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Wedding Planning Step By Step

Updated on July 20, 2018

Be Organized, Sensible, Keep Your Cool, And Your Budget ...

Article By Sharon Stajda

This article will provide helpful step by step suggestions to help you plan the perfect wedding. Planning your wedding should not be stressful, but fun. It should be a joyous time that you and your future husband come together and plan a fabulous memorable wedding. Planning a wedding does not have to be stressful. In fact, planning your wedding should be fun and pleasurable for you and your fiance. An experience that will leave you both with happy memories.

So, your love has purposed, asking you to spend the rest of your life with him. Your first reaction may have been an overwhelming joy. I will lay odds that your second reaction was, I am going to be a bride, and it's time to plan my dream wedding.

It's not just a childhood dream anymore Its reality, and reality is not always as pleasurable as a daydream. You may have heard from married friends, and acquaintances how planning a wedding can actually reduce your girlhood dream into a living nightmare. Well, don't lose faith, I have a plan for you. I have done my homework, and have some helpful tips on how to plan a fabulous wedding, and avoid common mistakes that can lead to a stressful meltdown. I have added step by step instructions on how to plan a perfect wedding and cut out all the stress that can occur when planning such an event.

Let's Get Started on the next step to planning your perfect wedding! Take a deep breath, this is going to be fun.

Let's Talk Budget


Step One Set A Realistic Budget For Your Wedding

The first important decision to be made should be. What kind of wedding do you and your fiance want? What will be the theme for your wedding? Have you considered what your fiance has in mind for his perfect wedding day? Plus, what's your budget, what can you really afford? Yes, reality can kick in when your budget does not support the wedding you both have dreamed of, and desire. You also may need to alter your dream wedding to incorporate "his" dream wedding.

Make a budget and while planning your big day try to stay as close to your budget as possible. One suggestion is to keep everything in a 3 ring binder; when you need any information at all, it's in one spot.

How Many Guests Can You Afford?


Step Two Your Wedding Guest List

It may seem funny to you, that you start your wedding plans with the guest list. However, this is an important place to start. In the end, it helps you to stay on budget.

After you've got a basic idea for how many guests you want and you can afford, you then have to make the guest list. You'll be including family members, friends, relatives, work acquaintances, and many others. The problem is that you may not be able to keep everyone on that list. The budget may dictate some be removed. Of course, a lot of couples may protest and feel that the more that people that attend, the more gifts we'll receive. However, stop and think for a minute...

A wedding is a celebration of a couple's marriage. And those that come to the wedding should be very happy to celebrate it, rather than just coming for the food and drink. You want people there that have made a difference in your life. You want to invite people whose names you know and can repeat. This is not the time to invite everyone that you've ever met. Invite the important people, the people that will make your wedding day feel special.

After you have made your guest list, go over all of the guests, are there names you feel you can omit? It's smart not to omit family members family, unless there is a real situation, such as a family feud of some sort. Figure out who you really care about being at your wedding. When it comes to friends considering how long has it been since you've actually talked with that friend? If it's been a long time, you probably can cross them off the list. Know when it comes to co-workers, invite whomever you have a close relationship with. This means that you don't have to invite your boss, but it's always nice to do so, just out of courtesy.

Creating your invitation list shouldn't feel like a burden. At the end of the day, you want to look at your guest list and see all the people that you care about, and want to share your happy day with. Remember, it's your wedding and your time, so don't let anyone else talk you into inviting people that you're not keen on inviting.

Time To Choose Where To Hold The Nuptials?


You've Secured A Venue For The Nuptials. Time To Secure A Venue To Host The Reception


Step Three Where To Hold The Wedding Ceremony - The Nuptials

So will it be a small or large church wedding? Perhaps a garden wedding. You get the picture. After you have made up your minds on what kind of wedding you want. It's time to choose the actual space (church, hall, garden) you want to hold the nuptials? After you have made up your mind, and have your heart set on a perfect spot -- book it! Don't hesitate, and let that perfect spot be taken by another couple on the day you need it. By hesitating you may lose your dream location.

