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Communication Breakdown: Excerpts from the Love Affair Between Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra.

Updated on July 12, 2010

Was Caesar More of a Man than Antony at nearly half his age? Was Cleopatra and Antony's Bond Love or Lust?

1.3.76              Cleopatra to Antony:  “So Fulvia told me.”
Cleopatra references Antony’s abandonment of Fulvia for her when Fulvia needed him the most as a bad omen for what lays ahead in Antony’s treatment of herself.  In just four words Cleopatra questions his loyalty and his motive and insinuates that if it was easy for Antony to betray Fulvia (ultimately resulting in her death) to whom he was bound by marriage it would be as easy for him to abandon and betray herself. Cleopatra vacillates between trusting/loving Antony and doubting/taunting Antony.

1.4.32              Caesar to Lepidus in reference to Antony’s adultery:  “Pawn experience to present pleasure...abandon judgment.”
Although Caesar is merely 23 years of age he seems to have a very definite and moralistic viewpoint on love and marriage, responsibility and honour.  I feel that he has an attractively moralistic view of love at quite a fresh young age.  I therefore feel most drawn to Caesar’s character in this play, and I would have enjoyed it if Shakespeare had elaborated further on this character’s own life course after the death of Antony and Cleopatra.



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