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Self Defense and Awareness For Women

Updated on October 17, 2013

For Your Safety Ladies

Years ago our mothers and fathers prepared us with wisdom designed to help women avoid being victims or subjecting ourselves to potentially dangerous situations. As I get older I notice that less women are being taught how to live with safety in mind and potentially exposing themselves to harm.

The three reasons women are easy targets for random acts of violence are:

1) Lack of Awareness – Pay attention to your environment. Ratio of men to women, people paying unusual attention to your every more, or the patrons in the establishment.

2) Body Language – Walk and move as a conqueror. Aware, walking with purpose, and be on a mission. Don't slouch, seem unaware, move slowly, and seem distracted.

3) Wrong Place, Wrong Time – bad neighborhood, poorly lit areas, deserted area etc.

So with that in mind, I share the following tips for women:

1.When going to your vehicle, make sure you have your key out and ready.

When you leave an establishment (restaurant, bar, event, etc.) pay attention to people that walk out at the same time that you do and what direction they are traveling. If you don't feel safe then go back inside the establishment for a while and leave later.

2.Pay attention to the environment around you. Make a sweep of the patrons and people around you. This is just a good rule of thumb. Be aware of your environment and how your gut responds to the people. It's call intuition for a reason-listen to it.

3.When you are invited to someone's home, hotel party, or gathering pay attention to the male to female ratio. Take note if there is heavy drinking, drugs, and how you feel when you enter the environment. To this day if I walk into an event and men continue to arrive but there are barely any women present, I will make an excuse and leave the venue. (I might return later to give an opportunity for a healthier men to women ratio.) If you feel uncomfortable -better safe than sorry.

4.**Never leave your drink and come back to it. Again. Never leave your drink and come back to it. Never leave and trust your date/new friend to watch your drink. Pay attention to the bartender when he/she is pouring your drink.

If the heir to the Max Factor Fortune was sentenced for drugging, raping, and videotaping the assault of women: don't believe your date could never.

5.When you go to your car, before you put your key in and open the door, take a look at your backseat to make sure it's empty. If anything is strange then walk by like it isn't your vehicle and hit the panic button on your alarm if you want/need to draw attention to yourself for safety reasons.

6.Do not depend on the kindness of strangers. If your car breaks down and someone offers to take you somewhere to help -no one would know who abducted you. Do not get drunk and depend on other people to take care of you, everyone does not have the best intentions or same values/morals that you do.

7.Take a self defense class. Get your girlfriends together on a Saturday morning and take a class together.

8.Stay off the phone. STAY OFF THE PHONE! When you are holding your phone to your ear talking away, you are not focusing on your environment and you have removed your ability to respond physically to crisis.

9.Pay attention to the company that you keep. Keep your financial affairs, showcasing of everything you have from being accessible and common knowledge to all.

10. When parked next to a van enter your vehicle from the passengers side of your vehicle. It takes seconds for someone to abduct you after opening the sliding door of the van.

Safety and Self Defense Solutions provide the following tips:

Safety Tips

Here are some of the safety tips taught in our class. There are many useful safety tips that can help you avoid dangerous situations. It is important to note however, that whether you remember to use these tips or not, it is never your fault if you are attacked. It is the attacker’s fault.

Just Yell “Fire”

The best way to get attention.

Trust your danger instincts

Don’t ignore the little voice that tells you when something seems “off”.

Escape if possible

It is always safer to flee rather than fight.

Fight back if you can’t escape

Always fight back, never bargain.

Never go with them

Going to a second location is always a bad idea.

Property is not worth it

It’s much safer to call and cancel your credit cards than get into a fistfight over your purse.

Enforcing bounaries

How close is too close? Maintaining the correct distance can keep a situation from getting physical.

Projecting confidence

Attackers look for easy targets, so act like a difficult target.

Stay Alert

Keeping a close eye on your surrounding can keep you from being caught off guard.

There is nothing wrong with being prepared with pepper spray or similar items. *Please research your state laws and regulations when it comes to possessing such items.

Dress like a lady fight like a man is a great philosophy. Enjoy life; just be careful out there.

Have you ever taken a self defense course?

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