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Hoping this will be the story of my lifetime

Updated on July 6, 2012

Story of A Lifetime

I had been single most of my life, never seeked much of a relationship because I didn’t feel as I deserved to be happy. The guys I found to date where not like me in anyway and treated me like dirt. I had been used and abused many times over. I had given up on love, but a friend coned me into joining a dating site. I decided ok, what is the worst that can happen?

I had opened up my account, added pictures, and wrote my story and what I was looking for.

Account read:

• 27, blonde hair, blue eyes, average build

• Single, never married

• Doesn’t have children

• Seeking someone 23 to 32

• Male with in 50 miles of 49504

• I am new to the area and looking to meet new friends, and see where things go. I enjoy talking and getting to know others. I enjoy reading business books and watching a variety of movies. I would like to meet someone who is not a smoker and really not into drinking. I am very close with my friends and family and am very dedicated to people. I love to smile and laugh. Helping people is what I love to do best.

So the next day, I decided what the heck! Should check my account. I was surprised to see 3 new messages.

The 1st message was from a gentleman that was 33, smoked, but didn’t drink. I opened his letter and he had sent me a nude picture of himself and asked if I would like a ride, wink wink?

I am think I thought to myself, did he read what I wrote?

The 2nd message was from a gentleman that was 30, so I was like ok. He was not a smoker, but a social drinker, thinking ok I can deal with that! I open up his letter and he asked if we could hook up or I could just send him nude photos.

By now I am thinking, what do I need this site for? This seems like the people I meet in my everyday life.

The 3rd and final message of the day, the guy is 25 which is good. Not a smoker nor drinker. I am thinking well so far, now what is the letter going to say? I open the letter he writes about liking what he read and wanting to get to know me more. I am like ok, than comes the kicker. He asks if I am into couples, because his wife thinks I am hot!

I am thinking, oh my gracious. What has this world come to! Now I am afraid to want open what is wrote to me.

Not Again!

I decided I am going to go for a week and not look at the site. I opened up and saw 10 new messages! I am thinking great more of the same! Out of the 10, 2 actually just wanted to be friends or so they say.

I decide to write them both back and strike up conversation and see where things go. I decide both have some interesting qualities and so we write back and forth for days. The one guy and I decide that we are not going to continue conversation as for having a lack of things in common. So I am just writing this one guy, who fits what I say I am looking for. I don’t think I am looking or asking for too much when looking for a friend. About 2 months of us talking, we decide ok we can meet in public.

The day comes for us to meet. I am expecting what I saw in his picture. The guy’s profile says he is 29, in alright shape, brown hair and brown eyes. What I find when I come to meet him. It is the man in the picture, but it was him 20 years ago! I am thinking for real!

Is there anyone on a dating site that is what they say they are?


Now going months after having to weed through the creepy guys and finding one that must have had alzheimer’s, I am thinking this site is more for hooking up than anything! Where are the people who are nice, kind, and like me just looking to meet and hangout with someone? I don’t think that they exist!

I finally get a letter from a guy that is nice, but seemingly too nice! We chat and we talk on the phone and he is really a nice guy. I am thinking there has to be something that he is hiding or not telling me. We all have something that bothers people or ourselves, but figuring that out and deciding if we can tolerate that in the other person makes all the difference.

He is not normally my type of guy, but after talking and deciding I am going to give him a chance without reservation to meet him. We meet he is the guy he says he is, but here comes his difference. He is obsessed with animals. His life and lively hood revolves around them. That I am like ok, but than it is hours and hours on end about animals.

Now I like to go and look at animals. I have had animals, but for them to be my life not a chance! He is already looking for a future wife and wanting a wife for his farm. I am thinking a future so soon! That was the begging of the end on going out with him.

Now being friends with him, sure. I have a variety of friends. I had friends from all walks of life and had met them in so many different places. You can never have enough friends in this life!

I Decide to Take Charge

Now after looking though all the letters and meeting a few guys I decide I need to be looking, instead of waiting and seeing who writes me.

I find this guy within my age range, location, just everything. I decide to write him because he seems so real and wait and see if he writes me back.

Now I am use to rejection so if I didn’t hear back or got something not nice back I would just accept it and just move on.

Shockingly the next day, I log on and he had written back!

He wrote a very nice letter and I wrote him back. Next thing I know, he had written back again. This continued on for days. We liked to talk and talk. Getting to know him was like no other. He had shared his past with me and I had with him. Talking was so comfortable and easy. We didn’t like to stop talking at night.

It didn’t take as long for us to meet. Talking to someone you enjoyed getting to know was great! We talked for hours the 1st time we met. There was nothing off topic or that we were afraid to talk to each other about. It was probably the best 1st meeting I had ever had in my life!

We continued to talk everyday, really getting to really know each other. He was diffidently not like any other guy I had ever met. He was sweet and sincere. He said what he met and was amazing.

Now I thought to myself….what is it with him that makes him single. I figured out the fact that he has such a big heart and cares so much is his downfall. Being someone like that makes you easy to be taken advantage of because you care.

He changed my idea of good men not being out there. Everyday I am still learning new things and want to for as long as he allows me to or that he finds a woman that he falls in love with. He is so one of a kind. He deserves nothing but the best! All I can say is I hope whom ever he finds realizes what an amazing and caring person he is and that he deserves nothing but the best in return!!!

Never give up hope, there are amazing and great men out there like him! I am glad to have him as a good friend :)


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