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Spend Time Alone and Enjoy the Company You Keep

Updated on June 22, 2013

Spending Quality Time with Me, Myself, and I

Imagine waking up early for an outing you have planned. You're excited to get the day started. You shower, have breakfast, and don't dilly dally too long online before heading out.


Strange as it may sound to some social butterflies out there, spending quality time with yourself can be some of the best time you'll ever spend. Here's my take on doing things alone and thoroughly enjoying it!

Photo Credit of a Woman Cycling Alone and Loving It: Peggy Hazelwood

Stand alone and stand proud.
Stand alone and stand proud.

Enjoying Your Own Company

Learn to Like Yourself

When I was younger I always felt different from other girls: I never wanted to get married or have kids or anything remotely related to all that. I just didn't think that was for me. I think one reason was that I didn't exactly have good role models in the couples or parenting departments so I never understood the appeal.

I enjoyed reading a lot and making crafts like candles or sewing. Spending time alone for hours on end held more appeal to me than spending time with others.

Then things happened, as they often do, in a person's life. Circumstances and situations come into our lives that change our plans. I didn't crawl into a hole and become a young hermit or anything. I dated, and I ended up marrying and having kids after all. I've never regretted having kids.

But along the way, I often felt on edge. Something wasn't right. But peer pressure is such a powerful thing. We are bombarded by friends, family, television, movies, the media about what we "should" be doing.

I say listen to yourself. What do you want? For me, I wanted more time alone.

Photo Credit of a Lone Giraffe at the Zoo: Peggy Hazelwood

Yes, I'm an Introvert - Nice to Meet You

Being alone is nothing to be afraid of.
Being alone is nothing to be afraid of.

In case you hadn't guessed, I'm an introvert. I really, really, really enjoy my time alone. I am energized by it. On the other hand, people wear me out. I can be around people but not for long periods of time without getting cranky and tired.

All that talking and the constant doing stuff that often is required at social gatherings literally drains me.

Even if you're reading this and shaking your head, thinking, "what's wrong with her?", I still recommend spending some alone time at least once a week. The benefits of some quality time with yourself can do ya good!

Photo Credit (not to be taken at face value, mind you!): Peggy Hazelwood

Grab a Camera and Get Out There - Alone

One of my favorite solitary activities is to go out in the world with my camera. I'm not a professional photographer, but I love my Canon Powershot point and shoot camera. I can take walks and capture little pieces of my day to enjoy later.

Canon PowerShot SD890IS 10MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom
Canon PowerShot SD890IS 10MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

This is the camera I use. It works for me and my solitary (and social) picture taking.


Benefits of Spending Time Alone - You and Yours Will Benefit

Here's why I think spending time alone is so important:

  1. You'll get to know yourself in a way you can't when surrounded by other people.
  2. You will find out what you really like.
  3. You'll become more independent and less needy.
  4. You will be a stronger, more interesting person to be around.
  5. Your true self will slowly develop and you'll be you! The one and only original you were meant to be!

Find Out What You Like

Spending time alone helps you develop interests and allows you to find out what you truly enjoy.

This doesn't always happen when you take a class or attend a play or do something else with a friend.

You alone can experience what's going on in your own way with no outside influence.

Do You Enjoy Spending Time Alone?

Spending time alone in nature can be so soothing.
Spending time alone in nature can be so soothing.

Do You Enjoy Spending Time Alone?

See results

Read More About the Power of Alone Time - It's Okay.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

This book explains how shy, introverted people feel in a loud world.

Solitude: A Return to the Self
Solitude: A Return to the Self

Read about people through time, like Beatrix Potter and Beethoven, who achieved much from time spent alone.


Spending Time Alone

“Spend some time alone every day.”

~ The Dalia Lama

Ways to Spend More Time Alone

1. Institute a half-hour or hour of quiet time at home. Every one turns off cell phones, TVs, etc., and reads or writes or thinks. Alone.

2. Take a solitary walk each day.

3. Spend your lunch hour at work alone to think and rejuvenate.

Do You Enjoy Quality Time Alone - or Are You a Firm Social Butterfly?

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    • savateuse profile image

      savateuse 3 years ago

      It's always nice to have a choice, and here is no different. If you have chosen to be alone for a day, an adventure or as a lifestyle, that's great. But having aloneness thrust upon you because a loved one has died, for example, is quite a different thing. Nice article!

    • SBPI Inc profile image

      SBPI Inc 4 years ago

      Yes. Balance is the key. Time with yourself is knowing or learnng more about yourself. Time with others shares what freely that which you have learned. Great lens.


    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 4 years ago

      Yes. I love being around people. I really am an extrovert, getting energized by being with others and interacting, but I'm an artist and for my work it's necessary to do it solo and that also energizes me.

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 4 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      @NC Shepherd: We'd get along just fine, MysticTurtle. That is, IF we wanted to be with other people. ;o)

    • profile image

      NC Shepherd 4 years ago

      I just spent three years trying to live with other people. It was the most draining period in my life! I now - finally - have my own apartment. I'm loving the time alone. I could go days without speaking and it wouldn't bother me a bit.

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 4 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      @Corrinna-Johnson: These are great ways to spend time alone, for sure!

    • Corrinna-Johnson profile image

      Corrinna Johnson 4 years ago from BC, Canada

      Awesome article! I am an introvert and I LOVE my time alone and doing the things I like. I always have my camera, a book and my iPod in my bag when I am out and about. Let's me be alone, even when I am surrounded by people:)

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 4 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      @MelanieMurphyMyer: Thanks, Melanie, for understanding and sharing this. I agree that everyone's balance will be different, but giving yourself permission to do what makes you happy is so important, I think.

    • MelanieMurphyMyer profile image

      MelanieMurphyMyer 4 years ago

      What a great article! It's all about balance - and the optimal balance will be different for different people. Like you, I need lots of time alone. I also enjoy being in a "romantic relationship." So I find it challenging to create the ideal balance for me. I'm going to post this article in a private facebook group I belong to that discusses relationship issues. Thanks for sharing! ~ Melanie