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Soulmate Signs

Updated on May 25, 2013

Introduction to Soulmate Signs

Are you searching for soulmate signs? "Is he the one?", "How to find my soulmate", "Is this the right timing on meeting the one?". Have you ever ask yourself this type of questions at one point of your life? If yes, you are not alone. There are many people who encountered similar situations in their life and it seems like a cross road. There are certainly free will in this world and everyone is entitle to it. There are many movies and books which shared different beautiful experience and stories about this magical love. It is my deepest sincere that you found yours along this life. The good news it will happen if you sincerely wish for it but at the same time feel complete yourself without have the need for someone else to complete you instead. Have you watch any movie or read any books or visited any forums about twin flames lately? I have been in that shoe, spending a lot of hours because the heart was itching for answers. However, as I search more, different answers starts to pop-up from different directions and it was a matter of weather I was aware of the clues given. Did you encounter this too? Like the famous Dr. Weiss mentioned, "Only Love Is Real" in this world. One day we will go away from the physical world and one important question is "Have we experience Love?"

Read on further to find out about the many soulmate signs that others have experience before..

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soulmate signs

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Top 10 Soulmate Signs

I have came across many materials, books, websites, movies and here are my findings:

  1. A sense that you know the person before
  2. You unknowingly thought of the person very much
  3. You feel lighter as the other person always bring the best out of you
  4. When there are any physical touch with the other person, you felt a sense connection
  5. There are many coincidences and meetups which are not plan
  6. Both have similar outlook in life
  7. The other person could complete your sentences easily
  8. Time seem to passes by very quickly on your meetings
  9. There are no expectations from the other person, hence, it is always joyful to do what both enjoy without being judge
  10. You just felt connected to the soul level when looking to one anther's eye

Soulmates versus Life Partners

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