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Top 10 Signs Of Soulmate

Updated on May 26, 2013

Signs of Soulmate Introduction

Are you searching for soulmate signs? Have you just come cross path with someone in your life where you keep thinking about them unconsciously and not sure why. There is also no coincidence as you come across this page as you may be given the guidance towards finding out more. I have actually be in the same situation. It just hit upon me, why at this moment and stage of my life I am given all this inkling and desire to search more about it. There is certainly no right or wrong answer here but through experience and also speaking with many soulmate couples, it is simply using our heart as the guiding system. There are many who have met their soulmates but there are some who does not even realize the meaning of it cause it is best to experience it. There are many resources about signs of soulmate and my intention to create this page is to share what I have learn and gathered..Hope you enjoy the reading..

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Top 10 Soulmate Signs

  1. He or she will help you heal your life and give you a different perspective of life from the positive side. The person will help you see how wonderful the world is.
  2. There are a lot of coincidences which happen out of no where (example: when you think of the person, suddenly, you receive a phone call from that person). This would occur whether you are aware or not..
  3. You got a strange dejavu feeling, like you have met the person before even though it is your first meet up.
  4. You will have a strong connection with the person. You will know how the person is feeling just by looking at them and without asking much..
  5. Both your opinions and views will match a lot. When both your eyes meet, you just feel ecstatic and no words could explain it.
  6. There is like a telepathic communication between both of you. You will be able to sense the feelings whether happy or not even if both of you are physically far apart..
  7. You give to the other and never think of receiving in return. Period.
  8. There are no restrictions within the relationship, no controlling… all is freedom without the need for ownership or control
  9. The two of you know without a shadow of a doubt that you have been brought together for a reason
  10. Patience, trust, acceptance of each other’s weaknesses happen just like that, automatically

What is the reason for you to search for soulmate signs?

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    • profile image

      kawasaki18 4 years ago

      I have a special woman in my heart ,she I have never experienced any other feeling so intense for a woman , we have been apart for seven years and everyday its like I am missing a part of me. I only wish that I could have a chance to be her one and only again. her name is kelly lee smith, lallier. where ever you are i just want to say I love you kelly and I just wish to be a part of your life again . please find it in your heart again to let me see you and talk with you, you mean everything to me. i love to see you happy and hear your laugh . no woman on this earth could make me happy like you kelly lee smith ,I will always be waiting for you , not even death could change this feeling in my heart, love 4 ever craig g gilman