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Updated on February 19, 2013

Do you ever stop to think in your mind and said will we get through this? Many marriages have hit many bumps in the road! Do you have what it takes to stick together? Do you still love the man or woman that you fight with so often. Don't let your marriage down, little do so many people know, is that no marriage is perfect. Many people have this image in their mind that is so PERFECT. Sorry to break it to you no marriage no person is perfect. We all have to accept that everyone has imperfections, and if you love them you look past them. It really all depends on what the issues really are. Do not get me wrong there is certain situations that a divorce is better off, it really all depends on your situation. But from my own experiences I have realized that we all have our ups and downs. We all go through changes, we all have our days. It is simply because we are human. We love our spouses but why is it that we could be each others worst nightmares at times. We know each others secrets, pasts, everything. I cant speak for everyone else, but I was always completely honest all the time with my husband. It can cause a disagreement at the time, but honesty is my key to life. I let my husband know everything about me before we took our vows. I wanted him to know everything about me, to either accept me for me, or find someone else. Everyone is not proud of every downfall or bad step we have took, but we learn to get past it and better our lives. Just like with marriage, if you want to work your marriage out, DO IT! I am sure its not just me, but many spouses have been through thick and thin together. Whenever you get past that bump in the road you two will be more stronger as 1. Its not fun fighting all the time, just have to find the root of the problem. Good communication is a very healthy thing to always keep strong. If you and a spouse are having a disagreement no need to raise voices no need to name call. If you two are in that category try to keep calm. Just remember keep the respect for each other you have, because fighting, name calling, yelling it all can get worst. Once the respect is gone there is a big dilemma. Some may already be down that road as we speak, but do not worry there is ways to get that respect back. First off discontinue the bad behavior in arguments set a good example for your spouse. Like I always think to myself, "No matter how much you are trying to piss me off, I am not letting you get the best of me." Its not good to fight for yourselves, and importantly if you have children. No child wants to be watching their parents fight. It will take a tole on your family, not just yourselves but your ENTIRE family. Think about your child or children. If you were ever a child of a broken family, you know what I am talking about, meaning divorced parents. Divorced parents can sometimes have better relationships or in other words completely get worst. Not only are the parents not happy, but the children are not either. No kids want to hear fighting, no kids want to see their parents with other woman or men. Its not a pleasant feeling, it sparks many jealousy issues all the way around with everyone. Court is totally another world, you wont see your children as much as you would like. They are torn between going back and forth, many changes. Let me tell you no divorce or custody battle is easy nor does it not mess with you, your children, your spouse, your lives, and your emotions, also everyone who's involved around you. Divorce and court and custody battles is just a big mess. Its like a juggler is juggling all those balls and your mind is all those balls that are going up and down back and fourth, side to side. It is a nightmare, especially if you are young married parents. I can speak from own experiences it is not cheap to get a divorce they completely clean you dry. No judge takes you seriously with out a lawyer either. They completely judge the situation much more being a young married couple with children. It completely tears you apart inside the fighting, the separation between spouses. Your children being in the middle of it all, not seeing your children as often as you like. Its really an experience I hate to see any family go through. If your marriage and relationship can be fixed, fix it! Sometimes divorce is better off if the marriage is all arguing, and abuse is happening. Physical and mental abuse is no good. seek a family counselor, or sometimes is can be resolved with just yourselves. Sometimes there may be other parties making things more complicated like family, friends. You have to look within each other of the problems to overcome them together. Nobody else can fix the damage, you have to communicate. Have you ever felt the relationship is at its end? Do you feel that that you want to rekindle what was lost, or get the respect back that vanished. Well you can! You all have to stick together as a team, to get past these bumps in the road. Look into each others eyes like you use to, try to see past all the nonsense. When you look do you still see love? If the answer is yes do not throw it all away! If the answer is no, you know where to take it from there. All you can really do is sit and think about your situation. Do you want to better the relationship and keep your entire family together? There is always one last time to try before you really call it quits. After the divorce is final, its final. Some people do better off as not married, some want that commitment that makes a couple feel more as one. All I know is there is so many things that can cause a relationship to be taken over with nothing but problems. In other words money, family, jobs. There is a number of things that cause that fire. All you can do is put water over the flame. Do not let anger take over your body and soul. Pour water over the fire. The only fire you try to keep is the fire of love between each other. Sometimes we only see the problems but forget about the love we have shared with our spouses. Don't forget keep strong and keep that love alive, that love that we all know is deep within us. Family is what matters, they are what keep our hearts full of love. The love that we show at home, is the love that our children endure and learn how to love us back. They are innocent children that see it all, they feel our feelings, they see and learn what we show them. Our children is our new generation, we want to show and teach them all the rights and wrongs. So the new generation can be full of love and make a difference in this troubled world now and days. We want to show them to never give up, and to always succeed with what they truly believe in and want in life. To show them that love can still have a happy ending, even though life isn't always a fairy tale. Life is what we make it, so make the best of it!

What would you do?

Would you try to work it out or would you call it quits?

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