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Some Qualities That Men Look For in a woman

Updated on May 1, 2013

What Are Some Qualities That Men Look For in a woman is a question which is a bit difficult for most men in the process of searching for a partner whose quality is of high magnitude. The various qualities that man look into include;

First, some men look for the confidence in a woman, this enables them to know if a woman is proud of herself and also what he can do. It also provides a clear picture in a man whether a woman is appreciative of how she is made and whose she is in terms of gender.

Other men put their considerations on the honesty of a woman. Men who are interested in a woman because of this are able to know the truth with their partner, it also facilitates respect among the partners and knowing of the extend one is able to go in their relationship.


Emotions of a woman are another factor which can make a man to be engaged with a woman. If a woman is able to control her tempos on certain issues which may arose along the way of her relationship, This can be done through listening to the both sides of a story and making the right judgment on the way forward without imaginations and jumping into conclusions.

Defined purpose of a woman is another consideration for a man to adore a woman, a woman with aim in her life to achieve certain goals, moreover she is fully motivated and determined to achieve her resolutions.

A woman who is strong and independent is another factor a man looks for in a woman, this woman is able to undertake her own activities individually and be successful. She can also be strong through use of the knowledge a woman has, and also her ambitions. Other men look in the fortitude of a woman that is whether she is able to survive in any circumstances in a relationship, which can take a lot of time to be solved or to culminate.


Some other men consider whether a woman knows the value of a man in her life. This can be manifested through the respect a woman has for a man, also her recognition of a man as the way he is including, the little or a lot he has. A woman can also prove this by showing that she needs a man to be on her side. A man can also choose a woman because of the idea that she feels secure with him.

Finally other men when searching for companionship consider the amount of drama a woman has to share with him. This can be manifested in a situation whereby a person with a lot of storytelling is looking for another who is also a story teller; she can chat with when she wants. This is one trait I believe that in general should be avoided if you want a man to adore you.


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    • Cantuhearmescream profile image

      Cat 4 years ago from New York


      I think you just described the perfect woman! You have a lot of good points. Drama, who wants drama? I actually find that many people with "a lot of drama" want their counterpart to have "only a little". These people tend to want to hog the spotlight and not compete for a turn to talk.

      Voted up and useful!