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What are some unique and satisfying kissing techniques?

Updated on March 24, 2009

If your gonna kiss someone, do it right!

There are only two bad kissers in my romantic past. One was what I imagine a St. Bernard would kiss like. The other did everything right technicaly, but had cold, chapped lips. Big turn-off. Being the big movie fan I am, there are only a few on-screen kisses I really enjoyed. One would be from 'The Notebook'. Just to make things a little easier, I made a list of suggestions on how to deliver a satisfying kiss:

* Make sure the person wants you to kiss them. There are usually little hints, like they don't pull back when you step closer, and gaze at them.

* Make sure you have decent breath.It doesn't have to be Scope fresh, but no dragon breath please.

* Kissing is not just about mouth-to-mouth interaction. What really enhances the experience is how you touch a person. Like try putting your hand on their face, neck, or hair. This is great either before ,during, or after a long kiss.

* With tongue interaction, less is more. Shoving your tongue down someones throat expresses a sort of emotion that says "I don't really want you for anything more than to satisfy my lust". If that is the mutual feeling, great! go for it. If you want something lasting, show a little more tact.

* Don't kiss passionately only in the hopes of leading to sex. Stealing a quick, steamy kiss while your out, or when you don't have time for passion, will leave you wanting more. And you will both be mentally planning for the next intimate moment.

* I only had one boyfriend who liked to kiss as much as I do. He enjoyed it, and didn't just do it when he wanted sex. The one thing he would do, that no other guy has done since, is place his hand on my face, so that his thumb would rest on my lower lip. Then he would lightly brush my lower lip with his thumb. And we always had great eye contact.

* That one boyfriend I mentioned above used to like it when I gently bit his lip during make-out sessions. Funny, he is the only one I did that to. Then again I didn't feel for anyone, what I felt for him.

* I have seen in films where people actually use food, like melted chocolate,or honey, to lick off each others lips. If that is your thing, give it a try. I tend to be a little more traditional.

Some people are just not that into kissing, or they lose interest. It's great when you can find someone who enjoys it as much as you do. I hope I have given some helpful hints. Happy Kissing !!!


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    • CINEMAniac profile image

      CINEMAniac 8 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks for your comments, I am happy you are in agreement with my hub. I look forward to reading your hubs !

    • Jaramillo profile image

      Jaramillo 8 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I agree, "The Notebook" kiss is still the best on-screen kiss to date. When they re-enacted that kiss at the Oscars, it only reinforced what everyone had already thought.

      I've been through several relationships in my life and what they all lacked was a kissing chemistry and many people experience this. Kissing is a bond that helps to keep two people together. You can't be with someone who doesn't like to kiss, unless you don't like kissing yourself. How can there be true passion and be an expression of true love without kissing? It's one of the key ingredients to a successful relationship.

      And yes, great kissing leads to great lovemaking. Think of kissing as a preview of what's to come or a celebration of a previous engagement.

    • AC Gaughen profile image

      AC Gaughen 9 years ago from MA

      Can I just say pop rocks sounds interesting....talking about fabricating fireworks!

      Haha great hub!

    • CINEMAniac profile image

      CINEMAniac 9 years ago from Chicago

      I just want to thank Shadesbreath and JBatt for the nice words. I look forward to reading your hubs, and hearing from you again. Thanks!

    • JBatt profile image

      JBatt 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Thanks for your insight. I have actually had some fun experiences using jello, pop rocks or even water that made kissing a little more interesting. Good hub.

    • Shadesbreath profile image

      Shadesbreath 9 years ago from California

      I agree: a kiss is not just a mashing together of lusting mouths. A proper kiss finds the balanced electricity that animates a romance, blending souls and mediating the delicate brush of rose petal lips and the writhing wetness of empassioned, animal tongues. Fun read, thanks.