do. He should be willing to make you happy, not tease you into anger. You could make a good partnership in life and in career. Your Archer may be the truthful partner you need to bounce ideas off of toward mutual success. He'll respect and appreciate your loyalty, but your pride may be a problem. He's just too logical and not given to hero worship. And then he's tactless. Just go off alone until you can muster forgiveness. You will both be happier together if you can learn to let it go.

· Sagittarius Men and Virgo Women- Even though Virgo is an Earth sign, Sagittarius the animal lover can teach you a lot about the Earth even though he's a fire sign. You are very analytical. He's really logical but he sees you as lacking in vision and too detail oriented. He's not planning for the future of your finances and you are obsessed with it. Conflict! Virgo is pure in thought and intention and he will see it and maybe come to value what you bring. You come to balance each other. You bring him order and he brings you spontaneity. The adventure might never happen for you without him, and he's a good lover, too. Plus you can communicate with each other. Musical harmony is possible with these two but he must be careful not to hurt her with his excessive tactlessness.

· Sagittarius Men and Libra Women- Libra is balance, optimism and fairness. The archer is tactless, optimistic and brilliant and endlessly enthusiastic and curious. Sagittarian men don't usually marry young. He needs to explore the world first. She needs balance in her life. Yin and Yang balance to be precise. Eventually he'll want that, too and be ready to be a partner. But not necessarily for home, hearth and a good job. He'll like her logical mind and her optimism. And she is a problem solver. Libra women may want to marry young, but think again. Those mistakes are painful. The Archer's arrows may bring her hurt, too. He wants love and fun and spontaneity and pets, too. Libra and Sagittarius appreciate honesty intelligence and passion. They need it all from each other.

· Sagittarius Men and Scorpio Women- You feel desire but are reluctant to surrender to love. The Eagle seeks knowledge like the Sagittarian but not for it's own sake. Knowledge is power for Scorpio. The eagle plans to know all for strategic advantage. Her dignity and heart may be wounded by Sagittarian tactlessness. He doesn't mean to be mean but it hurts anyway. She WILL intentionally retaliate and be mean in return. The archer is sympathetic and protective of the Eagle's fears, but will resist being tied to the nest. Eagles are protective toward loyal friends you may find among Sagittarians.

For more Sagittarius Men Relationship Information with women of other signs, see the next text module after the love song video.

YouTube Video - 14 Signs of Falling in Love

More Sagittarius Men Relationship Info

Other Signs and their compatibility with Sagittarius men

· Sagittarius Women- Knowledge is a life goal. Two Sagittarians could create huge Jupiter conflicts that could get in the way of the enlightenment they naturally seek. But they have good will and good intentions and can recognize truth when they see it. They can forgive each other and don't have time for grudges. Two could be a powerhouse for truth and justice professionally as lawyers, publishers, religious leaders or even political reformers. They seem lucky but really they just never stop trying. It's the real recipe for success. Just keep trying. Let the adventure begin!

· Capricorn Women- It is difficult for a Sagittarian to fulfill a Capricorn's needs and vice versa. They can learn from each other, but the conflict arises from each of them usually lecturing others. Capricorn envies the Archer's courage and Sagittarius the goat's stoicism. Archer's like to travel and Goats like home and hearth. Goat's are traditionalists and Archer/Centaurs like to gallop around the world, missing family holidays and Sunday dinners. Capricorn thinks its all a waste of energy. The Archer is too independent to listen after all his questions have answers. His own agenda is important. Conflict happens. How could it not? And the big one is money. She saves, he spends. While he follows what ever takes his attention, the Capricorn will do as she wishes, too. He's an optimist who can feel really wounded when life bites. She's a pessimist who sees life as it is and can offer him gruff comfort when he's living with disappointment. It might work after all.

· Aquarius Women- The Water Bearer is idealistic but forgetful. Sagittarius is one question after another. He's an idealist, too and likes the truth even when it hurts. He will play the field until he falls in love for keeps. He has to have time to get ready. He loves animals. He loves excitement, change and travel. He likes to gamble, too. Both of you can enjoy a sense of freedom but NOT sexual freedom. The two of you may quarrel frequently, but will kiss and makeup equally readily. Neither of you will ponder hurts for long, forgiving and forgetting faster than others. He's a little hotheaded and she's cool, so it's a good mix. It could be magical.

· Pisces Women - Pisces women are great listeners. But Archers expect you to open up, too. Pisces women are captivating to men and not easily forgotten by them. They appear to be gentle and innocent. Pisces women are exceptionally sensitive and bring with this sensitivity an overwhelming kindness and care for others. They can't bear to see others suffer and will always try to help out people who aren't as fortunate as they are. Pisces women are particularly feminine and seductive and love fashions and fragrances that are alluring and ultra feminine. Pisces women are often screamers in the bedroom! The Archer/Centaur will find her hot, hot, hot! But she may avoid Sagittarians. Pisces women are romantic, imaginative, creative, sensitive, perceptive and ethereal. But that Archer is way too tactless. She wants his love to shine in his actions but he doesn't work that way. The Fish's seeming coolness may hurt him. She's showing her love in ways he misses and he wants her to just tell him what she wants. Pisces types are less concerned with money than the beautiful things money can buy. Archers never plan for the future. It could lead to financial problems. The Fish will spend more for what offers illusions of romance, or ways to "escape" reality for a while through the imagination. They tend to favor feminine styles, things they connect to on an emotional level and that make them feel sexy and happy. She needs him to show the love. He needs for her to open up and communicate. They can go away and connect on romantic trips!

Lastly, no matter what your sign is it's always great if you like a Sagittarius (or any other sign for that matter) him or her as a person, too. Is the person you are thinking of having a romantic relationship with rude and inconsiderate? Can you not depend on them to do what they say they will do? Do you only like them when they are on their best behavior? If so, that might make him a bad bet unless you can get him a personality transplant.

Then there is the attraction thing. Romance has this intangible thing that is necessary for the long term. If a woman marries a man because she thinks he'll be a good provider, will she be able to stomach having sex with him? Maybe, maybe not. If a man marries a woman only because he thinks she'll be a good mother for his children, how long will it be before he takes a lover? A real romantic relationship involves REAL attraction.

Does the person you are seeing let you into their life? If they don't let you meet the people who are important to them ( friends and family ), there's usually a reason. Additionally, it's usually a bad start for a budding romantic relationship.

A real romantic relationship also needs kindness and tolerance of your lover's foibles. No one is perfect. Unreasonable expectations spoil many romances. Lovers have differences and the way you deal with differences together can be disastrous or a wonderful adventure. Part of it is the way men and women view things. Then there are the dumb games people play. Why not just say what the heck you want from your lover? The ability to communicate effectively and with kindness may pave the way to the most wildly, successful romantic relationship you've ever had. Best of all, it can last.

When we started putting this website together we took a step back and looked at the good times and the bad times. While it was fun reviewing the good times, a look back at the bumps in the road was the most enlightening. Almost without exception, the bumpy times occurred when we were under stress from outside forces. The problems were nearly always a result of some outside force like finances, not really a "problem with our relationship." This discovery drove our holistic approach to solving most romantic relationship problems. You can do the same.

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