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Spiritual Living

Updated on June 8, 2014

Spiritual Nature


Spiritual Living

What is spiritual living? Everyone has their definition of what this could mean. The Bible is a spiritual book. What does this mean? To sum it up, we all need a guidance to living right. There is wrong and right and the bible tells us how to live the right way, and what is considered wrong. Being a spiritual person, means that you have faith in some power greater than yourself. That’s it. Pretty simple, and straight forward, but how do we accept this? Times are tough for a lot of people in the world and sometimes humanity is just not human. If you live spiritually, one will be able to cope with the daily changes of life, and not fear their future. Look forward to the present and plan for the future, and forget yesterday. These are key for spiritual living.

Meditation on a daily basis, whether it be the Bible or a book of positive affirmations is a good way to get your head on the right direction. Being positive when feeling negative is also a habit to feeling better about yourself. Telling someone, “Thank You” or opening up a door for a person, shows you care. This is being spiritual, and even though you may not have wanted to say “Thank You”, it will amaze you how good it feels to do the things you’re not use to doing. If you get cut off by a car on the highway, don’t get mad but ignore it, as this goes very quick and your temper will not go out of control. This is how it is to be a spiritual person is to forgive and forget. Let someone go in front of you at a fast food restaurant or help someone with a box they are carrying, it’s the little things like this that are human and spiritual in nature.

Spiritual Guidance

The Spiritual Guidance

Spirituality takes patience and not many of us practice this. We are always on the go at work and with our families. There is not enough time in the day to get the things done we want to have finished. We complain, and moan about certain things that really don’t have substance. If you can learn to shut up and listen and talk to yourself before answering a question. You have developed a spiritual being inside of yourself that is valuable. Listening and counting from ten to zero when upset before saying a word can help out. This will slow your temper down and give you time to relax your feelings so you may answer a question with precise, and non-hurting words. Words can kill a person and knock them down forever. So think, before you speak. It takes learning how to meditate with yourself every day for an hour or so, and get yourself in a calm mood. This can be called spirituality in itself.

God is a being that we cannot see, but if you believe in God, this helps. The spirit to talk to, and know that your answers will come to you in God’s time is invaluable to a person. This also takes practice and patience to believe in a power such as God. Once a person believes, all remarkable things happen to you. At first you will not notice a change, then others will. This seems almost true when you believe in God. You reflect what you believe in. The reflection of having a spiritual relationship with God is worth considering. This can make you a better person, and people notice it in you. They will ask if you changed and how?

The Power of the Spiritual Person


A God Thing!!! Spiritual Power

Learning how to let go of a situation you have no control over is using a spiritual power. The ability to let one live their life the way they see fit and not the way you see correct is letting go. The forces are against you most of the time and make you want to speak your opinion. The object is to stay calm and quiet and meditate on staying shut up if you disagree with someone or something. You cannot change what a person is doing or does, unless it will harm others. Only, then would you put yourself at risk and try to persuade this person to change, it is ok to ask about a situation that could be changed or turned another direction. Believe you are going to be subject to disapproval is key in dealing with being spiritual, as most people in this world are self-driven.

To have a relationship with God, seems to be an awesome way to find one’s spirituality and this can be had through the many parables in the Bible. These can help you deal with daily situations and will stay with you forever. You do have to work on this aspect of change in your life. Nothing in life comes easy is very true. We all have to work on ourselves before we can change ourselves. However, God has given us a chance to change our ways through Him. That is what being spiritual is all about is a change in your thinking and knowing that there is a power greater than yourself, driving your every breath that we take for granted.

Once you have spiritually connected to God and all his un-seen powers. You will notice how much better your days will go. You will know a new you! A nicer, more friendly and generous person that you can be. How giving you the strength in his words will affect the way you live your life will change you for the good. It can make you a person that people will want to be around and spend time getting to know you. It is a great feeling to be spiritually connected to God and to this world.


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    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 3 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Yes, I have been this person. A "Lost Soul " is what a friend of mine called me many years ago. I found my higher power from God just a few years back, and even though I knew I had God in my life. I only used him when I was in trouble or need something. I speak with God all day long now and ask for his help to help myself and others. It is true, there is meaning to my life now that I have accepted the truth about a spiritual existence. Thank You for your comment.

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 3 years ago

      Whether we call God a "Higher Power" or "The All" or the "Creator" or possibly even our Higher consciousness, the important thing is to know that there is that which is "higher," and which we can draw from to guide our lives and give it much greater meaning. I always like to say that if we are left to our own base human instincts, our lives are pretty much lost and basically, NOT spiritual and therefore, less enjoyable (as you pointed out).

      Nicely written hub. I enjoyed it!