Step Four Secure The Wedding Reception Venue

Having a reception? Same goes for choosing the important wedding location. Scout out your places of interest, choose the perfect reception hall, and again book it.

Your Reception Venue Is Secured, Time To Hire The Perfect Caterer


Step Five Hiring A Caterer For Your Wedding

You have the date, the clergy, the nuptial site, the reception hall. You now need to book a competent caterer. who will be in charge of creating, and serving the menu of your dreams? A good place to start your search for the ideal caterer is by talking to everyone you know about their experiences with local catering companies. Most reception halls will have a list of caterers that they can recommend. You should also take advantage of the many catering companies you might find on the Internet. Take any and all referrals and cross-check them, and any others you may have come across yourself with the Better Business Bureau. By doing this you can make sure that everything seems legit, and that the companies in question are in good standing. Have a favorite local restaurant? Check to see if they cater?

After you have narrowed down your search to the top caterers of interest, make appointments to meet with each in person. This will provide you with the opportunity to sample their food, and talk booking date, and budget with the caterer. Tip: You might also want to know whether the caterer will be working any other weddings on that day you have scheduled their service to provide the meal for your wedding? The more work a caterer takes on could mean less time dedicated to you and your services. Make sure the caterer has ample employees to make sure all the food is prepared with care.

The most important issues that you need to discuss with a caterer has to do with the style of the reception you want to have, and your budget. Talking with your potential caterer about the options, pricing, and other issues that might be of concern is the best way to avoid overspending and other communication problems that could arise. Cocktails and Hors d'oeuvre can be simple, and inexpensive regardless of the formality of it.

Time To Choose Your Wedding Gown

This is most likely the day you have been waiting for, the day you shop for your dream wedding gown. I have one very helpful tip that you might want to consider before you shop for that special dress. Consider what style will best suit your figure type. The videos just below have some wonderful suggestions on how to find the style of gown that will suit your figure.

Choosing A Wedding Gown That Suits Ones Figure Type.

Maybe Consider Once Worn..

If you can't afford the expensive dress of your dreams...

If your wedding gown budget is small, you might want to consider some options that will help you stay on budget.

1. Let your "bridal Consultant know upfront that you're on a budget. Tell her what you can afford to spend on a wedding dress.

2. Let your consultant know you are open to trying on last years styles.

Be open to trying on many different styles, dresses that fit your budget.

3. Consider purchasing a gently worn pre-owned wedding gown. Remember most wedding gowns are worn for such a short time. You may just find the dress of your dreams, at a price you can afford. A price that would be way under what the original bride paid for the dress.

4. Consider borrowing a wedding gown.

Your Dress Has Been Ordered Time To Choose Your Wedding Flowers


Step seven - Picking Wedding Flowers

First always consider your budget, and what flowers will be in season or easy for the florist to provide on your wedding date? Blooms that are out of season or hard to obtain may be costly. This is just a tip to keep in mind. If your budget is small, but you just have to have an expensive bloom, ask the florist to use less of the expensive flower but do add it to your arraignment.

Tip For The Budget Minded Bride:

When choosing Flowers here are a few tips that might save money, yet give you the what you desire in your wedding bouquet, and table decorations.

If it's real flowers you want, think about having just one or two flowers tied with a ribbon for you and your attendants. Also use your throw away bouquet for the bridal table centerpiece at the reception. Otherwise, make your own flowers. Go online or find a book, or ask someone to help you. Have a get together for those that have offered to help. Make it fun. Ask the groom's mother to help if she can. She may enjoy it. Use balloons to decorate as well.

Wedding Trivia - Where Did The Tradition Of Throwing The Wedding Bouquet Come From Anyway?


The Tradition Of Tossing The Wedding Bouquet

Throwing the wedding bouquet dates back many centuries, this tradition originated in England. Guests used to grab at the bride's clothing, and flowers. Just hoping to share in the bride's joy. It would seem they thought a memento of sorts from the bride's dress or flowers would help to pass the joy on among the guests.

This wedding tradition leads up to the bride trying to protect her clothing, as well as escape the mad rush of people. It came to be that the bride would toss her bouquet of flowers into the crowd to appease them.

