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Sunflowers wedding theme

Updated on August 24, 2017

Your wedding theme

Summer weddings are a popular choice among many couples. The beautiful weather, the loving sun, the long daylight and gentle night, are elements that can make the wedding a true success.

Sometimes, though, you can't put up with the weather, seasons are changing, so I always say if you want a summer wedding in the winter or fall, just go with it .

Sunflowers are a symbol of longevity and happiness, the leitmotif of a solar wedding. If you wish to have an authentic wedding, the sunflowers to be fresh, take into consideration July, August, and September are the sunflowers season.

Wedding invitations

To announce your unique wedding make sure you create a memorable invitation. You can choose to ask help from specialized companies, or to keep it under the budget you can make the invitations yourself. Use templates, print texts and the most important, don't forget about your theme, use sunflowers.

Wedding dress for the Sun's queen

For a sunflower theme wedding think about adding a few accessories to your wedding dress or even embroideries, be it the rim of the dress, the waist line or the wedding dress train. Style your hairstyle with some freshly cut sunflowers, you can even find a tie with sunflowers or cufflinks with the theme for your groom. You can show up to the wedding venue in a carriage pulled by white horses wearing sunflower wreath.

Decorations and bridal bouquets

Dress up your bridesmaids in yellow dresses and give them sunflowers bouquets. The bridal bouquet can have white roses or exotic orchids. If the weather allows, the wedding should be held outside, you can place honey jars on the tables or floating sunflowers vases and even mixed with citrus fruits like lemons, grapefruits and oranges.


A very simple but extremely eye catching decoration is to just set big bouquets of sunflowers in the centers of tables. Depending on what type of vase you put them in will set the atmosphere of the tables. A big black vase is elegant. For a country feel, use tin buckets, large mason jars, baskets, or watering cans.


The wedding cake, arrangements and wedding favors

The wedding cake should look sublime, it should be on a swan stand with white chocolate flakes decorated with sunflowers.

Make sure it's obvious

If you don't want any doubt about your wedding theme, decorate with sunflower candles shape, fresh sunflower arrangements, sunflower wreaths, but also napkins and table and chair decorations, mini decorative flags or buckets filled with fresh sunflowers. Do you want to add extra originality? Give your guests sunflower chocolates, sunflower seeds pouch, small candles or sunflower magnets or a mini basket with sunflower and ultimately cognac.

Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII 90-95 Liquor with its fruity, honey and maple scents is perfect to serve your guests.

Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII 90-95 Liquor with its fruity, honey and maple scents is perfect to serve your guests.
Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII 90-95 Liquor with its fruity, honey and maple scents is perfect to serve your guests.

Do you like sunflowers?

Is sunflower one of your favorites?

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    • ruth-williams lm profile image

      ruth-williams lm 5 years ago

      Such a sunny and happy theme idea, wonderful tips!