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Can Separated Couples Reconcile? Three Tips for Reconciliation

Updated on August 12, 2010

Separation is a painful experience for both partners of a broken relationship. The partners often find it very difficult adjust to their newly acquired single status, more so if there are children involved. However all separations need not end in divorce, if you are willing to work at reconciling your damaged relationship. This hub gives you three useful tips to start reconciling your relationship after separation.

Tip 1: Commit to reconcile

The most important step in reconciliation of a relationship is the commitment of both partners to get back together. This is easy when the both partners regret the breakup of the relationship. In most cases the breakup takes place in anger or on the spur of the moment. In cases where one partner lacks commitment it would be good to communicate that he/she needs to weigh the pros and cons of being in the relationship. Do not get too emotional when conveying this message or it may scare your ex away. You also need to understand that there is a possibility that your ex is not interested in reconciling and wants to move on.

Tip 2: Give each other time and space

Contrary to the popular belief that you need to get together as soon as possible and spend more time together, it is better to give each other some time and space to work things out. Your time alone can be the best time to reflect on your broken relationship and figure out what needs to change when you get back together. This time spent apart can help you to change your own behavior to make the relationship better when you reconcile.

Tip 3: Understand the need for change

The most important understanding for reconciling after separation is that the relationship cannot go back to what it was. If everything was fine in the relationship the separation may have not happened at all and therefore things that were not okay need to change for the better. This needs some work by both parties involved.

In this hub you found the first three tips that can help separated couples reconcile. These tips have been proven to help separated couples reconcile the world over and have stopped many divorces from taking place. As you can see these tips need nothing more than your commitment to make things work and some good common sense for successful reconciliation.

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