Luckily the tradition of the bouquet is a little more civilized today, and perhaps more fun than it was back then.

The Wedding Cake


Step Eight Choosing Your Wedding Cake

First, choose a flavor of cake. Alternate flavors, make Sure your Fiance helps choose the cake. The fiances should have his favorite flavor included in the wedding cake. It's only fair. Two flavors are better, It gives your guest a bit of a selection on what they might prefer. Choosing the cake can be fun, the baker will always have loads of photos and sample cakes for you to choose from. Cakes can range in price from inexpensive to very expensive. So, before meeting with your baker, consider what type of design you would like your cake to be, and come up with the dollar amount you feel comfortable spending on the cake. Let the baker know up front what you hope to spend on the cake. This tends to make the process a lot easier on all concerned.

Wedding Cake Trivia - Wedding cakes in the early 1900s began to be made of white cake, and white frosting. As a rule, they were a one large layer cake, that would be decorated with real flowers. This was a big change from the typical wedding cakes of the 1800s, which were made of currant and nuts. Somewhat like our Christmas fruitcake.

Step Nine It's Finally Time To Set Up Your Gift Registry


Step nine - Setting Up Your Wedding Gift Registry

Believe it or not, you have already made the biggest decisions. The rest should be easy, and fun. May you think this next task should be later in the program? But it's not, and I will tell you why. Setting up your registry should be fun, and not be a rushed task as the wedding planning proceeds. Plus a good registry provides a curiosity to the guests you have invited to your wedding. The guests will be looking for that perfect gift to please the bride and groom. On another note, many people tend to love to buy ahead. In some respect, it's just more convenient to get the gift buying out of the way.

When setting up your registry give plenty of gift options. It wise to select items in a wide range of prices. This makes it easy for a guest that truly wants to splurge on a gift while keeping in mind those that may not be able to splurge on a gift. However truly wants to buy an item that you will enjoy.

Choosing The Wedding Invitations


Step Ten Time To Choose The Wedding Invitations

If formal, keep the choice of invitation formal. If your wedding is more casual, keep the invitation casual. Do you want to have guest respect formal attire? Add this wish on your invitation. There are a wide variety of invitations on the market today, so it won't be hard to pick the perfect one for your wedding.

This is also a good time to compile the guest list. Future in-laws should be requested to submit their list, along with the address. It's smart to supply in-laws with a specific number of guests that you feel you can accommodate. By supplying a given number, it should avert the possibility of a very uncomfortable problem that could occur, if the in-law's list is too long... It's smart to be up front and avert this problem.

When To Send Invitations - Keeping To Wedding Etiquette

Start to address your wedding invitations three months before the wedding. Ideally, etiquette states, wedding invitations should be sent 8 weeks prior to the wedding. This courtesy allowing guests several weeks to make travel arrangements if need be, also to arrange time off from work if necessary before sending their response.

Keep in mind you will need to get your responses back in advance so you can start labeling place cards, make final head count for the caterer, etc. Ask for an RSVP date 4 weeks before your wedding. If you keep to this schedule all will run smoothly.

Fun Wedding Invitation Trivia

Weddings invitations in the 1860s were printed on bands of white ribbon, and then mounted on white parchment paper, and then folded and sealed. They were then delivered by hand by family servants.

Step Eleven Time To Decide On The Music You Will Walk Down The music for that walk isle to?

When was "Here Comes The Bride" written? Who wrote it?

Weddings in the 1850s were often a very solemn affair. The over-piety of earlier years still held for most church ceremonies. However, here and there organ music before or after the marriage vows was being permitted, and soon became customary. At first, the organist was left to select as he pleased from Bach and the other classicists. Gradually, however, two favorites appeared, The Bridal Chorus from Wagner's Lohengrin and the Wedding March which Mendelssohn wrote for Midsummers Night's Dream. Everyone knows the opening strains of Wagner's "Here Comes the Bride", also the gay Mendelssohn music which accompanies the wedding party as they march away from the altar. Thus was set the wedding's traditional musical entrance and exit, which has existed now for over 100 years.


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