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The Missing Soul Mate Secret.

Updated on May 18, 2016

Instead of looking for signs of true love and forever wondering how do you know if you love someone, let's look into signs of soul mates. Same thing.

So what are soul mates? The concept of soul mates is inexplicably linked with the notion of finding one's true purpose in life ... and with it comes your soul mate. That's the hidden truth in this shocking but true soulmate definition!

This is what emerged in my own experience, just when all seemed to be lost and I was homeless, unemployed (having lost my one-man business of 15 years), penniless and, worst of all, single again.

For 5 years I lived as a pauper in a friend's leaky old caravan parked by the roadside in the Aussie bush. Then small miracles happened just when I was reduced to nothing.

I went searching for answers. What I discovered was life changing about soul mates. Leaving behind a world that was not me, where I was just playing a role, and having no other choice but to start to do what I loved, what I wanted to do with my life - in every aspect - when I was free to do anything I wanted, the magic happened.

My conclusion: find your life's true purpose and your soul mate will appear, one who will help and support you, who will contribute to and share your journey.


Caroline Myss (who has appeared on Oprah):

"The popular term 'soulmate' applied to one's ideal romantic partner, doesn't begin to capture truth; in fact, we all have many soulmates who play very different roles in our life. Perhaps 'noble friend' is a better term ... people you are not simply destined but are required to meet."


Have we been looking for our soulmates in all the wrong places?

As I learned for myself, in the most dramatic way (bankruptcy), making a few tweaks to your life can also tweek your luck, self confidence, career, success, prosperity, happiness, finding a soulmate, the dreaded Mid-Life Crisis, also in a dramatic way!

This is the broader picture where finding the real purpose of your life - just any old purpose won't do - is the very foundation of the mix of life we need to get right if we are to succeed at anything!

"There is nothing wrong with change," said Sir Winston Churchill, the British wartime Prime Minister, "if it is in the right direction."

And that's the crucial question, isn't it. Without a crystal ball how can we ever be reasonably sure which direction is the best one for us to choose? There's a good answer!

You already know what you're meant to do with your life.

It's the single secret to happiness, success, luck, career, self confidence, self esteem, prosperity, good health, even to finding a soul mate. It's the big message I got from having my life crash and burn, ending up homeless, unemployed, penniless and friendless.

What I wish I knew then - what absolutely everyone on the planet should know - is that we all have a unique life purpose, a destiny, a hidden talent if you like, and it is within us waiting to be found (unless we're one of the few lucky ones who've found it already).

We tend to think of destiny as a script for our lives imposed upon us by some external force, God perhaps, over which we have no control.

I have a different view. "Destiny" is a gift we chose for ourselves before we were born - that's right - by our own soul. It's our whole purpose in life - or should be - and failure to find it leads to trouble and, to say the least, bad luck.

"Finding" our life purpose, or destiny, is really a misleading concept because it's not something we have to go out and "get," but rather it's something we need to go within and claim.

You've already got it, because you chose it - even if you haven't consciously realized it. Then you need a plan to bring it into reality - because we create our own reality with our thoughts, an idea recently made popular in 'The Secret' which had everyone talking a few years ago.

Two of the key contributors to 'The Secret' went further. Jerry and Esther Hicks published a series of eye-opening channeled books based on a spiritual take on the Law of Attraction. And Bob Proctor went one better (11 better, actually!) and released his bestselling '11 Forgotten Laws'.

Now there's the new Cosmic Ordering craze: is it really possible to place an order with the Universe for whatever you want? I've found this truly life-changing stuff - literally!

What does science have to say on the matter?

In a 24,000 best seller published by Bob Proctor's organisation, Success Engineering, followed by Luck Engineering, - presented the cutting edge science and quantum physics behind how to literally engineer luck and good fortune into your life or business.

But how do we know what our true life purpose or destiny is when we see it?

In a survey conducted among creative people of all kinds, from science to art, to learn the cause of 'genius' ('Uncommon Genius' by Denise Shekerjian), most claimed that they followed their intuition, trusted their feelings, or as one respondent replied, "I just trust my beeps."

When I get an irritating feeling up my spine I now know it's not the right thing to do. For too long I ignored that irritating feeling, that unease. But a feeling of exhilaration means, go for it! Project your thoughts into the future and see how you feel.

"Your broader Non-Physical part of you communicates with you," wrote Jerry and Esther Hicks in 'The Law of Attraction', "and has done so from the day you emerged into this physical body. That communication comes in many varieties - but all of you are receiving the basic communication that comes forth, in the form of your emotion. Every emotion that you feel is, without exception, communication from your Inner Being letting you know, in the moment, the appropriateness of whatever you are thinking, speaking, or acting."

Your life purpose will ALWAYS utilize your greatest passions, talents and interests.

"Your brain is similar to an iceberg," says psychologist Valerie Dawson. "The 90% of the iceberg deep below the surface is where all the information is that you have been searching for - all the wisdom and the 'knowing' about what you were put on this Earth to do is right there! Inside this part deep within are all the keys to your success, happiness, and abundant life!"

Your life's purpose is already within you!

The Greek philosopher Plato knew this when he wrote in his best-known work the 'Republic', "Your destiny shall not be alotted to you, but you shall choose it for yourselves." He called it your career on Earth while author Caroline Myss (a guest on Oprah) calls it your mission. Napoleon Hill, in his famous bestseller 'Think & Grow Rich' called the secret to all of life's riches our Definite Major Purpose. Of this he wrote:

"The secret to which I refer ... cannot be purchased for money, for the reason that it comes in two parts. One part is already in possession of those who are ready for it."

"Follow your bliss," said scholar, author and mythology expert Joseph Campbell, "and doors will open where you never knew they existed."

Or, trust your beeps!

I didn't. I had to lose everything before the doors started flying open for me. I don't want this to happen to you!

Joseph Campbell (mythology authority):

"Follow your bliss and doors will open where you never knew they existed."


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    • profile image

      myspace9 5 years ago

      Very informative lens and thanks for squid liking my lens. Have a nice day.

    • Beth Buckley profile image

      Beth Buckley 5 years ago from Portland, OR

      I love your positive attitude! Thanks for this uplifting lens.

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      aquarian_insight 6 years ago

      A brilliant informative lens - thank you for this.

    • Marciajane profile image

      Marcia 6 years ago from England

      Hi, great lens and of subject matter that really interests me - I've written on similar subjects in my lenses. It's great how you turned your life around - well done you!