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SHE the symbol of sacrifice

Updated on August 31, 2016


Arshiya Zahid has written this article – short and sweet.

Who are Arshiya, Manish? They are part of a gang called The Desert Friends. The below article appeared in a newsletter named “The Desert Times” dated 17 July 1997. Manish had written several articles for the newsletter. In fact, it was Manish support which encouraged me to publish this newsletter – for private circulation of the Desert Friends in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Now some of the desert friends have moved out of Saudi Arabia. Hafeez Khan is now in Canada with his wife Reem Khan and two kids. Noor has moved to United States. The first to go to United States is Imran, who first migrated to Canada and then to United States. I have returned to India for good. So is Ajmal Ali Khan. Ashraf from Bihar is in UAE. Shahida Sarwat who wrote regular feature in the Desert Times is now in Malaysia. Ratheesh is in Qatar with his wife and children. I still remember his Onam feast he throw.

I have reproduced several articles from this newsletter which published between 1997 and 1998.


SHE the symbol of sacrifice

By: Arshiya Zahid

From USA to Argentina in North Pacific Ocean, Sweden to South Atlantic Ocean and from Russia to Australia… everywhere there has been only one entity - always under discussion …

It is a woman!

It is a lady!

It is a Naari !!!

Be it a road teasing in America or Dowry burning in India …she has always been a victim of atrocity. In this male dominated society women are always being suppressed.

Goddess Durga - power of woman
Goddess Durga - power of woman

To be a mother is a pride of a woman and God's gift. Why did God select only woman for giving birth and not men? Because He has made women as an image and symbol of love, sacrifice, affection, care, patience and courage to bear the pain and not just to receive compliments and flowers.

After marriage she has to leave her parents place - the place where she has been born and brought up. Her parents: the only trusted people of her life. She is being uprooted from her soil and replanted somewhere else. To receive presents and publicity one need not get married.

A woman has no identity of her own. Before marriage she is the daughter of her father and after marriage she is the wife of someone. After her husband's death, she has no importance and identification in this cruel society of men. Sympathy and insurance money cannot buy her the lost happiness and satisfaction. It only reminds of her of her loss.

Remember! God created woman after man, to correct him, guide him, and always be with him in his lifelong struggles. It’s truly said,

“Behind every successful man always stands a woman” - either as mother, or sister or a wife or daughter.


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